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Is This a Normal Result After 6 Weeks on my Outer Thighs? - Texas

I had 4 areas done with the tickle lipo, only 1.5...

I had 4 areas done with the tickle lipo, only 1.5 liters total. My outer thighs have a weird bulge now.

So I ended up going in for a revision on my outer...

so I ended up going in for a revision on my outer thighs because of abnormal bulges that you could see through my clothes, and had my stomach done again too because could not tell much difference after waiting a year 3500 more so a total of 10,000 spent. After the revision leg bulge still there, but it appears he took more beneath the bulge, making it even more prounounced.. so after another almost year i finally had to go to another dr. who said i had an 8 centimeter dip in my left leg.. my right leg was not as bad... he had to actually shift the fat to try and fix it, and said it might actually take another time because typically you can only move the fat 2-3 centimeters at a time.. this was all awake lipo in the office, all 3 times.. he also went over my upper stomach again because clearly the other dr only got my lower and upper was a considerable difference. The new dr seems much more experienced and is gonna do what he can to fix the other drs mistakes... but of course im now out another $4000... is there anything i can do to recover any of my $ from the dr who messed up my legs? the last time i went to see him, he told me i needed to do outer thigh excercises, which i did for months! I dont think it would have helped...
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Ugh, so sorry to hear about your revision. :( Do you still have the paperwork from your original surgery? That'll give you an idea if you can get anything back (for example, some doctors promise free revisions, or have satisfaction guarantees).

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Hi tanarexic -- Thanks for sharing your experience. How are you doing now? Has the bulge gone away?

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I just had the fat shifting done on Thursday. Although I'm very swollen I can already tell it looks better! Too bad I'm out a ton of $! It's been very emotional, physical for me getting cut so many times, scar tissue, time off work. I have a 4 year old and animal rescue on the side so it affected that as well. I'm going to look for my original paperwork & see what exactly I signed. I looked online & place I went for original lipo & revision isn't even offering it anymore!
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