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Outstanding! Completely Thrilled with my results...

Outstanding! Completely Thrilled with my results and it's only been day 1! To Begin with, I had my initial consult with my MD regarding laser type, healing process, what if any side-effects. On my day of treatment I simply applied in layers lidocaine/prilocaine numbing cream carefully to my face while paying close attention to the hairline and jaw lines. I then was advised to cover the cheek and forehead areas with saran wrap. This aids in the absorption of the medication. Next, I was driven to the Doc's office which was a 1 hour trip but well worth it. My MD is a saint and artist! Once there at the office I took a pill to relax such as ativan or valium along with a pain pill percacet. I then waited an hour for those to kick in. Next, I Was brought into the OR room where I gently and comfortably laid down. An IV was started to help keep me comfortable from experiencing any pain. Then the injections began for the local nerve blocks. I didn't feel a thing! Then he proceeded with the laser to do a full face procedure. However, at no additional cost he removed several unsightly nose scars for me. I am elated! The scars were almost 5 yrs old and he simply suggested attacking those as well without charging me any additional money! So, as the procedure pressed forward I noticed a peculiar smell which to my surprise was the skin being lasered away. Still, I felt no pain! This really surprised me since upon doing my homework out here in cyberland, many of those undergoing the procedure said they did experience pain. I did not!!!! The whole face was completed in about one and half hours. He was very through and conscientous as to assure that I was never in any pain at any time. Overall it was definitely the best decision I ever made for my skin.

I did it to improve the over all appearance of my skin since I had been a smoker from years ago. Also, I had some nasty scars on my nose that makeup could not cover up but rather made it worse. But now thanks to Dr. Potyondy's wizardry, I can now face the world with confidence!

Well it's Saturday and on day 4. Very Puffy...

Well it's Saturday and on day 4. Very Puffy and swollen but that was to be expected. No cause for alarm. In fact, the longer the healing the better the results! But before going any further I can not say how important all of this is to have someone love and support you. I have been blessed with the most loving man. Too my surprise he supports me in all my endeavors, e.g. educational, emotional, etc. So aside from finding the best surgeon, the next most important thing is to have at least one very supportive person to be by your side as you go through major transformations.

Day 7 and I have made it! I survived! I spent my...

Day 7 and I have made it! I survived! I spent my post op days gently rinsing my face with diluted vinegar and gauze pads. Then I followed it up by placing a thin coat of vaseline to my face. The vinegar was actually refreshing. Today, I will be visiting my doc for my follow up appointment. I am so excited for him to see the results of his work! My skin is still a bit red but in other parts I can see an amazing difference. My skin is more taunt around my eyes where it used to sag and the lines between my eyebrows have but all disappeared. I am so grateful! In about a week I will venture out with full makeup on and face the world with a new found confidence.

I found this on the web and thought it might be...

I found this on the web and thought it might be helpful to others who have recently taken the plunge to have laser co2 done. It was extremely helpful in that it took the mystery out of what to expect, when, and for how long. It's an article on wound healing and repair. http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/1298129-overview#aw2aab6b6

Day 10 Makeup I am very pleased with the...

Day 10 Makeup

I am very pleased with the results thus far! According to my Doc I am only 20% of the way, i.e. collagen remodeling must occur which takes in the neighborhood of up to 6 mos. So, I must be patient and I realize that this is a gradual process but well worth the time. In the meantime while that is occurring, I will partake in botox. This will help in relaxing the muscles around my eyes and forehead. So, after all is done I will post the before and after pics that my fiance took of me. They are upclose and dramatically reveal my skin after at Day 7 and the amazing differences in the texture and tone without makeup on. Until then, Good luck to everyone else!

Tacoma Plastic Surgeon

Everyone on his staff is respectful, patient, and kind. Dr. Potyondy himself is professional, compassionate, and honest. He is truly an artist. I would further like to add that if you live within a one hour radius of Thomasville, GA he is simply worth the trip! I live in Midway, FL and opted to not select a surgeon in Tallahassee. I had already been seeing Kirbo and Rosenberg but was completely dissatisfied with their services. So, I did my research and found that Dr. Potyondy had a 5 STAR rating. If you keep looking on the web you too will find nothing less than excellent reviews. So, Thanks real self for delivering nothing but the best!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Can you please post a before picture? I had this done once and I thought my undereye wrinkles were worse. I also got a little bit of an "orange peel" texture on my forehead. I am considering having this done again but at a different place. Thanks.
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Thank you soooo much for the compliment! But I have to give credit to where credit is due...Dr. Potyondy works miracles!
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Oh my gosh, I jumped on to check out the new picture you posted & happened to mouse over the day 12 photo you posted last time too. I guess I had just clicked on the day 12 photo & opened right away without reading your caption - you are 45?!!! The whole time I was looking at your pictures I was figuring late 20's to maybe, maybe mid 30's. You look amazing!!

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hi thanks for telling your story,i am in the uk had my hole face lazered on tuesday today is friday i am getting marrid 8th september will i look ok by then will you be kind enough to email me your pics before and up to the present day kind regards and thank you
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Wow, your make-up totally covers any redness that is left - you look great!

I can't wait to see the pictures your fiance took to see the changes in your skin, exciting!

I'd love it if you would share your experience with Botox as well.

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Well take your time and read through the blogs here and elsewhere to make sure you have found an MD that you can trust that will do what is best for her. GL!
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Well, I live in California, so probably not the same doctor. :0)
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That's wonderful news! She and you will definitely be Very Satisfied with the results. p.s. make sure to tell them "shari" sent you. ;)!
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This good news, I am attempting to schedule an appointment today for my Fiance, she is the best and most beautiful girl in the world to me, however she is too self conciseness. So even though she looks great already, I am going to pay whatever it takes to make here happier. And so far for serious acne scars, it sounds loke CO2 Laser is the best. How funny that your man did what I am going to do and this is the final review that has assured me I am doing the right thing. Hopefully its less than 10,000 for the whole face.
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LOfficerHansen, we have an entire Acne Scars Treatment community as well, you can check that out to hear what others have found to be useful treatments.

Very sweet of you to not only research out the best treatment options, but also to gift it to her. :)

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Hi Megan :) I went to see my Dr. Potyondy in Thomasville, GA and he told me that everything is looking great! I am healing very nicely and I just need to continue doing my regimen of vinegar washes followed by lotion mixed with hydrocortisone cream which helps to alleviate the redness as well. Again, I can not tell you how grateful I am to all of his staff. Their the best!
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So glad you are healing up so well & seeing such great changes!! You are certainly looking much less red in your new picture. :) I notice its more red between your eyes & under your eyes. Since you noted that those areas look more taught & the lines are gone will you please keep me updated if that stays or if it is just due to swelling?? The under eye are is one of my "problem" areas, so would love to hear!

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Hi Megan! Thanks for all of the well wishes. Yes, my eyes are more taunt and some of it was due to swelling. However, with this procedure only 20% of the results are initially seen immediately following the laser. In other words I have to be very patient and wait until the collagen restores itself. This is a procedure that takes time in order to truly appreciate the results. I know of a lady who had it done by another doctor and her skin went through the same process. It simply takes time. I have witnessed her skin first hand and it is like porcelain!
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That is great that you were able to actually see firsthand the changes in someones skin. Would you keep us updated over the long haul? I'd really love to hear what you are seeing as the skin goes through changes, and I know tons of other people would benefit from hearing as well.

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Great! I am going to see my Doc tomorrow morning for my first follow up appointment. My facial swelling has subsided and I am experiencing less milia. I'll let you know how it goes!
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Well it helps tremendously to be a part of a community such as realself! I had no idea how important to my recovery it is to have support. Again, Megan I would never be able to have such a positive attitude if it were not for my sweet and kind fiancee. He is a blessing! He tells me at every chance that he gets how much better my skin looks. (I thought I was honestly going to scare him away)So a big thanks goes out to you and the other bloggers on realself for their support as well!
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I have to agree, the people on here are amazing - of course I'm pretty biased, but ya know. ;)

I'm so glad to hear you have such a wonderful guy in your life!! Just from our tiny bit of interaction on here I can see he is equally blessed to have you!

In the new picture it looks like your forehead is a bit less read. How are things feeling today??

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Yes, thanks for asking. I am definitely more swollen however it will subside. So the key to all of it is being patient.
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You have such a great outlook on all of this! Please keep updating us on how you are doing. :)

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Thanks Megan! I know it looks excruciatingly painful but it's not...My doc made darn sure that I was very comfortable prior, during, and after the procedure. The only discomfort that I feel is some mild swelling. That's it!
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That's good to hear! The redness looks much more even & less sever today. Do you feel more swollen though?

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Oh my goodness, I look at your picture and it looks like your face must feel so uncomfortable, but still you have on such a gorgeous smile despite that! Good for you! Please keep us posted on the changes you see in your skin each day and how you are feeling.

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