My 3 Year Nightmare

Never again. Three years later, I am still...

Never again. Three years later, I am still suffering from infections and head pain. The experience itself was very painful and the result of the thread lift lasted only about a month. One of the selling points was that the doctor could go back in and re-adjust the threads as needed. When I returned to the doctor to have the threads removed, the threads could not be located so they could not be removed. I have head pain every day since this was done. Please don't do it. The doctor tried to tell me that mine was an unusual case. From other reviews that I have read, I don't think so.
It sounds like you have an allergy to the threads. Please google NAET. It is an accupuncture procedure used to eliminate allergies. I've had over 70 allergies treated this way.
Dr. Hartley Thomas

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