Do Not Waste Your Money!

I had done THERMAGE on my face about 2 years ago...

I had done THERMAGE on my face about 2 years ago at the age 34. I wanted to get a little lift and hopefully smooth out my acne scars.

After doing some Internet research and seeing very impressive "before and after" pictures, i finally found the "best" doctor in my aria. The first free consultation impressed me even more, as the doctor told me that Hi's been invited in a lot of European countries to introduce Thermage. (May be because i am from Eastern Europe).

As soon i sad "yes" they ask me to prepay $500 for the procedure. Then it turned out, the surgeon did not even do the procedure; it was performed by a nurse/technician instead. He told me if i prefer him to do it it would cost me $5,000!!!

I paid over $3,000 and the procedure was quite painful, especially when she burned a spot between my brows. I usually can hold any pain, but in that moment i pushed her hand away from my face. I believe she wanted to do her best on my frown lines, instead of that I've had a brown burned spot for 1,5 years after procedure before it disappear...

They told me that the first noticeable improvement i will see in one month, but the best result after one year. It's been 2 years now but i haven't notice ANY changes yet. The only change is everytime when I start to talk about other "new miracle procedure" to my husband, he is always asking : "Another THERMAGE?'

Rim Marcinkus

Worst spending money I've ever had!

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