Hoping to Heal from Thermage Damage ... Day 4

I am 48. I had a full face treatment and also...

I am 48. I had a full face treatment and also Eyes by Thermage on Wednesday. My eyes have always been my best feature and was bothered by some hooding over my lids and so I went for it. The facility is one of the best in town. Very reputable dermatologist. Though I have a high tolerance for pain ... the eye area did hurt. I was told the settings go from 1 - 5 and the higher the setting the beter the results. I think she said she was stayig at 4. When the procedure was over I was given an RX for some cream to treat the burns. BURNS? She explained that there were a few areas around my eyes that "got a little burned". I saw just a bit of swelling but nothing that looked like burns. I was told to expect some swelling for a few days and to continue to treat the burns with the cream. So I left ... excited and relieved that I had actually done it. Well ... the second day was fine. Some swelling and redness. I was still excited though I am not expecting any change for months. I would feel a bt self-concious if I had to go to work because of the swelling. Day 3, I noticed some blisters forming in a few area around my eyes and still had swelling. I had hoped the swelling would be gone by now. I called the doctor and she said it was normal and to give it a week or so. So much for no down time! Yesterday was rough. I actually looked worse than when I went in and had to cancel plans for the evening because of it. The delicate area beneath my eye is red and puffy. I have 4 round blisters where the small eye wand was placed. Under my brow on the opposite eye I have 3 round red marks ... but no blistring. Amazingly, nothing hurts! This morning (Sunday) I have found that the blisters under my eye have opened and the fragile skin looks torn. On top of that, the puffy redness has become darker ... like a bluish-red. It looks as though I got hit in the eye and the lid area is swollen at the inner corner. No change in the other eye. Since there are open wounds under my eye, I cannot apply makeup. This means I will have to cancel an open house I scheduled for a client. I did not expect this kind of down time and am willing to wait it out before I render a final opinion. I will say, however, THERE IS DOWN TIME! I will keep you posted.


I just found this site as I was trying to see if anyone had the same problem as me after Thermage on the eyes. One eye is perfectly fine but the other looks like I was hit in the eye. It has been about 20 hours since my treatment and my right eye is almost swollen shut (it got worse over the night), it has blisters and is red and bruising. I have been putting ice packs to try and lower the swelling and using cream for the blisters. I thought I researched the treatment throughly but for some reason never came upon information concerning these types of problems until now, I have to be honest - right now I wish I had not done the procedure. I am hoping the swelling will go down in a few days but feel the blistering, scabbing and bruising will take weeks to heal properly. Any advise to help with the healing? I am really, really hoping I don’t have any permanent scaring or fat lose problems I have read about. FYI the Doctor used a 450 and 250 tip on my eyes.
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PLEASE NOBODY GET THERMAGE: I did it twice. A year later and my face feels so loose now. Had I done some research I would have realized that thermage is a recipe for disaster regarding skin tone. They promise tightening and that may happen initially. But after a few months you will experience severe fat loss around all the treated areas. I had my neck forehead and face treated and there is not one spot on my face that feels firm. It's like jello. I'm so bummed now. I feel like an idiot. Don't make the same mistake. If you want to firm your skin do facial exercises, change your diet to green vegetables and maybe get some some peels here and there. Thermage will age you by 5 to 10 years. Just google - thermage + facial fat loss. You will see what I'm talking about. Thousands of complaints.
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I had Thermage in 2007. It left me with a different face. I have had the same effects and even a facelift will not correct this. However, Perlane in the cheeks, and Botox around the top of the eyes will help so much. Never get a facial with any type of Enzyme base as this will eat away the Perlane. You will have to build up a base to replace the fat that you lost. It took me a long time, but it is worth it.
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