NO! Even the Doctor Couldn't See Results!

I took a before picture and 3 after pictures...

I took a before picture and 3 after pictures several months apart. All we taken in the same light with the same shirt on. I took the pictures back to the doctor and had him put them in order of dates. He got them EXACTLY backwards! Needless to say, they gave me 2 treatments of some radio frequency thing that worked slightly better for FREE. Do NOT recommend thermage.


Thermage is a waste of your money. Useless. Sorry.
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I think thermage has gotten better since I posted this. I heard it's not as painful. At the time, in certain spots I would rate the pain an 8 out of 10 although some spots maybe only a 5. Was not comfortable at all though and if it was still the same and I knew it would work wonders for me, not sure I would go through it again.
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I had a feeling it was going to be bad when they recommended a topical numbing cream. Thanks for your honesty.
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