Biting the bullet, hoping for the best! GETTING STICHES OUT TODAY, HEALING WELL :)

I have always had a tiny frame and small breasts....

I have always had a tiny frame and small breasts. I had being the girl that doesn't even fill out a bathing suit and never enjoys bra shopping. I wear tons of sports bras because a push up bra can't push anything up! I am a 32B but honestly I dont even fill out the B cup but because I am 32 around, a 32A is too small and a 34A is not comfortable.

Anyways! My boyfriend loves me either way but his step mom has boobs, and she is getting hers redone so my I gave up my birthday gift and christmas gift this year for boobies! I am so excited! I am also really nervous because I have never had anything done. I am 25, 5'3 and 110lbs.

We went to see the doctor (who did her last boob job 15 years ago-ps hers still look good, she just wants to go a little bigger) and the doctor says that he tries on multiple sizes when he is on the table and his nurses and him decide based on what I am trying to accomplish. I told the doctor I am a very active person, I run, and spin, and I dont want people to look at me and say oh hey boobs but! I said I want to be in the realm of a medium C.

He said that he will probably be choosing between 275 and 300CC and I am using the Memory Gel thing... I feel confident in him, he is very nice, answered ALL of my questions etc.

Here are a few of my reservations, maybe you girls can help me out... First.. my mom was adopted, and herself, me, and my brother have never needed anesthesia. I AM REALLY NERVOUS ABOUT THIS... Has anyone else experienced this? I am afraid I am allergic to it and don't know it?

Also, I am afraid I am going to choose 300CC and many people say they wish they went bigger? Anyone my size that got 300CC's that regrets it? Why or why not? ANYTHING appreciated!

I will upload pictures of my befores...

Also.. I am getting it done on a Thursday, will I be able to go back to work on Monday? I work at the family business so its not a super big deal to miss work if necessary, but I was just curious??

I am really excited, any comments welcomed girls!

Thank you for starting your story on RealSelf! You might want to take a week off, but everyone is different. If its okay to just wing it you could see how you feel at that five day mark and then decide. You'll definitely want help in the few days post-op.

If you're anxious about the anesthesia you should ask your doctor about it. I wonder if there's some sort of test you can do...

Please keep us posted! Looking forward to following your journey and seeing your before and after pics.

Thanks Angie! I appreciate your response... I will upload pics soon. I will check into a test. Also... I am having the incision through the aureola which scares me, isn't that painful if they are putting the Memory implant? Thanks again!

I just found out we are having our pre-op...

I just found out we are having our pre-op appointment January 18th two weeks before the actual surgery. I need to have a list of questions because I know I will be caught up in the moment and forget as soon as I get there! I am so nervous. It has been really nice having my boyfriends stepmom who is getting her boobs re-done after 15 years there with me. It makes for a easier and more comforting experience to have someone there through the whole process. We will find out who has to go first... I would rather go first so I am not waiting in anticipation :/ I don't want to be antsy and anxious waiting for her to finish. We will see though!
First, you will probably be able to go back to work. I am certain you will be happy, but my only concern is size. I think you should know what size implant is going in prior to the procedure. No surgeon can read your mind and give you exactly the size you are envisioning. I would insist on trying on sizers, or find another surgeon who does that. I think picking your own size is important. Anesthesia reactions are extremely rare. I have been doing this for over 22 years and never seen one.
Thank you so much for your response Dr. Sexton! From what I have heard, this doctor tends lean towards bigger breasts so I will need to make sure I am very clear about how large I want my implants. Is it typical for a doctor to say that he will try on two or three sizes and make a choice on what looks best on my frame? I find what you said about the effects of Anesthesia really comforting, thank you. Phew! Also, do you notice your patients that get the surgery through the aureola have a less painful recovery? Thank you again so much! :D

My pre op is next week. I keep having nightmares...

My pre op is next week. I keep having nightmares and sometimes I am even like geez should I go through with this?! But this community has helped because so many of you girls have said I wasn't sure, but it was absolutely worth it! So I have my fingers crossed hoping the same for me! By the way my doctor said the whole month prior to surgery, not to take vitamins? Does anyone know why specifically? I am thinking I want 300 CCs, girls is that a good not too big healthy size or should I go a little more up? Like 320CC's. I am 110lbs so I want to look natural and not too big, any suggestions? :)
Aww you look beautiful now already and bigger boobies will just accentuate your beauty you already have! You are teeny so make sure since you want a natural look your PS shows you similar stats of other women your size. Congrats!
thanks so much beachy! I am def. going in with pics :D Appreciate your compliments!
I'm not certain about the discontinuing vitamins. Certain vitamins (such as Vitamin E) can act as natural blood thinners. My PS actually advised me to double my multivitamin. I'm not sure that is really necessary since I eat very clean and a well balanced diet. I'm doing it for now, but will probably back off a few days before the surgery. Did the rice test help you any with your decision?

Ok! I wanted to thank all you girls for the sweet...

Ok! I wanted to thank all you girls for the sweet comments and TIPS! I really enjoy hearing what every one has to say, and to follow all of your journeys! Since I feel like we are here to give each other TIPS and ENCOURAGEMENT, I wanted to share my newest discovery with you all! I am an avid Live with Kelly and Michael watcher (formally Regis and Kelly), and after I saw an episode where Kelly took out her halo type hair extensions on air, I WAS ON THE HUNT FOR THEM! My best friend does hair extensions for a living and I always deterred from getting them because 1. I am a freak about my hair when some dumb hair dresser burned my hair off about a year ago and 2. I am kinda lazy with my hair, I hate drying it! Anyways, when I saw Kellly take her hair piece off, I instantly texted my best friend and said you have to find out a way to make them! Kelly Ripa uses some salon in NY where this guy invented them custom to her hair and he calls it the WIGSTON. Google it. You will get a better idea of the concept, but its a halo of hair but the front part of it is fishing wire! So it sits on your crown and you pull up the top half of your crown and it falls over the hair.. Anyways, I encourage you too check it out! We can all stick together for any tips and tricks that enhance our already beautiful selfs!
Here is the website to give you a better idea, im pretty scatter brained! I uploaded a new pic with them in.
Happy Sunday girls!
Hey Girlie! Just letting you know I have a NEW page!! I couldnt delete stuff on my old one so i had them allow me to make a new one :) so comment on THIS one not the one below :)
I know, I can't edit a couple things on this page, one typo keeps bothering me!
I can't comment on your page?!

Has anyone had nightmares? I feel like my nerves...

Has anyone had nightmares? I feel like my nerves are finally creeping up and I am starting to really freak out. I have to stay on track and not let it get the best of me. The feeling I get is... This is something that will change you forever and you can't ever go back... And for the rest of your life you will have to maintain them. I am expecting to have to get them re-done at 40? I know they don't have a specific expiration date... But the rule of thumb is kinda around 15 years?
How are things moving along for you?!?! ONLY 14 DAYS!!! WOOHOOO!!! Have the nightmares gotten any better? I have only had about 2 I think through this process, one was that I went WAY too big like full on BALLOONS.. and the other one I had just gotten them done and I couldnt stop crying, I wasnt upset in the dream, or in pain.. maybe it will be how I will wake up from the anesthesia.. GREEAAT... lol and dyno01 was right, if they aint broke, dont fix it.. My PS said that a revision isnt needed unless something is wrong or if its a personal preference.. OH! And the MRI every so often is not nessisary either :) he said the FDA has claimed it is not needed so theres a savings of about $1500 every couple years!
oh my gosh those are terrible nightmares! I haven't had any lately. I'm in a weird stage right now.. Like I'm acting really numb to it. It's weird. I hate it! I cut the check Friday, EEK!
Yea it was FREAKY!! Lol that's good you haven't had any recently tho!! But I feel like numb could be a good feeling at this point... It means not nervous right :) I'm going to call soon n get things rolling I just feel like sense I told my dad I'm "thinking" about it he will be upset if in the same weekI tell him is its scheduled lol

Hey guys! So this past Friday, I had my two week...

Hey guys! So this past Friday, I had my two week pre-op, I can't believe its here! UGH! I met with the Dr. and we quickly kinda went through everything and I signed over my LIFE. That was a treat. They told me to bring in magazine pics, so they can put them up in the operating room and give me my desired look. He wrote down mid to full C on his notes. SO YOU BETTER BELIEVE im gonna bring pics in since other than that hes going off of "mid to full C". I told him im pretty sure he should commit to 300CCs.. I will make sure to make it clear on surgery day too. I know everyone wishes they went bigger but I just don't want to chance it. I have a small frame, my gut says 300CC's, im sticking with it. Plus I have seen women older who had breast implants but bc they gained weight, it looks like a tire around their chest. I do not want that! I don't plan on getting fat of course, im a heath freak, however, I just don't want to look top heavy, I want to look natural.

So anyhow, I cut the check, gulp that hurt. I know my boyfriend is paying a large amount of it, but I saved up 2,000 for my portion and it was sad to see it leave "Savings". But! thats what I put it there for.

I filled my prescriptions I need to have the cleaning lady come before the surgery instead of coming the Monday after the surgery, that would be akward... idk what else. I can feel myself being really unprepared when the time comes!
Can't wait to see your pictures. :)

Hey girls, for anyone who had surgery and has...

Hey girls, for anyone who had surgery and has dogs?? I have 4 small dogs and im nervous they will be jumping around me when I get home.. What did you girls do for dog situations? They are behaved (for the most part, two are still puppies, but they are always excited)
PS How much did you guys pay for your blood work to be done before surgery? Mine is $85.
AHHH!! Only 2 more days!! How EXCITED are you?!?!?!!
Hey Jenna! im nervous! gah! i just want it over with! everyone is pumping me up though to calm my nerves... I am still just battling back and forth if i should go with 300CCs or 325CCs!
Good just relax!! I know I'll be a nervous reck when my day comes but it will all be over with soon :):):) will your PS try on sizers in the OR??! If they will then print a couple pictures of your goal and have them match the pictures:)

Well, its down to the final stretch... Tomorrow is...

Well, its down to the final stretch... Tomorrow is the day! My surgery is at 11AM. My boyfriends step mom is going first (lol we drew straws, i lost so i have to go second grr) and at least I will get to see that she is ok before I go in for mine. I just know I am going to be a mess all morning leading up to the surgery. For the most part I am ready... I have a little odds and ends to go like drop off dry cleaning and put my prescriptions in the little daily container things but other than that I am ready. Trying to mentally get there. I still feel pretty numb through this process the last couple weeks. I know I will be extremely nervous and stressed before the surgery until the moment they are wheeling me in and saying count backwards from ten. I think I imagine it as if I am on death row and they are giving me the death penalty and they are telling me to count backwards! UGH, its freaking me out! I just can't wait to be like all you girls on the other side saying "i am still drugged and out of it, but they look great!". Hopefully the pain wont be unbearable, I don't have a high tolerance for pain :/ And the thought of not sleeping on my stomach for goodness knows how long is such a daunting feeling. I know no other sleeping position!! I loooove to sleep on my stomach! I hope its not too long before I can sleep on my stomach comfortably. Any tips would help! :)

Ok ladies, thank you for the continued support, I am excited that its finally here, scared of the pain, its bittersweet, I will soon be on the other side soon though. I pray Jesus keeps me safe!

Thank you girls!
You can do this!!!! Best of luck:)))) it will be over before you know it! Xx
I went from excited to nervous to excited and then the morning of I was just suddenly calm. Mine was at 11 a.m. on Tuesday and I went home late that afternoon. The nurses keep you busy asking all sorts of questions. They give you warm blankets, which help. You'll do great. Close your eyes and imagine your new, amazing boobs! Good luck!
p.s I have two dogs - a yellow lab mix at 65 lbs and a beagle mix at 30 lbs. They've been great...I had a friend feed them and let them out for me last night and today. Mostly they want to be near me, but haven't bothered me at was actually great coming home to them last night!

Hi girls! ok well its done! phew its true the easy...

Hi girls! ok well its done! phew its true the easy part is over! I was actually irritated that the anestsiolgist didnt call me till 8:30PM last night.. Thank goodness my boyfriends step mom said ok im calling the dr! She had a very long day she said and she had just got home. I was like ok well that comforting, not! Oh well, I got over it I just felt out of the loop and confused But ok so the day of the surgery: I woke up this morning at 6 and folded misc clothes went to walmart to get paper towels and toilet paper to stay busy.At that point my boyfriends stepmom was already in and she actually finished earlier than expected. I visited her in the recovery room I couldnt see hers but she said she wanted 350CC's but the doctor did 375CCs. She looked great, she was smiling.. But she also already has the pockets. Anyways, i went and saw her and in ten min they wanted me to get undressed and get ready. Called my mom said i love you and was ushered into the operation room. LIke all you girls say they heated the operating table and my gown, the anesthesiologist walked me in and said she would start by giving me to local anesthesia and some other thing. i said ok and asked how long shes been doing it, how safe she felt etc.. She comforted me. then the doctor came in and said let me see pics so I showed him pics on my phone and in the mag and then said I am pretty sure I want 300CCs. The one nurse said that is a big b small c? I said no i want a medium C, I said but i think i can accomplish it with 300s. I said so you are gonna do that right? Hes like I will test other stuff first. Then it was kind of a blur before I knew it I was out! she didnt even put the thing on my face of the gas! it was insane! They woke me up.. I dont even remember them saying Jenna, Jenna, wake up! All the sudden I was just awake. and talking to the nurse. They dressed me and I felt a crap load of pain. I said i need pain med it hurts. Then I said how much did you put in.. She was like we went with 325CCs. I was like wait what!? And chris my boyfriend came in and I actually got [pissed and said um did you tell them 325CCs hes like no and the nurse was like no he didn't, we would never do that we just know these look great on you, you will love them. I feel confident in the choice he made.
When i got home I couldnt take a perc fast enough! I said dont even heat up the soup, just give ma a couple bites and give me the drugs! So I took it and in 20 min the pain was gone, but the pressure is still there! Like a lot of it!
Anyways, I am glad its over girls! sorry if this is all over the place i feel drowsy, but I wanted to update you girls! I am ok, all went well, IM ON THE OTHER SIDE! Phew! PS girls I thought i was wrapped everywhere all over my boobs but i checked and no its the boobs! I cant tell exactly but I am like oh my gosh i thought the pressure was from wrapping, but its just wrapped around my upper chest and its in a bra that snaps in front. It feels as a hard a rock! eek! I hope I the pressure doesnt last super long!

thank you for your support girls! im glad its over, I cant wait to see them and to show you girls! xoxo
PS no shower for 3 days EEK!
Also tomorrow I get my first set of stiches out.. YIKES im scared of that pain!
Ill keep you updated! im just drowsy now
Good luck!' We'll all heal together this weekend!
lol all bed ridden this weekend! When are you going back to work?
I'm a writer, so I work from home. Lucky that way! But I also ghostwrite for people and one of my clients thinks I have the flu - she's not being very patient, so I'll have to do some work for her tomorrow.

Hi everyone! Well this morning went well. I...

Hi everyone! Well this morning went well. I slept pretty good last night considering the operation. I woke up at three went own stairs to eat half a banana and took another percocet and went back to sleep. My puppies all behaved last night and didn't bother me. So with the drugs the pain I feel is from the pressure, but its not unbearable like it was last night. I think the pressure is from the stupid band above my implants. Its killing me! Anyways, I go to the Dr's today at 2:30, hopefully he takes off the band. Also the percocets have big time blurred my vision. Its brutal! I really have to strain to write this update and text all day. Anyways, hopefully he will take off the bandage today and I will be able upload pics! Ill keep you posted! Thank you all for your support!
Well I dont think you should do it, but its your body so hope everything works out well and you are happy and end up with awesome results!
Hey Leah, sorry babe but I don't understand your comment. :)
it wasnt for you

Hi! So i posted one after but im all bandaged up...

Hi! So i posted one after but im all bandaged up but I wanted to at least show you guys a picture even if its not showing much! I cant take the bandages off till Monday. THEY FEEL LIKE ROCKS RIGHT NOW! I actually got anxiety about it and the nurse yesterday at my 1 day post op said dont worry that will go away you just have let your skin stretch and let the implants drop. I am doing well though, I don't miss one percocet every 3 hours though. My boobs wake me up every night at 3AM to take another percocet! It hasnt been terrible sleeping at night THANK GOODNESS! Back sleeping hasnt been a major issue and I am so grateful over that! Alright I need to keep resting, yesterday I made the mistake of going to target after my appointment and I was out of commission the rest of the day. PS I am stopped up 4 days now UGH ITS THE WORST! sorry TMI! Cant wait to post a real pic for you girls!
Awesome!! Good to hear your doing good. Keep us posted! :)
will do thank you for the support!
I didn't have one day of constipation. I started Colace 2 days before surgery and then every day for about one week, drank one gallon of water every day and drank one cup of Smooth Move tea every other day. Apparently it worked. I hope you get some relief soon.

MIRALAX SAVED ME! Thank you all girls so much for...

MIRALAX SAVED ME! Thank you all girls so much for all the tips, it was the ONLY thing that worked. I mixed it with grape fruit juice bc we had it at the house and it was amazing. I need to spread the word for girls to stock up PRIOR to surgery so they can be prepared. What an uncomfortable situation. Anyways, I can finally post a picture. I went to my second post op yesterday and he said they are looking great. I am like not too thrilled over them because they look so hard and I have no nipple sensation, but I see the progress every day they are making, and for that, I am grateful. I got my first night of sleep last night, however, when I woke up I relate with all you girls on how sore you are in the morning. SO STIFF. He doesnt want me massaging for another couple weeks...? Does that sound normal? And I am in my surgical bra for 2 weeks. GROSS. Makes them look unflattering.
So Sunday I went to two hours of the Superbowl game... I have been going for the past 3 years this annual party at my bf's family friends house of 30 ppl and honestly I had anxiety about it because I knew when I walked in all eyes would be on me, correction on something SPECIFIC on me, but I was like why not get it all out of the way with now so that its over with instead of running into all these ppl over the course of the year and having to repeat myself. So I did it and everything was fine. No rude comments with tons of guys there, everyone was pretty polite, some joked but we are that kind of family so it was fine. I stayed for the second half and was heavily drugged because just until yesterday afternoon I was in serious pain.
Today I am back at work. I am doing better. Driving hasnt been horrible, but then again my commute is literally like 2 exits away.. So glad to be out of the house, I crocheted two beanies and two scarfs over the course of this period! Anyways, I posted my pic, I am happy I had it done, but if i knew what i know now, I dont know if I would of had to balls to go through the pain. I am just being honest. But I also have a pretty low tolerance for pain. I will post more pics, I did it from my phone today at work :) Thanks for your continued support girls! Hope everyone is healing well!
Yay!! Happy healing :)
thank you!!!
They look really good perfect size for your body!! As for the nipple sensation I didn't loose it thankfully but below it on both boobs the entire half of each boob is numb.. I've noticed already that im getting more and more feeling back slowly and it's only day 11 for me.. I had this really bad burning raw feeling on my ribs for the first week and I heard that it was my nerves regenerating.. I'm sure you'll get the sensation back hopefully sooner than later!!!

Today I go in to take out my second set of...

Today I go in to take out my second set of sitches! I am healing well. Still wake up with morning boob, but for the most part I am feeling pretty comfortable throughout the day. I am excited to start working out again AND of course to take this gross surgical bra off. Its the one that clasps in the front. I wore a bralette last week bc this surgical bra sucks and one of my scabs ripped and there was a tiny hole. EEK! i freaked out and a las the surgical bra and I reunite. Hopefully I can wear one of my new bras without underwire after the stiches come out today. Also, he still doesnt want me massaging at all? So weird, a lot of you girls had your PS telling you to massage right after the surgery. Who knows.. whatever! we will see today if massaging becomes apart of the routine! I want to wait to post pics when these gross stiches are out. Hope everyone out there is healing well and enjoying their new friends woohoo!
My PS didn't have me start massages until 1 month out. Every PS has different ideas on when to start them. I did notice after I started mine that they softened up dramatically.
yea, mine are finallly softening... they are also feeling like MINE instead of a foreign thing in my body.. SO HAPPY! :)
Hope you are doing well. Please keep us posted. I'm schedule for March 13, we are about the same size and I'm planning to go with 325ccs still confuse about sizes since first I thought 300ccs but we will see. Very excited but sooo nervous! Have a great recovery!!! Big hug!!!

Hi girls I posted another pic in my sports bra. I...

Hi girls I posted another pic in my sports bra. I neglected to add pics Bc one dropped and I wanted to wait for both so I didn't look all lopsided! Healing well sleep A LOT more comfortably, really enjoying my new transformation. My confidence is through the roof, I encourage you girls to take the plunge if you are on the fence, so worth it!!! Happy healing to all of you!!!
Hi! I'm just curious how things are going three+ down the line? I saved your review back in January so I could follow up later. Do you feel like its worth it? I know you had said maybe not due to pain. Hope to hear your opinion!
Hey girl! I didnt see your inquiry or i would of responded. I am beyond happy! it is beyond worth it! ups and downs but in the end worth it without a shadow of a doubt! I def. understand the pain is there but i promise it is worth it! Its not a long process of pain for the benefits that are soon out weighing the short lived pain! sorry for the late reply! xo
Hey you look rally great! I am about the same stats as you and thinking about going the same size..I was wondering if you have any other pictures at all that you could post? I think from that 1 pic that yours look like perfectly sized!

i don't remember what it is like to have small boobs!

Hello girls! unfortunately I have totally neglected this website, MY APOLOGIES! This site has given me such comfort and confirmation through the process of transforming my appearance and self confidence. I am so beyond satisfied with the decision I made! I would advise anyone on the fence to take the plunge! I wanted to update anyone starting this process with a current photo. I had my surgery Jan 31st 2013 and here is a picture I took tonight before getting into bed. I am healing AMAZINGLY! I am confident and comfortable and feeling sexier than ever! I have dropped and the shape of my breasts look amazing! I am SO happy with the size I chose, correction my DOCTOR CHOOSE! But I seriously wouldnt change a thing! The experience was worth it because the end result is better than i imagined! I was scared I would feel fake or as if I was betraying my natural God given look. I really still feel like myself however just slightly enhanced ;) I am more than satisfied with the end results! Good luck to you girls who are almost approaching your surgery day as well as those of you who are on the fence with whatever decision you make! xoxox
You look fantastic! Just had my surgery done, I hope I can come out with boobs that look as amazing as yours :)
you look amazing! would you say they feel pretty natural now? (what does your B/F think of them NOW? lol) Have you noticed any increase or decease in nipple or breast sensitivity dring sex? I have read some have axctually lost a bit of the feeling...just curious. You look awesome !! Im totally considering myself if I can figure out the financing!!!!...My B's are just not doing it for me in these bikinis!!
loveddd your story! your results are fabulous!(:
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My boyfriends Stepmom has used him. He is well known in the area.

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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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