Thermage a Waste of Money

DONT DO IT please don't spend, no let me rephrase...

DONT DO IT please don't spend, no let me rephrase that don't waste money on Thermage . I'm 32 years old in excellent shape however my face is that of a much older women who smoked and was probably stressed all her life lol. I've had 2 procedures and it has not made a bit of difference.


If your expectations are that Thermage will give the same results as surgery you will be disappointed. Also, the way the procedure is performed is technically more difficult than IPL, Fraxel and some Ablative Lasers. If you want to see afreshened more youthful appearance without changing your personna as surgery can do, choose Thermage
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I had thermage two years ago at age 56, cost me $4,000 and the pain was unbearable. I didn't see any changes a few months after the procedure and still don't. A complete waste of time and money.
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