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Oh My God Sick After Botox Injections - The Woodlands, TX

I had botox injections a few weeks ago to...

I had botox injections a few weeks ago to eliminate line between brows, on forehead and around eyes. I had botox injections before and they seemed to do the trick however I would sometimes feel sick for about a week after the injections.

Because of this I chose to have the injections done over several weeks time and would start with one area and then a week later address another and so on. This seemed to eliminate the side effects of flu like symptoms I got when I had the full treatment done at one time. This last time I forgot to ask for a extended treatment period and the doctor gave me a total of 35cc's in one sitting which was injected between brow, forehead and around eyes and I have been regretting it ever since.

I have been ungodly sick since and knew without a doubt that the botox had done it again. I have had horrible flu like symptoms which have included headache, dizzyness, blurred vision, all over joint and muscle pain, extreme sweating, labored breathing, extreme fatigue and weakness. I have been sleeping well over 10 hours a day as I am too tired to do anything else. I have been nauseous at times and have not wanted to eat because I have no appetite. My sinuses went crazy and last Monday I literally crawled to the ENT to ask for help. He diagnosed me as having the flu and a sinus infection but I know that botox initiated all symptoms. I was given a steroid shot, antibiotics, and medication for nausea and dizzyness. I am slowly beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel but I attribute that to the steroid shot which abated a lot of the physical symptoms I was experiencing.

Hi, Haven't been here for a while so I...

Haven't been here for a while so I thought I'd let you know what's been going on with me. I can say one thing for sure, Botox is the gift that truly keeps on giving. I've been working through the shortness of breath issue using inhalers and that seems to be improving which may have helped the horrific fatigue a little. I am amazed, however, to report that just when one issue is close to being resolved another one pops up right behind it. Over the last week I have had nausea for the first time accompanied by an increase in the dizziness I have reported previously. On top of that I have had hours of intense sweating followed by chills which are usually accompanied by diarrhea and body aches. Although I live in Houston we've had temperatures in the low twenties which is unusual for us. What is even more unusual is my husband coming to bed only to find me lying on top of the covers with the window wide open trying to cool off in below freezing temperatures and me telling him, no I won't shut the window because I'm hot and I'm not getting any relief. And this from a woman who gets cold when it's 80 degrees. So -to the Dr's who still are going with "it's the flu" theory I have to ask you. How common is it for the flu to last for months on end and how common is it that people are diagnosed with the flu when they present with the following symptoms; depression, anxiety, brain fog, tremors, incontinence, heart palpitations, dizziness, phobias, shortness of breath, tingling in extremities, sleeplessness, trouble swallowing, skin sensitivity, sensitivity to light, blurred vision, ear pain or pressure, numbness, drooping or swollen eyelids, infections in one or more parts of the body ... along with profuse sweating, weakness, fatigue, headaches, nausea, fever, vomiting and diarrhea that, granted, are common flu symptoms but become uncommon very quickly when they don't resolve in a reasonable time frame. We've all been to a host of Dr.'s and some of us have ended up in the Emergency Room because of the diversity and severity of our symptoms. It has been suggested to most of us that it was a coincidence that we got the 'FLU' at the same time we got our Botox injections. Yes, some of the symptoms described in this forum are symptoms that 'MAY' be attributed to the flu but the set of symptoms we describe in this forum are a unique set of symptoms that far surpass that of the common flu and, therefore, deserve to be taken seriously.

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Hi Lisa, It was three years for me last month and I have done so much in the last eight months ( which would mean just a little over two years) that I am living a better life now than I ever did before botox. To give you a run down - I lived in Houston and was married. In April of this year I rented a town home (3 stories mind you) in New Orleans to be available to care for my parents who both were having health problems. No one to help me to move in so I did it myself! Whew! Realized that the symptoms I was having diminished greatly when I was alone. Had been thinking that the stress that had gone on in my marriage seemed to ramp up my symptoms greatly - but ya know cause I was ill I was afraid to live by myself - but I thought I absolutely had to put my trust in God and go because my marriage had been an unhappy one for many years. So - I told my husband after 26 years of marriage that I wanted a divorce last April, flew home to get my dog, drove back to New Orleans with my friend who helped me move into a house that I bought. Yes - the divorce is stressful but being without the daily strain of the marriage the symptoms ramped down dramatically. I would say that 95% of my symptoms are gone or on their way out. My eyes were completely horrible at one time diagnosed as legally blind but I didn't buy into thinking it was permanent. Although they still can get a bit blurry if tired - I'm here to tell you I aced the Louisiana driving and eye test with flying colors. Sometimes I have heart palpitations but I didn't have them before going through divorce so hard to tell if Botox related or from divorce. I am able to do what I want and what seems to trigger small symptoms is more stress related than anything. I was one of the few who didn't suffer with anxiety so I didn't have that heavy load to deal with. I think because of that I could see the gradual return of function and even though I might not be at my best all of the time I never ever thought my body would not heal. I've done research to understand why it's a slow process ... so the fact that I went up and down and back and forth the first two years didn't worry me. I found acupuncture to be the only treatment that proved helpful. If i can answer any specific questions let me know.
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Thank you souch for the update. It is so encouraging to read you ate recovering. This should be a warning to anyone using or considering Botox.
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Hi Sdp- just read your update and wanted to say I'm really glad you are moving forward with your life and that most of your side effects are subsiding.  Wishing you the best :)

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Hi Lisa - Where are you in this journey and how are you?
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Thanks Jill - I understand that the Dr's who answer questions on Real Self don't read our posts. I think this is unfair and a gross oversite as far as Real Self is concerned. I have not been back to this site in years because it perpetuates the lies that are the result of Allergans dissemination of false data for almost two decades. I read answers from Dr's today that are the same as three years ago - and years before that. Why limit the Drs exposure to our posts? (I had an opportunity to speak to one of the doctors on this site and he told me that he does not receive any information from Real Self other than the question that has been submitted for comment - he said he's never read our posts). Whats it going to take for Drs to become educated on what is really happening to people like us who suffer for years due to their lack of knowledge regarding botulism and its symptom? To provide support to the women on this site women need the expertise of those who are specialists in the area of toxicology. The physicians on this site should answer questions that are within their area of expertise only as they have absolutely no training or understanding of Botox which is made of the most lethal substance on our planet. Although I haven't been on the site in a very long time I see that the Dr's views of Botox is no different than it was three years ago. Hopefully the administrators of this site have read the Botox patient and physician guides because the truth lies within those documents and are aware of the problem I speak of now. The physicians I've interviewed say they don't feel the need to read the information for more reasons than I can list here. Also - because this site inhibits our ability to expand on our full array of symptoms when asking questions the site is doing nothing to educate the Dr's on the severity of our symptoms. If this site is truly designed to help women with Botox related symptoms then they must consider what the doctors on Real Self do. They are trained in the area of plastic surgery, dermatology and the list grows as doctors in almost every specialty find a reason to inject their patients with Botox. These doctors are not toxicologists, chemists, pharmacists ,or trained in chemical warfare. They know nothing about the toxin. They prescribe medicine everyday - but we dont rely on them to explain how these chemicals work in our bodies. The toxin that is Botox cannot be compared to other medications on the market today. There is no known source on our planet as deafly as Botox and no other medication on the market today that was used in WW I and II as a chemical warfare agent. What Drs know about the true side effects of Botox comes from information an Allergan rep was paid to tell them and it has nothing to do with the truth. I, therefore, have set before you facts that identify an unethical dissemination of false information from Dr's who are clearly stepping beyond their area of expertise.Those of you who act as administrators of this site must have knowledge of how long this has been going on because there are years of pain and suffering documented to clearly make the case. I propose that until you find specialists who are knowledgeable about Botox - the toxin - from sources other than Allergan you discontinue allowing people to ask uninformed Dr's questions about their symptoms. Instead direct them to the most current patient and physician information guides on the Internet so they truly understand the extent of their illness. Before Botox limited my ability to work I was/am a medical systems analyst which involves researching all areas of health care in terms of efficiency, patient outcomes and profitability. I have documentation that leaves me well versed on Botox and it's manufacturer.
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Hello again- thanks for your opinion.  The doctors can read your reviews and posts if they want to, but that is up to them.  Keep in mind that they participate on RealSelf totally voluntarily.  The purpose of the Q&A is for them to respond to whatever you ask, so it is up to you to provide all the information necessary to adequately respond.  This of course is just a unique feature to RealSelf and does not replace meeting with a doctor face to face to discuss things more in depth.

I know you have particular side effects and want to find answers to what has happened to you, and I'm glad that you have a place like RealSelf to find other people in similar situations.  I'm sorry the Q&A can't be of more help in this instance, but I hope you still find support within the rest of our site. 

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Sdp, it would be great to get an update on how you are doing? Thank you!
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Angie - So glad you found my story. I am still sick after thirteen months. As you probably have read others posts as well - you know that there are countless others that are dealing with this nightmare as well. I'm glad my story has at least spared one person the nightmare that so many of us have experienced. God bless you and stay well! Susan
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That sounds absolutely miserable. I've been considering Botox, but reading stories like yours really scares me!

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Hi Sdp,

Welcome to the community and thanks for the review. I'm sorry you are going through this, no fun. After you feel better are you going to continue to go and just do them over several weeks time like you had before? Please keep us updated.



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