You could see the threads under my skin - Nightmare - Texarkana, AR

After a few weeks post thread lift procedure you...

After a few weeks post thread lift procedure you could see the threads under my skin.............had to have them taken out after a few months. The doctor would only give me credit for 1/2 of what I paid him for the thread lift The thread lift is the worst mistake I have ever made....


sorry you have to go through this how are you feeling. how are your eyes? my aunt had it done interfere little with vision mostly the pain during activities and heat hurts has visual bumps. had four strings used to lift the eyebrow thaey didn't lift. he says aunts skin is too thin so string are visible. he should told us that in the first place.of course dr gave no refund now its like 8,000 to get them taken out. Would like a reputable dr to remove them. hopefully not soo pricy. Did you have them removed can you please recommend a dr for my aunt? where in Az willing to travel thank you god bless
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ps johnson help where did you have them taken out. i am in search for my aunt who had the threadlift and would like to take them out we are in Az willing to travel. its painful for her and has visible bumps on her forehead please let me know thank you. some surgeons say it can be risky to take them out. They will do it but would like to find a reputable experienced plastic surgeon. thank you still dr shopping.
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I had my gold thread lift done on Oct 2007 in Singapore.After the thread lift there were massive changes on my face. I had bumps, surface irregularities and my both eyes cannot close tightly. WhebI took my shower, soapy water entered my both eyes. Worst of all I do not look younger. This inconvenient last for almost a year.This treatment has jeopardize my health and feeling fear and discrimination appeared. I had spend S$7,800.00, but the Doctor had refunded me in full.
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