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36 Years Old, Two Kids and in Need to Find my Waist Again :-( - The Woodlands, TX

I've exercised, diet, exercise some more and have...

I've exercised, diet, exercise some more and have actually lost a lot weight of weight but can't seem to loose my belly fat and those horrible rolls in my back. I've finally decided to have the smart lipo done after researching and watching videos of the procedure on YouTube. I must say I've been inspired by a lot of the postings on this site and hope that I'll get the same result and become as happy and excited about my body as many of you have become. So what I'm having done you ask;-) -my upper and lower abs, my back flanks ( the rolls under my bra strap and the donut underneath them :-() my inner thighs ( think my doc called them banana rolls), a little fat removed from my knees and under my butt so that my but will have a little shape. I feel ashamed posting these pics but here I am.....

So nervous ...am I doing the right thing?

Trying to keep calm but I'm so nervous as the day get closer. I have this fear that what if I'm paying all this money and it won't work or better yep make everything worst. Too late to turn back now...already paid for everything.....I've added some more pics


I can't eat....I Can't sleep, I feel panicky ......is this normal.....

Here I goooo.......

So in a few hours (8:30am) I'll be on my way to finding my waist line and getting rid of these overly fatty areas.....can't wait to see the new me.....did I mention I'm nervousness I'm feeling right now ... Have few more b4 pics will post.....thank you ladies for the support....needed that cause I really haven't told anyone except hubby and one girlfriend and it was very refreshing sharing with you ladies without the judgement attached....let's just hope I'll be able to go to work Monday.........I'll catch you dolls later.....;-)

It's done.......

Not too sure how I feel just took my cg off and I'm not quite happy. I guess it need to give it time. I know the swelling in my stomach should go down so I'm not too worried about that area but I expected the back to look better than it does. As for the procedure it was painful at times but bearable because I know I wanted this fat out so I stuck it out. The doctor and nurses were very nice and engage in conversation with me throughout the entire procedure, which by the way took 2 hours and 45 minute ( because of the multiple areas). As for now I feel nauseous I vomited twice when i got home but that's because I had to triple up on the Valium and vicodin to calm down during the procedure. I hope I feel better tomorrow. Will post pics after my follow up on Monday. Just took these

be and after back pic ( same day as procedure)

feeling more hopeful today....

Feeling better today.....was a bit uncomfortable sleeping last night but I'm soooo much better today. Hubby rubbed me down with Arnicare Arnica gel and took 5 dissolving Arnica pills for the swelling. Also I'm starting this metabolic detoxification program Today suggested Dr. Nangrani...I posted pics below. Added some new pics ......I'm resting a lot today and tomorrow because I return to work on Monday ...I'll post pics next week .....I've also posted pics of the vitamins I'll be taking on my journey to the new me.....:-)

more pics

Still swollen but so far so good. Just took a shower so I feel fresh....

Being patient

Seeing some progress. Slowly but I'm getting there. I'm still sore and swollen. Notice a lot of difference in my back and stomach area but haven't seen any difference in my legs and knees. Here are a few pics

Today was not a good day

Was so uncomfortable and sore today at work. Maybe I shouldn't wear this waist clincher and my cg together because my back is so sore...I was was fine yesterday but today I'm just not feeling well. Posted comparison pis

Venus Freez

So I've scheduled some sessions for the Venus freez....has anyone done it? The doc told me that it will help with the healing process and tighten the skin.....I'll do anything the help with the healing because I'm so tender.....

I'm getting there...

Haven't seen any changes in legs or neck but my stomach seems to be getting smaller...... took pics...tell me if you see any difference or is it in my head ..it's nothing drastic but it appears to be going down

6 weeks update

It's been 6 weeks to date since my sl...I see a lot of progress and I'm still learning to be very patience. ..Overall my progress has been good...people have commented at my job that I look smaller and that makes me feel good....I have started working out at least half an hour, 3 times a week on my treadmill where I fast walk for 1.5 miles. I'll begin 4 times a week starting next week.....I still feel tender in all over and feel even worst when I don't wear my cg....so I keep it on 24/7 .3 concerns right now is that my left side
Is smaller than my right side #2 I have a dent in my left side...spoke with doc and she assures me that it will eventually even out because I still have some swelling...#3 concern is that my inner thighs and knees have only gone down 1/2 inch on both legs each...doc told me that these areas takes the longest to heal so I must give it time....I love the results in my neck the definition in my jaw bone is just awesome.....The pics I posted today is not giving it any justice my neck and jaw areas looks better in person....well...I'll try to keep you ladies updated....:-()

So excited

Just ordered my corset ...... Looking forward to the waist training in two weeks from now....I've been learning to be patient with my results....I've seen some ladies results more dramatic than mine and wondered what Im doing wrong but I've accepted that every body's body is different and even admitted to myself that each doctors method is different so instead of being feeling impatient and defeated Im doing my best to keep my eyes on the prize/goal which is getting the maximum results I can by doing what I need to by exercise, watching what i eat and keeping this cg on as long as possible to see the changes I want. And it helps that you ladies here on R S is so encouraging so positive and so darn committed in helping each other reaching out goals.....

chin, neck, jaw area

I've posted better pics...hope you guys can see it.....love my results in this areas @ Bell hope this is clearer. .;-)

feeling down sometimes

Haven't been taking a lot of pics because I'm feeling down about not seeing any changes in my inner thighs and knees. My back has gone down but I'm still annoyed because I really expected the rolls to be gone or much smaller than it is...I started back working out at least times a week two weeks ago so maybe I'll start seeing better results overall soon. I love how my waist now has definition and of course I'm still in love with results on chin/neck area.

Forgot to mention my Corset

Got my corset but after a week of wearing I notice that each time I took it off I was swollen...doc told me wait till the 3 month mark to begin the corset training... but let me tell you ladies it took me FOREVER to get it on I felt like I was working out lol

Work pics.....

Feeling better for the last few days...I have no regrets doing my surgeries...I hope it didn't come off like that in my last post.....I'm doing my part to stay motivated eating healthy and exercising as much as possible ( I really don't like the exceeding part because my work schedule is so long I'm so tired when I get home)....I've posted two pics of how I dress for work.....

chin/jaw pic

My fave results......posted pics at the request of Bella Besos......I have so many selfies it's a crime...lol

b4 and after knees and inner thighs

Not happy at all with the results on my legs...my only regret thus far..I'm hoping that by 6 months it will be different...so far my b4 and after pics looks identical to me...tell me what you guys think..
Chaitali Nangrani

I felt very comfortable with the three docs I met but more so with Dr. Nangrani, she was very honest and direct. She told me that I might have a tiny overlap in my lower ab after the procedure but it will be so small it will hardly be noticed ( didn't really want to hear that at first but I respected her honesty plus she added I can always schedule a skin tightening procedures with her in the future if needed) she made me feel real comfy,and assured me that I will love my results) I'm scheduled for next week Friday, almost canceled when I realized it was Friday the 13th :-). Had my pr-op today and I'm so nervousness but looking forward at the same time.

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I don't think the before looks identical. It's a subtle difference but it's there. Your thighs were not very big to begin with! I'd almost think that you still have a bit of swelling going on. What does your doctor say?
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Gorgeous!! I love that green striped skirt. How are you feeling??
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I feeling good hun...thanks for asking...As for the skirt it's one of my fav...I wear more skirts than pants because my thighs are so big I don't like how they fit in my pants....
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Gorgeous!  In that teeny tiny sliver of face, you look just like Naomi Campbell (ie. her lips).  And it's no crime to post selfies, especially on RealSelf.  Shoot--it should be a crime not to.  We all want to see them! It's the closest thing to putting a face with the name we'll ever get. :D  Continued happy healing!

Oh, and BTW, if you ever get a chance, I'd love to see your knees.  I just had mine done and am curious.  Mine are swollen, of course, but it's even a little hard to visualize what the difference would be.
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As you can see in my post mine looks the same as b4....haven't seen any difference. ...did your doc give you any specific instructions. ..mine told me no heels for two months....and that it's the hardest to see results soon. .. :-(
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Lol at the NC teeny tiny look alike it's funny you say that because at my Job at least two different people said that to me in the last two months..... happy healing on your knees doll...hope your results are better than mine :-)
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See now, and they can see your whole face!  So it must be more than just the lips :D.  *Jealous*!!

And no, I got no special instructions about the knees.  At all.  And mine are swollen and crazy bruised, while the rest of me is barely bruised at all and only a little swollen.  I'm sure I'm doing everything wrong.  I'll have to remember to ask in the post-op, but what you said is helpful--not to wear heels and that it takes a long time to see results :D.  Thank you!
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I just saw your update with the pics.  Thanks for adding those!  You got skinny calves like me!  Were they supposed to take it out above your knees?  On me it was on the medial sides of my knees.  Did they say six months, maybe?  I don't want to have to wait that long! :-/
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Hey miss lady. I wanted to now how is your chin and jaw area? Are you Happy and any pics to share? Thank You.
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Not much changes since last pics I posted but I love the results so far....best results out of all the areas I had done.....
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YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's Great news. Except the legs you're not too thrilled about right now. I saw the pics what are you not happy with?
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Wow, you can dress!  And you look smashing in everything!
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Thanks doll these are outfits I couldn't wear be my surgery.....I'm feeling my self....lol
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Meant to say b4.....that gray jacket couldn't button...I was shocked when I tried and didn't have to put any effort in buttoning it....
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Such a great feeling :D :D!
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Love your curves and work attire. TGIF Doll!
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Thanks hun....and heck yeah TGIF....
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YW!!! Yeah...LOVE Friday's&Saturday's :)
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I have really enjoyed my corset, actually love them. I used to wear my every day and CG at night and did so until sixth month. I still what it but always under my normal clothes. U look so cute and sexy in yours and after u wear one for awhile u will see that u slip right into it with no problem. Good luck.
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Thanks for the encouraging words
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I hope I reach a point where I enjoy wearing it...
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Wow--that looks fantastic under your clothes!  No bulk at all from it!  I've never tried wearing a corset actually under clothes the way they were meant to be before ;).  

Question:  I'm about to get my knees done--what kind of garment did you get for that?
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I wore a full CG....it goes all the way Down pass my knees...That's because i had all those areas done at once so the full body is needed...but I'm sure there will be something much simple you can wear just for your knees..... i couldn't wear any mini shirts lol and wasn't allow to wear heels until recently....
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I ended up getting a garment like yours, past the knee. Thank goodness it's sleeveless!  It's so hot here :)
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I couldn't take the sleeves no more I cut them off...lol....
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