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I am 45 - Don't Waste Your Money - Fort Worth, TX

I am 45 and 4+ months ago i had the procedure. ...

I am 45 and 4+ months ago i had the procedure. The minimal results were not worth the $900 I spent. Under the chin does seem tighter but that wasn't my problem to begin with. I have wrinkling on my left side across my whole cheek. I cannot see results thus far. Don't waste your money for wrinkles like mine. It hurt like ...., and I consider myself to have a high tolerance to pain. It felt like my teeth were going to shatter. I recommend something stronger than Advil before the procedure.
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I have a couple of questions for you. First off, I've never heard of Thermage for under $1200, and that was just for eyelids. If you bargain shop, you get what you pay for. Personally, when I get work done, I want the best, especially if it's on my face. It's something that everyone sees. How many pulses did they do on your face? How high was the energy? If you only took Advil, it probably wasn't anywhere near what it should be to get the results you were looking for. How are your results now? Thermage takes an average of 6 months to see the full results because your collagen got denatured and it takes time to rebuild. Basically, my point is that for only $900, what were you expecting? Thermage is all about technique and skill in the procedure. Done correctly, it can have amazing results.
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