Looks Like One Big Boob (525cc)

I had breast augmentation 3 yrs ago. I went from a...

I had breast augmentation 3 yrs ago. I went from a 32b to 525cc. They look like one big boob ( no space in the center)why did this happen??? and they also look smaller than I expected So I'm re-doing them and also going bigger to 600cc. Is that too big? I am 5'2 120 pounds.

Most surgeons would want to break that up into separate surgeries. The breast work and tummy tuck together are considered a Mommy Makeover. The rhinoplasty would most likely be done on its own. But all doctors are different. You'll have to ask your own plastic surgeon.

First, what you're describing is synmastia. It's correctable, although going to a larger size at the same time may or may not create additional strain on the repair. Ordinarily an increase of 75cc (which isn't a whole lot - get out a measuring cup and see) wouldn't be a big deal, but it's possible your surgeon will want to do 2 separate surgeries, the first one to correct the synmastic, and the second one 3-6 weeks later to do the augmentation.

Then again, it's such a modest increase, your surgeon may do both the correction and the increase at the same time. He could reason that so long as he's in there, he might as well replace the implants, and if he's doing that, he might as well get you to your new size.

If it weren't for the synmastia, I would even suggest considering going bigger, in case you were hoping for a noticeable jump. To illustrate what I'm talking about, get a couple of rubber balloons, fill one up to 525cc and the other to 600cc. While 75cc might seem like a big jump, it's the difference between a sphere which is 14.6cm (5.75 inches) in diameter and a sphere which is 15.3cm (6.0 inches) in diameter. And while a breast implant isn't close to being a perfect sphere, this sort of math comparison should help illustrate the difference.

The good news is that good cosmetic surgery is frequently measured in millimeters (especially when it comes to facial cosmetic surgery), but when it comes to the BAM! effect of larger implants, a difference of 75cc will be a very subtle one.

Do keep us informed, whatever you decide.

my breast are saggy, but not too bad. I have lost all fullness from my collar bone to just above my areola. Will breast implants improve the appearence? I do not wish to have a lift. Also I am having a tummy tuck and nose fixed together. Is this too much?
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