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almost 7wks PO! 20lbs down The Woodlands, TX

So I finally got my approval letter for a line of...

So I finally got my approval letter for a line of credit today in the mail. I'm so excited and relieved because there is no way I would have been able to start this new journey. I'm a little nervous about the consultation next week just because I am so self conscious about the way my stomach looks. Does anyone have any tips or advice for me? I would love to hear everyone's experience meeting with their PS for the first time and what happened at the tummy tuck consult :) Thanks

Welcome to RealSelf.

Go into the consult with your list of questions written down.  You will forget things once you arrive. Don't be nervous just relax and know that this is your information gathering session.  Also please make sure that you are going for at least 3 consults before making your final decision.  

Here is a link to some helpful information:

Tummy Tuck Procedure Guide


I'm so happy I went to my consult today. I was...

I'm so happy I went to my consult today. I was nervous at first but when I walked in to the office and met the staff all of my nerves were put to rest. Even the PS that I met with was great, he took the time to answer all of my questions a concerns that I had. He knew exactly what I wanted without even mentioning it first. I really like this PS and I know that they say to meet with a few first but I don't think I want to after meeting him and being so comfortable with him. What do you guys think?

I'm so excited! I paid my deposit and set my...

I'm so excited! I paid my deposit and set my surgery date for my tummy tuck with lipo for October 12th! I can't believe I'm going to finally get rid of this extra skin and stretch marks from having two wonderful 9lb babies 12 months and 6 days apart. It has been 6 years since I had my kids and I feel that they are old enough to make this process a little easier for me. I can't wait until this day comes :)

Wow almost a month away from my surgery day and I...

Wow almost a month away from my surgery day and I can't wait. I started buying a few post op items to get some stuff out of the way. Only a few people know about my procedure I'm doing on October 12th I feel secretive about it and I second guess myself sometimes about my decision to let only my parents, husband, and best friend know about my procedure. I just don't want to be judged for this surgery. His family is against spending unnecessary money for things you want and don't need and I know if they knew what I was really doing OMG it would be an absolute circus of questions and judgements fom everyone. I know I'm not the only person going through this but I feel a lot better knowing I have this website to talk to people going through the same experience. It takes a lot off of my shoulders knowing that lol. Somy surgeon said I can use that arnica Montana for brusing but I don't know where to find it... Can anyone tell me what stores sell it? I have been watching YouTube videos for the surgery and they don't bother me but I just like to prepare myself for what's to come lol. Has anyone wore spanx after their compression garment? Did you like wearing them vs the garment? Those are my thoughts and questions right now, I'm sure I'll have more later.

T minus one month and counting!! I can't wait to...

T minus one month and counting!! I can't wait to be on the flat side again. Losing this tummy from back to back pregnancies has been a real pain in the butt! Lol I couldn't get rid of all the extra skin and stretch marks. I look like a tiger lol my pre-op is scheduled for October 2nd. I need to make a list of questions to ask him. I've come up with a few but I might have to do some research on this website to make sure I'm not forgetting anything lol. Do any of you ladies have any suggestions for questions to ask at the pre-op appointment ;)
Congrats on your upcoming TT. You won't regret having this done, it's one of the best things you can do for yourself
hi there, i'm scheduled for TT and 3 lipo and a mons lift on 30th Sept. I've been trying to get stuff together too and these are the items ive got so far (after reading what others on here have recommended)
A raised toilet seat and a frame that goes around it so you can lower yourself down with your arms, a wedge shaped pillow, an exercise band to put around my neck and attach my drains (eek!!!) whilst I have a shower, some stool softeners (very glamorous lol) some cough sweets and cough medicine. I'm also going to go and but a front fastening night gown and I've also got some Egyptian magic cream for my scar. I'll let you know if i think of anything else x x x

I can't believe it's almost time! I'm not getting...

I can't believe it's almost time! I'm not getting nervous yet and hopefully it stays that way lol. I'm starting to get a little impatient like a kid waiting for Christmas lol! My family probably thinks I'm crazy because I can't wait and I'm not nervous. I think my husband is getting a little nervous because last night he was asking me if I was sure about doing the TT and if I had changed my mind... I don't know how to alleviate his nerves. Has anyone gone through this with their husbands? I need some help with this because he never shows any fear or nerves like this. Thanks :)

The day is almost here! I'm getting really anxious...

The day is almost here! I'm getting really anxious I finally got the courage to post a before picture and I can wait for most of my stretch marks and loose skin to finally be gone. My stomach is so white it hasn't seen the sunlight since 2005 I'm sorry if it blinds you ladies lol. I'm going to finish my pre-op shopping this week and my pre-op appointment is on the 2nd so I will take my long list of questions to ask and make my final payment for my TT. I am so ready for this :)
Jai. I see about your mom. I hope the lap band will help her and her following a diet. I don't know how much post op care is involved. Best wishes to your mom. But she is going to be sensitive when you slide into smaller clothes. Your mom will have her day and u can help her!! Hugs.
Jai. You will be a hottie after this. You will Be in the flatlands. Oh how you will love being flat. Tell your husband to chill out!!!!
This will all be so worth it and when I go for my next HS reunion... No more duck taping the fat down!

Today is my pre-op appointment! I have written...

Today is my pre-op appointment! I have written down a lot of questions to ask my doctor today. I'm so ready for the 12th to be here :) tomorrow I will be going to get all of my blood work done and get cleared for surgery! On Friday I'm taking my kids to get their Halloween costumes before the stores get too crazy. I hope I'll be able to take them trick or treating with my husband. Speaking of my husband last night he was asking me what all of the complications were for the TT and the Lipo on my hips. I think he's starting to get nervous about the surgery. My mom called me all last week and asked me everyday if I was still going through with the surgery, of course I am!! Why would I waste my money if I wasn't going to do it. She's driving me crazy! Just a little... I hope that she isn't like that the day of surgery because she will stress me out if she is... Well ladies I will post more later after my appointment today talk to you later :)
Hey phoenix how's your recovery going? I hope all is well, I can't wait to see your after pics ttyl :)

I've been a little annoyed today bc my niece in...

I've been a little annoyed today bc my niece in law went through my phone yesterday and I know she saw my text to my dad about my surgery date and what I was getting done. My parents, best friend, and husband are the only people who know about my procedure that I'm getting on the 12th. Everyone else thinks I'm just having a hernia repaired, so the reason I know she went through my messages is because my husband had sent me a text while he was at work and when I went to check it all of my messages to my dad were pulled up and I knew it right away. What should I do about this.... I don't want her telling anyone about my surgery, I don't think she will but I haven't said anything to her about it since I noticed. What do you guys think I should do?!? This is so annoying to have to deal with this crap!

On another note I Went to my pre-op for the hospital and did all of my lab work and registered at the hospital. All of the paperwork is finished and all I have to do is clean clean clean lol! Everything is ready and I'm glad I started buying everything early. 9 days away until I'm on the flat side!

This week just keeps getting better and better......

This week just keeps getting better and better... Not! So besides my 20 year old niece going through my phone and reading my texts. I have a new annoyance that I have to deal with. So my PS told me to quit taking my birth control pills two weeks before my surgery because it can cause blood clots after surgery, and I have to stay off of them for two weeks after surgery. So a total of a month without my birth control pills, which would be fine but I take seasonique which makes you have a period every three months I know tmi I'm sorry. So I have been off of the pills since Sunday and today I started what I think is a period! I just had my scheduled period in September. I hope that this stops before my surgery day because I can't wear any feminine products into the OR. Has anyone else had to quit taking their pills and had this same problem? Sorry ladies I just had to get this off of my chest lol...
Momcathy- you might be able to get away with it... I just think the older children might notice, because your going to be out of it for a few days with the anesthesia and pain so I've heard from other tummy Tucker's in here lol. I think the back hurting is a good idea to tell the kids though. Are you staying overnight at the hospital after your surgery? If so what are you going to tell them for the overnight stay? I have to stay overnight but my kids are 6 and 5 and they are going to their grandmas for the wknd. I think they are a little to young to understand what I'm doing.
Mamajai- I hear you lol. I'm just hoping this is over by next Friday. I don't want to have to worry about doctors or nurses sticking a pad between my legs when I'm unconscious. Lol, my PS strongly recommended I stop them two weeks before and two weeks after surgery. I understand about the birth control blood clot risk with the pills and. Wasn't going to stop taking them, but then I read the packet that comes with mine. It had a warning for surgery saying to immediately stop them before surgery, so I decided to listen and quit them. I'm just praying to Mother Nature that she lets this end before surgery lol.
Mrspsychoman- I know my hormones are all over the place to since I quit taking my birth control pills. Today I went to pick up my kids and I heard that Keith urban song "for you" I think it's called it's on that movie act of valor. Anyway I was sitting there listening to it and I just busted out in tears. Haha it's funny when I think of it now but OMG I want my BC pills back. Have you done anything crazy like that over a song or are you more irritable?

Friday is the BIG day! I'm excited not nervous yet...

Friday is the BIG day! I'm excited not nervous yet lol. I hope this week goes by fast because I'm getting anxious. I'm ready to say goodbye to this flab already. Saturday was my last day to drink alcohol so the hubby and I went to buzzfest and we had a great time watching all of the bands we like. My feet are so sore from walking around so much. I'm so grateful that my parents are going to keep my kids over the weekend so I can get settled at home recovering. My hubby took a week off to stay home with me the first week. Then my mom is staying for week two of recovery. I hope everyone who is in surgery this week and is healing has a speedy recovery. I will be joining you guys soon.
Mrspsychoman how are you doing without your hormones? I haven't seen any new posts from you on here lately. I hope everything is going well and this will all be worth it in the end :)

4days left until the big day! I got all of my...

4days left until the big day! I got all of my prescriptions filled today so everything is all set for Friday. What did you ladies pack for your overnight stay at the hospital? When did you ladies start taking arnica? Did you guys use a heating pad for the back pain? I just want to be prepared and have everything I need by me lol! Thanks
I'll be thinking of you too. I'll look out for your post when you get to the flat side. It'll be my turn next Friday, Oct. 19.

I will be thinking about you Friday:)  You are going to do just wonderful.

Thank you kimmers! All of your posts have been really helpful :)

Wow this week has flown by so fast it seems like...

Wow this week has flown by so fast it seems like yesterday was Monday. I have been putting the final touches on the house, I need to go to the store today, and finish my laundry before the big performance tomorrow lol. So yesterday I explained to my kiddos that I was having surgery on my tummy and my oldest who is 6 years old started crying a little and made me feel soo bad for wanting to do this. He made me feel horrible because he got upset, but I tried to explain to the both of them so they don't try to jump on me when they come home from my parents house this weekend. Aside from the kids my mom is diving me crazy! She keeps calling to tell me there still is time to change my mind uhh I'm getting really annoyed with this. I don't know how to deal with her worries! Any ideas?

I have just over nine hours to go until I'm on the...

I have just over nine hours to go until I'm on the flat side! The PS called today and moved my surgery up to 7 am which means I have to be at the hospital at 5 am tomorrow! I'm going to get up at 4 am damn that is really early lol. I'm finishing my laundry right now so I have all clean nighties to wear when I come home on Saturday. I will post in the morning before surgery!! Wish me luck!!
Wish you a great surgery and speedy recovery!!! :o)
oh! i also started my period yesterday! i wore a tampon during the surgery..
good luck blondintexas! you will do great! BTW I actually never told ANYONE in my family I was doing this. I felt bad, but i knew my mom would be really upset and worried. she'd also not understand and then tell everyone else in the family! I feel like this is a private choice! The only person who knows is my husband! Anyway, you will be fine and happy when this all behind you!

On my way to the hospital!!! Wish me luck ladies...

On my way to the hospital!!! Wish me luck ladies :) I will update after I get out of surgery!!

Hey ladies!! I have made it to the flat side!! Dr....

Hey ladies!! I have made it to the flat side!! Dr. Gill said I should be very happy :) I cant wait to see under my compression garment!! Thank you ladies for all of your prayers and well wishes!!
Got home from the hospital an hour ago. Now I'm going to try to get some rest... I will update later. Thank you everyone for all for all of your well wishes :)
Happy healing!!!!
Glad to hear you did well Blondie! Take it easy and relax sweetheart!

So Dr. Gill said he removed 7lbs of skin!! He...

So Dr. Gill said he removed 7lbs of skin!! He also gave me extra lipo on the sides above my flanks :) I got a peek at my new tummy this morning and it looks really flat even with the swelling. Im so happy that I did this! Im going to take my first shower tomorrow morning. I'm a little nervous about the shower. My drain sites are sore and im putting out 25cc's in both drains so hopefully they'll be coming out on wednesday. I think my back hurts more than my MR from being hunched over. Im starting to get tired from my medicine so I'll update again later
Happy to hear all is well!!
Yippee for you! We can't wait to see pictures!
Congrats Blondein!!!! I'm soooo happy for your!!!! Take it easy and take care of yourself.

The shower was AMAZING!! Wow I feel so much better...

The shower was AMAZING!! Wow I feel so much better after washing my hair lol! Ice packs on my back and a shower chair are my new bff's! I think I've hit swell hell ( refer to PO day 3 pic) wow and do I have a swollen vajay jay omg do I ever haha. I think it scared my husband in the shower lol. I was laughing at him so hard it hurt my tummy! My incision is straight, thin and low so far no complaints with it. My tummy is so numb its awkward to touch without the compression garment on. How long does swell hell last?I feel very bloated like I need to fart so bad (TMI I know m sorry lol) those are my only complaints but I can handle it. I'm getting up a lot easier now and walking around easier today. My tummy is itchy and the incision so I know it's healing already. It's funny how the body bounces back so quickly. I'm starting to ease off of the pain medicine so i'm not sleeping all of the time. My Dr. Called and checked on me earlier I told him I'm not draining anymore that 25cc's so hopefully these drains will be out at my appointment later in the week. I hope you guys enjoy the pics! Let me know what you guys think. I'm so happy I did this! I will update more later.
You look great! Congrats!!! :) Good luck healing.
I have a question for you. Do you think it was necessary to spend the night in the hospital after the TT? Why or why not. Thanks in advance for your input.
Momcathy- I'm glad I stayed over night because the nurses went over the drain process with my husband and I and they also go me up and walking the morning before I went home. She showed me the best way to get up for the first day and it really has helped at home. They also gave me lots of antibiotics by iv and had compression stockings on my legs until I got up to walk. I hope this helps :)

I went to my first PO appointment today and got...

I went to my first PO appointment today and got both of my drains taken out. That was a weird experience, it felt like two worms crawling under my skin eww. I'm so glad that those pesky drains came out. I can't believe how swollen I am right now my hips and lower back are so puffy I feel like a big sausage when wearing my compression garment lol. My back is very sore from being hunched over I can't wait to be able to stand up completely straight. But other than that I'm doing great! My incision is very low and looks really good, I am tapering off of my pain meds, and I'm getting some of my stamina back :) good luck to those who are having surgery today and happy healing to those who already had surgery.

Well I'm loving my new BB it's round and the scar...

Well I'm loving my new BB it's round and the scar is hidden inside so when it heals you won't be able to see it. My scar is getting itchy and my hips are so swollen I'm so annoyed with it! My tummy is a little swollen but my hips are so wide and puffy from the Lipo I can't stand it anymore grr! When will these hips start to go down? I'm taking my arnica and it seems to help the front of my tummy but the hip area isn't getting any help. I'm walking pretty straight and have been since day 6 so that has helped my back pain a lot. I'm able to walk further everyday without getting as fatigued so that's a plus. I would love to put lotion on my belly but I'm not sure if I can... Have any of you guys put lotion on your bellies this soon? Well happy healing to everyone :)
Hey Blond, swell hell is terrible! Thankfully I haven't eaten anything this morning to make it start....ugh! I am so with you on the swelling of the hips and thighs. OMG, is it ever gonna go down? Right now I am just praying these drains are taken out tomorrow, if not I just may scream.

I am now PO day 11 and I am loving my new tummy...

I am now PO day 11 and I am loving my new tummy and BB I can't wait to see what my hips look like after all of the swelling from the Lipo goes down. I'm really missing my memory foam bed and sleeping on my side. I think I got a total of 4 hrs of sleep last night because I couldn't get comfortable on my back. I went to bed late and kept waking up every couple of hrs. I have my second PO appointment on Thursday so I will be asking if I can move to my side now. My PS is also going to remove my tape over my incision, and I'm wondering if its going to hurt?? Has anyone had their tape over the incision removed? Does it hurt? And has anyone tried to sleep on their side yet?
Awwww...hang in there it'll get better. Happy healing to you....
Hey Blondie! I remember trying to sleep on my side at a few weeks post opt. It didn't really hurt but it was uncomfortable. Not because of my incision but because of the muscle repair. It will feel like your insides are to tight but I didn't care and I stayed in that position for as long as possible! :)
Hi Blonde, I am 28 days PO & I finally was able to sleep on both sides a couple of days ago - it is heaven! I was taking pain meds for awhile at night just to be able to sleep on my back! I had only one drain, on the right side, so I found that I could sleep on my left side maybe a week earlier. Right side took longer to heal. You'll be sleeping better before you know it!

2 weeks post op yay! Yesterday I went to my 2wk...

2 weeks post op yay! Yesterday I went to my 2wk appointment and my doctor removed the tape on my incision! I finally got to see my incision and oh my is it thin! I love it lol. He told me I could try to sleep on my side but to put pillows behind my back so I don't turn in my sleep and hurt myself. I think I will try it tonight :) I started scar therapy and some of my swelling has gone down on my hips but I'm still pretty swollen. I can't wait for 6 weeks to be here so almost all of it is gone. I'm going to start walking more now that my PS said it would be ok. Well that's all I have for now happy healing ladies ;)
Looking good xx
looks amazing!
Hi Blondeintexas. I can't believe you are 2 weeks PO. I'm 1 week behind you, so I'm 1 week PO today. I went to my 1 week appt this am and got drains removed. My scar is also thin. This past week has been much better than expected. My energy level is pretty normal. By day 2, I was walking upright. No pain med needed after day 3. So far, the kids think that I hurt my back playing tennis. They have not been suspicious at all!!! I've been up, walking around, doing things for them, cooking, using the computer, playing the piano, packing their school lunch, helping with homework. So for them, it's the usual routine, except mom is walking a little stiff because of the "fall while playing tennis". Did your family members find out about your TT, after the cell phone incident? Tomorrow, I will be driving the kids around to all their activities. I've had some swelling, but not anything near the swell hell that I expected. I'll have to see if that develops in the next week as I start to take longer walks and do more stuff. Sounds like you're doing well. I think I will take some pics tomorrow and post them. Take care of yourself. You're going to look better and better, and feel better and better, as the weeks go by.......

Hey everyone!! I'm three weeks PO today. Time has...

Hey everyone!! I'm three weeks PO today. Time has gone by pretty fast, I went trick or treating with the hubby and kiddos last night. I wasn't sure if I would make the whole trip because it's about 2 miles or so, maybe a little more. I was able to walk the whole way which was awesome! I was very proud of myself because lately when I have walked I couldn't go very far because I was getting a tightening feeling in my tummy. Anyways I thought I would share that with you guys, I have started sleeping on my sides every now and then when I can't fall asleep on my back. I didn't realize how much I've missed my memory foam bed! I am so glad I moved to my bed because I was getting uncomfortable on my chaise in the living room. I'm still sleeping elevated though... When did you guys try sleeping flat? Or even on your stomach? When did you guys see your final results? was it six weeks, six months, or a year? Im getting a little picky about my hips I'm hoping that they will get smaller as I get further along in my journey! Did anyone else do this with the Lipo on their hips? My CG is getting on my nerves right now! It keeps riding up and bunching I have three more weeks with this CG. Don't get me wrong I like it because it makes me feel secure when wearing it but it irritates my skin underneath it where it rubs also. My PS said I could get a stage 2 garment from a website he recommends but I don't like the price for them or the fact that they have a zipper or flap to pee through so I stick it out for three more weeks and be done with it lol. Sorry guys I needed to vent a little... Anyways I hope everyone is healing well and everyone who is about to go in for surgery I wish you good luck :)
Ur looking great! My cg is from Marena stage 2 no zippers but it does open with straps in the crotch for easy acess. I wear it to work 8 hours and it helps because my job is really physical so I get really swollen. It cost me 75 bucks. Good luck girl!!!
Very happy for you wow yes I have the tightening up when I do anything and I am 6 weeks and swollen not feeling so good! You look amazing
Thanks! I just wish all of this swelling would go away already lol :)

One month since my surgery already! It seems time...

One month since my surgery already! It seems time has flown by. I recently bought some new PO garments like I like. But I'm still wearing my binder at night. My incision looks good I have a small spot near the middle that looks a little weird but I'm not too worried about it. My hips are still swollen and are starting to get on my nerves because it seems like they aren't going to get any smaller. I'm still a little tender n my sides by my ribs and hips from the Lipo. My next appointment is on the 20th so I'm going to address my hips issue then I guess. I feel like I'm being not picky but I know I didn't pay for something that's going to bother me. Lol maybe it's too soon but I want to make sure. I have lost 15lbs but my thighs are still swollen a little and I can't wear my pre-op jeans yet... Has anyone had this happen to them? It's freaking me out a little, anyway I hope all of my fellow tummy Tucker's are doing well ttyl :)

The swelling will take a while to go down so hang on.  My pre op pants didn't fit me for weeks!!!   You will get there though.

you are looking great! I slipped on my jeans and NO way my incision and tummy swollen and no button for me and i am down some pounds too...xoxo
I felt so bad that I couldn't fit into my jeans. I was getting a little worried. How's your healing going?

Hey fellow Tummy Tucker's it's been awhile since...

Hey fellow Tummy Tucker's it's been awhile since my last update. I've been really busy with my online classes and my family. Well I'm down 20lbs and doing great. My hips are still a little swollen from the Lipo and will probably be that way until I'm at 6 months. Anyway my last PO appointment went very good everything is looking great. I will have a thin scar and I no longer need to wear my compression garment. I have been cleared for exercise including Ab work :) I must say that I'm a little nervous about working out because I don't want to over stretch anything so I'm going to start off slow. I've been sick with a cold and cough for the past week so hopefully I can start my new routine by the end of the week. Anyways I hope you all are helping well ttyl! :)
Was that total cost including faciltiy and anesthesia I see Dr. Gill tomorrow and I am super nervous oh BTW you are looking HOT!!!!!
Houston Plastic Surgeon

When I met with doctor Gill I knew right away that he was the perfect doctor for me. He is very down to earth and I felt comfortable with him immediately. He was the first and only PS I met with because I felt so comfortable with him and I loved his before and after pictures of his previous patients. He also took the time to explain every detail with me and to make sure I understood everything.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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