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I have my Pre-Op scheduled for today. I am super...

I have my Pre-Op scheduled for today. I am super excited and super nervous. I have read a million reviews on here and I am super scared that something bad will go wrong. I know that I have read a lot of good reviews too but I tend to be a little negative :( I am 5'0, 180lbs and have had two kids, my youngest is 19 months. I will be having four areas done (Upper and lower abs, sides, and flank area). I will post before and after pics and keep you posted. Wish me luck! If you have any good advice I would appreciate it. I am very scared about the recovery process and the pain. I have a very low tolerance for pain.

16 days left....

Only 16 days left to go. I am feeling very nervous and excited. I am trying to watch what I am eating and trying to be more active. I am addicted to candy crush and frozen free fall so I am so used to sitting on the couch looking at my phone after work that I don't like to do anything else. My new waist trimmer belt came in yesterday so I am planning on wearing it tonight and running on the treadmill. Wish me luck! Im also trying to stay away from the sweets and carbs. I still can't give up my coffee with cream but Im working on everything else. I didnt have any sodas over the weekend. I also signed up for a tanning membership so I can get me a tan....tan fat looks better than white fat. I will post some before pics soon. Let me add my measurements for you all before I forget.
Chest- 44
waist- 39.5

Did a mile on treadmill

Well I dont typically sweat which is another reason why I think I have trouble losing weight. Well I bought a waist trimmer belt and it came in today. I wore it while I did my mile along with some eveline thermal active serum. Im gonna try and post a pic of my shirt when I was done. I think it did its job. I took some before pics in my bra and panties but I am so ashamed of what I look like I dont want to post them.

The dreaded BEFORE picture post....ugh!

Ok ladies....im gonna be brave and post my before pics. I came home and ran on the treadmill again...feeling really good today. I ate a 1/2 of a salad for lunch instead of the turkey sandwich I had planned on. I have drank alot of water today and I have had my herbalife raspberry tea with aloe in it. On thursday last week I was 183, today I am 179.4. At least it is progress.

13 days left....

I am still 179.2 today which makes 3.8 pounds lost since last Thursday. I am working hard at my diet and have been exercising every day. My body is so sore but overall I feel much better and have more energy than I had last week. I am getting more nervous and anxious as the days go by but not planning on changing my mind. I have told some of my friends who of course tell me I am retarded for having it done and tell me to just lose weight. I wish it was that easy for me. I need a motivating factor. I am just going to continue what I am doing and hopefully when I go for lipo in two weeks I will be down at least ten pounds. Thanks again for all the support and follow up, it really helps keep me focused on the goal.

And the diet continues

I just weighed and I am down to 177.8...that is 5.2lbs since last thursday. I had thin crust pizza for dinner and was full after two small square pieces. I had a healthy choice meal for lunch. Staying focused.

Can you see any difference?

Top is pics from last Saturday and bottom is pics from today after workout. I think I see some difference but I know you ladies will tell me the truth.

6 Days left

Well I am getting closer to the date and getting more anxious with each passing day. Diet is going about the same. I haven't been exercising as much because I have family here from Florida. I am weighing about the same 177.6 this morning. Today is my last day of work for the summer so I am super excited to start my vacation. I am so hoping that I will look better after this surgery...I tried on some bathing suits yesterday and they only word that comes to mind is...SCARY. Well I will check back in with you ladies in a few days.

finally over

Well I had my procedure. It was awful....but remember I told you ladies that I am the worlds biggest baby. I thought the pain was worse than childbirth and i was sobbing like a newborn. I know they probably thought I was being ridiculous by oh well I couldn'thelp it. I had three vicodins, 2 zofran, and 3 ativans. They couldn't give me anything else so I just had to be tough and finish it. I cant see a difference yet but that is probably because I am super swollen and bruised all over. I will keep posting and keeping you up to dateon progress.

Post op day 2

Well I am definitely feeling better today especially after a warm shower. All the bruising that I had yesterday is gone today...it may come back but who knows. The pain is still there bit much better. I only took motrin this morning. I just figured I would check in with yall and let you know that I am feeling much better. I have a new pic for you. I dont see much of a difference except that maybe my overhang is a little smaller. My mom says she can tell a big difference already.

Fat taken out

Here is the pic of my fat removed.

Not doing so good

I was constipated and feeling like I really needed to go to the bathroom but couldn't so I took two conclave. Needless to say not the best idea. The cramps started about an hour later and I tried to go but couldn't and then the cramps got worse and I passed out while i was on the toilet. I have a history of passing out with stomach cramps. I told my husband to getb out of the shower and stay by my side. He put some pillows on the floor in front of me in case i passed out again and went to get me some water while I sat on the toilet and tried to go. I was talking to my mom on the phone when the wave of cramps started again and next thing I know my husband is saying "wake up, come on now wake up". Luckily the pillows kept me from cracking my head open cause I was laying on my head. He put me in the bed until i felt like I had to go to the bathroom again. I finally went and gave gone several times since now. I still feel sick and feel like I am going to throw up but now I am resting in bed. Ugh not a good night at all.


I took two colace not conclave. Stupid auto correct.

feeling better

Im getting a slow walk in today on the treadmill and I've been doing some laundry. My 20 month old is home with me today so just trying to keep her from climbing all over my stomach.

Day 4

Ok here are some more pics. Even though I am not posting pics here, I have been taking pics everyday for progress. Not sure how much there is but I will just be patient.


day 6

Tomorrow makes a week. I am still really sore on my sides and lower back but I am getting better. I go see the dr for my follow up tomorrow as well as I will get my first Venus freeze. I have heard good things about them so I hope they will help with the discomfort and swelling.

side view

11 days post op

I am doing better. Still sore on the sides and in the center of my stomach but getting better everyday. I have a lot of lumps that I am massaging several times a day. I've been wearing my spanx for most of the day and my compression garment foe about four hours a day cause it is giving me bad lumps on my hips where it is bunching up on the sides. I really need to buy another one but I cant really afford another $100 right now. I go back for a second venus freeze on Tuesday. Im looking forward to it cause it felt so good.

2nd venus freeze treatment today

I had my second vf treatment today. It feels so wonderful during the treatment. I figured i would just check in and say hi and say that i am feeling much Better. I ordered a new cg and it should be here some time next week...thank goodness

17 days post op

I have been going to the pool every day and swimming laps and walking on the treadmill for at least one mile and sometimes two. I am feeling alot better about myself. Not huge changes but definitely some. I still have alot of swelling around my belly button and on my flanks so i am hopeful that I will still shrink some more. Im glad I can get on here and ask questions and share my journey. Hope all of you had a great holiday.

3 weeks post op

Still waiting for my new garment to come in the mail. Im not sure if it is ever gonna get here. I leave for Florida tomorrow. Im excited to see my family however in wishI had more dramatic results to show off. Oh well maybe next time. I am down 9 pounds...weight this morning was 174.0. Hope all is well with everyone else. Thanks for the support.

5 weeks

Well not much has changed. I have some noticeable changes to my lower back area and I think my stomach and pooch area is smaller but not dramatic results. I know I am still swollen and I have really "round" days and then days when I feel smaller. I gained two pounds in florida but I weighed yesterday at dr and was 176.5 so still down from 183. I did zumba last night and I am trying to watch my salt intake and drink my water...ugh. I have yet to find a cg that I like. I am still wearing the original one for a few hours a day and a really tight spanx about five hours a day. I am going to buy a squeem and see how that works for me. I am tired of buying garments...the money tree has run dry. I was hoping by now I would see better results but I will just be patient and wait the three months before I say bad things about my doctor because that is not fair to her or her practice. Hope everyone is doing well.

back pic

my squeem came in

Well I was able to get it on and I ordered a size large. My other garments have been size xl so i guess that is a good thing.


7 weeks

Well I dont see much of a difference in the mirror however I am fitting in size 14 shorts/jeans that I couldn't wear before the lipo so who knows. I am gonna try and stay positive and hope that as the weeks go on I will get smaller. I really need to exercise more. I am back to work now full time and I am so tired whem I get home that all I want to do is eat dinner and sit on the couch. I am still weighing about 176 so no more weight loss.

9 weeks

hello ladies sorry I've been missing in action lot of stuff going on. I've been trying to exercise and eat better I'm down 12 pounds, im weighing 171.6 this morning. Lumps on my sides are almost gone. I still feel like I have an invention on my left side so either I'm still swelling or more was taken out on that side. I still don't notice a huge difference but there is someso I will continue to be patient.

11 1/2 weeks

Here are some new pics. Slow and steady wins the race right? I have been dealing with alot of stuff at home right now so I have not had time to exercise but i am still watching what I am eating for the most part especially during the week at work. I no longer go out to eat during the week, only on the weekends.

12 1/2 weeks

Ok ladies. I am feeling more positive. I tried on my size 12 shorts today and they fit so that made me feel great. I am going for 3 month follow up on monday so hopefully there is some changes in the inches.

able to wear my junior jeans

junior jeans

I am able to fit in my junior jeans today.

follow up appt

I was not impressed at follow up appointment. She was very nonchalant, pretty much saying that she cant fix everything and that I need to continue to diet. I already know that part. I wonder how much is the 10-12 pounds I have lost and how much is the surgery...I would be willing to bet its the weight loss. Oh well lesson learned. ..if you want dramatic results go to a plastic surgeon and have real lipo done. The only positive thing I can say is maybe the surgery motivated me to want to look better and I think maybe it has helped me to lose from my problem areas rather than just my face or breasts. I am going to post my pics from the dr. There is some change in the front view but not much from the side.
Dr. Nangrani

I had my procedure done in june of 2014. Dr. Nangrani is very sweet and understanding at thr beginning to convince you to spend your money there but then when it is all said and done with, your follow time with her is like five minutes and you will get lectured on dieting and exercise if you want better results. I would say if you are thin and just have minimal fat then probably go to her but if you are over a size 6-8, I would choose a plastic surgeon with more experience and better pain control.

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Also she does not offer a revision at 6 months. She might do a "touch up" at whatever cost she has to pay her workers but she wouldn't even say how much and she said she would only offer it if she thought it would help. Funny how you think you can help at the beginning before I pay but now I might have too much fat and loose skin..amazing.
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Well, look at that--I'm impressed!  It's a huge difference now.  No overhang at all, and no muffin top for sure in those jeans.  Yay!!!!  This is so exciting :D.  So happy to see things progressing for you!
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Thanks! I still have a large gut but it is smaller. How are you doing?
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Okay :).  Went out without my CG today,  for the first time, (since I'm only 10 days post-op,) and regret it.  This is the most swollen I've been since the surgery.  But we were going to a Renaissance Faire in 95 degree heat.  We'll see how many days before the swelling goes back down! :D
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YAY!!! That's a good sign :) Happy Sunday!
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It does take more time than WE think. Good luck on follow up.
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You look fantastic!!! So glad you're feeling better. Good luck at your follow up :-)
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Thanks! I dont know about fantastic but definitely not as fat as I was. I sure do wish it would come off faster than it is. How are you feeling?
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Slow and steady wins the race. Trying on a smaller size and having it fit most have felt amazing?! I'm feeling good! A week from tomorrow is my surgery and I'm EXCITED!! :-D
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Awesome honey!! Looking wonderful!!!
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Thanks alot! Did you have something done? I dont see any pics on your profile
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Yes On September 28, I Posted Today!
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How did you approach your doctor for a touch up and did he charge you?
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I go tomorrow so I havent asked yet. I dont think she is going to offer anything. I think she thinks that she is great and if I dont get the results i am hoping for then it is something I did wrong; ( compression garment, dieting etc) that is just my assumption so we will see when I go tomorrow.
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Okay keep us posted!!
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I see a pretty big improvement! You've also said yourself that you would like to loose some more weight. I'd take a wait and see approach. You are tiny like me and even loosing ten lbs can make a huge difference!
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Thanks! Yeah I definitely could stand to lose about 50 lbs. Your arms look good now so you are really going to be hot once its all done. Good luck.
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You're sweet :-) I was looking at your pics again and there really is a BIG difference. The skin on your tummy looks much tighter! I hope you're feeling well today!
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I can see improvement. I forgot, how much was removed at the time of surgery? What does ur Dr say? Will he do a revision if that is what u decide? Good luck and continued improving results.
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900cc was removed....3,000 needed to be removed lol. I have not scheduled my 3 month follow up yet and I doubt she will do a revision especially for free. When I went for my one week follow up she was very nonchalant about everything telling me to lose weight etc. I want to get another five pounds off before I go see her so I can say I have lost 15 pounds and waited four months and see little results and then see what she says.
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It does appear that more could have been removed. Please keep us updated on ur progress and response from ur Dr.
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Hi How do you feel about your abs now that it has been 3 months almost 4?
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Its only been three months as of this wednesday. I feel like maybe my waist is more viable but other than that im not super impressed. Maybe my expectations were too high or maybe I should have gone to another dr or maybe I should have had regular lipo since I had so much fat in my stomach area. Either way what is done is done and I am too broke to do anything else other than diet so I will just continue to try and work out and hope that I continue to get smaller. Some of my clothes fit better but I was hoping for more dramatic results.
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YEAH, sorry i with the extra month my bad. :/ I hope by 6 months it will be better and i wish you the best with your diet and workouts. Happy Monday!
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I still see progress.  Is the scale keeping up or is it just swelling that's going down?  Did you ever ask for a second opinion from our doctors here?
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