It has left me with deformed earlobes, pain and...

It has left me with deformed earlobes, pain and ropey visible scarring. It did not work on me and I am young, in my early 40's. I had a little bit of loose skin on my neck. I was completely lied to at the consult that was performed by an untrained person. This person also told me that they had it done by the same Dr. scheduled to do mine and she went back to work the next day and did not need pain medication....really? After a facelift? A doctor did not do the consult and when I questioned it I was told, "a doctor never does the consult". It was a girl who pulled up my skin on my neck and said that it the result I could expect. I should have known better because when I applied in that office for a medical loan and it was initially declined that girl was up and out her seat ready to leave the "consult". Now I hear that doctors do the consults because it is against the law not to. They are changing their tactics in my opinion because more people are asking questions. Also, I had severe swelling, bruising, pain, etc. They did not place drains in me to help with bruising and swelling. They did not return phone calls I placed to them. I saw a double board certified plastic surgeon 4 months after LL. He informed me after an examination that this procedure could never do what I wanted and WHAT WAS PROMISED because the incisions were not placed properly to achieve the result I was looking for,etc. He is now going to do a scar revision procedure and lower faceleift, which is what LL is, for $16,500. He also informed me that he revises this LL procedure..."ALL WEEK LONG". LL never used the word facelift with me. That is exactly what you are doing to yourself. You are having a facelift. Forget about the fancy wording....I had to return to work three days after this procedure and I could not hide the swelling, stitches scars, and bruising. I also could not take pain medicine because I had to drive and function. When I tried to calmly discuss this horrible experience with senior staff and office employees of LL I heard responses such as, "No one dragged you to this procedure", "It is your fault the bruising is so severe" etc. E-mail me if you want to know more about my experience with this.
6 years later, I still suffer pain and scars from my LSL procedure. I agree with Chrystal - I wouldn't do it again even if it were free. BONUS SIDE EFFECT: TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA (Look it up, it is nicknamed the suicide disease) on EACH side of my face! Doctor says it NEVER happens on both sides, so he says it has to be the scarring from the LSL procedure (I finally, totally embarrassed, admitted to him that I had it). For over 3 years now, I get to take anti-seizure drugs every single day to try and control the episodes. Look up the side effects from those medications. In the politest terms I can say in an online - it sux. As I re-read my original post about my experience DURING the procedure the pain-filled weeks afterwards, the entire painful NIGHTMARE came back, the numerous shots in the face, the sounds, the smells (burning flesh), and the long painful recovery - all for BAD RESULTS. If you or someone you love is considering LIFESTYLE LIFT - GO SEE A BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON that specializes in faces/facelift. Get a real evaluation of what can be done, and how long the recovery will be. Ask the Board Certified Plastic Surgeon what he/she thinks about LSL. ALSO - go to a certified medical facility, surgical center or hospital. Now that I know what could have happened during all of those shots (that thankfully ONLY caused my arms and hands to tremble uncontrollably), I feel fortunate, I did not have a medical emergency happen in their office - which is just an office - in an office building - with software firms, insurance companies, and consulting firms - not one medical practice of ANY KIND in the entire building EXCEPT LSL. I may be giving them too much street cred by referring to them as any type of 'medical practice'.
Thank you
I also have very visible scars. My LSL is not worth what I spent & certainly not what I was promised. I looked better & was MUCH more confident before the scars! I have to make sure that I cover my ears with my hair when I go out. I am always afraid someone will notice the scars & ask me what happened.
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