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Thermage Made a Mess of my Face

Today is my two-month Thermage anniversary and I...

Today is my two-month Thermage anniversary and I didn’t expect to feel so down about it. I was prepared to celebrate “the new me” after my “miracle cure” but I have not been able to do that. I had Thermage done on my face. My skin had begun to sag over the years and I was looking much older than 38. At first I went to a plastic surgeon in the city for a face-lift but he said I wasn’t a good candidate and instead referred me to a dermatologist across the street. After my consultation I was sold on Thermage and the benefits it provides. I should mention these are benefits I never saw! Weight loss is a side effect of Thermage and I began to see these effects about a week after the procedure. My cheeks began to hollow out and I wasn’t dieting. I didn’t need to lose weight in the first place but I especially didn’t need to lose it in my face. Over time I began to look very gaunt and my face dried out too. I have never seen any skin tightening – only these adverse effects. I called my dermatologist after about three weeks. I couldn’t even get through to him and instead had a secretary tell me to wait the prescribed 2-6 months for effects. She didn’t seem to care that I WAS having effects... just the wrong kind. Since then I have not been called back even ONCE, only told to wait 2-6 months. In the meantime my face has not gotten tighter and the loose skin I have is more wrinkled and loose than before. I also feel like my skin is thinner than it used to be, which contradicts everything I was told at the consultation. I’m starting to look really gross and I don’t know what else to do. I want to start shopping for a doctor to fix this but I am now afraid of doing something else to my face and coming out even worse than I am now. I cannot recommend a product that did this to me.
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All radiofrequency treatments, whether thermage, or the syneron machines (elite, EMAX, Aurora) can cause fat loss. I'm proof it can happen with the EMAX. There are not enough objective studies done regarding radiofrequency and the devices that use them. There is a fine line between heating and destroying the skin and fat layers.
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I don't understand how all these doctors are getting away with it. Luckily, I wasn't as damaged as others I have seen. But I was unaware of EMAX, not that I would try anything else. I have to get fillers all the time. Had a good build up but an enzyme facial took care of that, now back to the drawing board.
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I can't believe that Thermage is still being used. I was damaged by this machine. My doctor let his nurse do the procedure. When I started to see the damage I called him. He was rude and when I went to see him he said I had adult acne and he had treated me for this. I had one cyst he removed years ago. I went from poreless skin to loose skin, fine lines everywhere, fillers that won't take, and scars on my cheeks and under one eye. I was a fool to have this done to me but I had lost my husband a few months before this procedure. My Doc knew when to strike and I paid cash. All he had to say was I looked jowly and they could fix that. I was fixed for life. Now fillers don't hold, they just disappear. I have spent thousands trying to restore the fat loss. Oh, and I have Sjogren's Syndrome and wasn't a candidate for Thermage to begin with but I didn't know.
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I had the same experience with Thermage, exactly! About one week after the procedure, I had some jowling that was NOT there. However, the doctor told me it was, that I was imagining things, that Thermage could not possible have caused that problem. But then I saw there are several lawsuits against Thermage because of such problems. There is a law firm in Boston, Schultz, who are involved in a class action lawsuit against the company, but only take extreme cases. I guess the good news was that I don't actually have disfigurement, which has apparently happened to a number of people. Horrifying!

Best of luck to you.
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Diana 9499: Have you found a way to fix the damage done by Thermage? I have new damage as a result of a fruit peel. It didn't hurt, but "ate" all the fillers I have been putting in for years. I need a microdermabrasion that will work, one that makes you peel. I was getting little ones every month for two years, plus fillers, and I had some results. But read my latest post. I am so depressed because of this, I had great skin, no lines, never went in the sun and took plenty of vitamins. If you know the answer let me know.
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