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Well I went in for my initial visit this past...

Well I went in for my initial visit this past Monday. I have done my research on the all in 4 implant system. I have a full upper denture and my 5 front bottom teeth that have had root canals and crowns yrs ago. I go back on the 26th for my full exam and impressions then a few days later to go in for the wax try ins. I'm excited to actually have a full set of perfect teeth even if it only temporarily. The only sad part is that I do not know how to smile... as sad as it seems it is true... I have had dental problems since I can remember, root canals on molars at 12-13 and very crooked teeth where my eye teeth were behind my front teeth... so between genetics and poor hygiene this is where I am. So I will update my process as I move forward over the next 3-6 month period.


I'm so glad you started your story so early. It will be wonderful to watch you progress through your treatment and be able to support you along the way!

I bet as soon as you feel confident with your teeth you will learn to smile very quickly and without reservation. Keep us posted on how you are feeling leading up to your next appointment. :)

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2nd Visit

I went in today for my 2nd visit to take impressions and do all the paperwork and learn about the whole process from a few days before surgery all the way thru until I receive my final bridges in 6 months. We also scheduled my bite records and wax try in teeth on this Thursday and then surgery for Sept 9th. I am looking forward to completing this process and looking towards the end result. I will see about how I can add the before smile photo's. Not sure how to get them to my comp then to here but I am sure to figure it out lol. So far the people of Clear Choice seem to be very nice and caring like you are not just another # but then again they have not taken all my funds yet either. I truly believe that my doctors are more than adequate to do a wonderful job and give me the smile that I have always dreamed of. I will post again soon.


ACmike how are you doing now? Are you happy with your end result? I am thinking about having my upper done. Trying to make a decision..
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Ok so I had my procedure on Monday Sept 9th 2013 and I must say even with just the temp teeth that I am very happy with the way I looked the next day. I will make minor changes to my permanent teeth when the time comes. Ok now here comes the part where I am going to keep it real. I have read thru all of the forums and spent countless hrs on youtube vimeo and others. I am in a lot of pain, when I take the meds It does get it under control to make it bearable. So if you are looking to get this done do NOT believe all of these things where people say " I have had no pain what so ever... BULL SPIT !! I consider myself to be a tough person broken bones and major cuts that have required multiple stiches. This by far is the most painful experience of them all. I have always had bad teeth and cavities and root canals and none of them come close to this. Granted it has been a long time since I have had a procedure so maybe since this is so fresh and vivid so maybe that is part of it. I am not trying to scare anyone off from getting this done, I just want people to know that there is pain involved and it can be severe. I know that pain is different for everybody. As for Clear Choice everyone there rocks and my doc called and checked on me atleast once a day over the past 2 days. She even called from her cell and said if I need anything anytime do not hesitate to call her. It is not their fault I am in so much pain. I love the entire staff at clear choice and would recommend them to anyone anytime. The surgery went well I did feel the needles for numbing me in the beginning and somewhat remember hearing the drilling and other things going on during the surgery. I also puked after the surgery, it could of been the iv sedation or the amount of blood that I swallowed because it was all that I puked and once I did I felt much better. The day after surgery I went to work and felt fine with the pain and ibuprofen but today the swelling really kicked in. So all of the testimonials that you see is the next day after surgery when it still feels ok, that is why everyone is all peachy creamy. I bet 90% would change their story on day 2 lol. If you want to know the truth about my experience just ask. I don't care how much I spent I will tell everyone the truth. I hope that the truth takes me to a healing place sooner than later, and all this swelling has gone down. I have been icing the first 2 day religiously and started the heat packs this afternoon, so that is not the reason I am in so much pain. I'm hoping that the old saying "No pain no gain" is true. Like I said I love love love my smile I just wanted to put it out there that it is painful and will take time to recover, but I truly believe it will all be worth it in the long run.
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I'm glad you kept it real and told us your true experience. I'll be hoping as more healing happens the pain goes away quickly! Please continue to update us on how you are doing.

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