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The Experience Was a Waste of Time and Money

Do not waste your well earned money. I am a...

Do not waste your well earned money. I am a beautician that constantly looks into new treatments that help 'turn back time' for both myself and my clients. I read all the comments stating it was painful etc but thought i'd be brave and give it a go. I wish i'd found out that it doesn't actually make any improvements AT ALL ... before I paid to have it done!!! I wish i'd been braver and had a face lift instead for just £1,500 more. I am 403 but, can modestly say, I have good genes and do not really require a face lift JUST YET.Please learn from my EXPENSIVE mistake


Really it's not worth spending my money ($8,000) on thermage! It's painful & no obvious improvement even after 3 months... throwing money into the drain !
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My experience too, except that I didn't spend as much money finding out that it is a total waste of time. I've had a caesarean by local anaesthetic and another radio frequency treatment but Thermage had me almost jumping out the chair. Interestingly, when I told the staff member with whom I'd had facials and other treatments that I wanted to tighten up my cheek area, she looked a bit worried. She said I might be better off having volumising injections. I was in the chair ready to go with the treatment for which I'd paid so I checked again and said "so Thermage won't work for me? It doesn't do as is claimed, that is tighten skin?" Oh yes, I just thought that injectables might be good was the response. I don't so much mind wasting the money because I don't actually spend a lot on myself. I really resent being lied to, being conned. Jeannette
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Newcastle, UK

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