Breast Explant and Lift at age 50 in Texas

I wish I had just had a lift 12 years ago, but...

I wish I had just had a lift 12 years ago, but here I am getting ready to remove these things along with a lift. I'm excited, nervous, but hopeful. I don't mind being small, I used to be a 32B, I'm a 32D with implants and my PS says to expect to be an AA to small B. I'm what most people consider petite at 5'5" and weigh 112. I've done a ton of research and read tons of blogs.
Will your dr. be removing the capsules and using drains?
He wants to leave the capsules to minimize bleeding, but yes on drains. He said the drains are important to keep the pockets from filling up with fluid.
Surgery is May 22, thanks ShantelH. I will post before and after pics later. This site has been super helpful and encouraging.

Before pics

Here are a few before pics.

Before pics


Hi Jsamiam! Just checking in to see how your'e doing? Also curious about what Dr. Gill recommend for support bras after surgery? I don't want to spend a ton of money on bras that I'll never where once I'm healed. Any advice?
Hi, Forever. I'm having my surgery on May 2nd. The thing is, different docs recommend different levels of compression. That being said, these are some general things that may help that I either got from reading everything on this site or from my doctor. First, don't get any bras with specific cup sizes until after your surgery. Get the ones where you measure around your rib cage directly under the girls. Get one or two that are a size larger than you usually wear for the very beginning when you're swollen. My doc told me to get cheapies for this-- Fruit of the Looms that have hooks in the front. They're $8 each. (Definitely don't get anything where you have to hook them in the back or pull over your head for the first post-op period). I wear a small but I got two mediums. I also got one expensive one-- a Marena with 2" elastic band. They're about $48, but I'm pretty sure I found mine on sale for about $32. I just decided that I felt more emotionally secure having one good one. Depending on how I feel when I'm still healing but later, there are these bras called Valmont zip front sports bras #1611 that have a sized cup (B/C, for example) and cost $20 each. Also, if I don't need that much of a bra at that point, there are things like the Barely There wireless bras that look simple but nice. Hope this helps. :))
Thank you CandS. I don't mind buying sports bras bc I work out and will use them later, just don't want to spend a lot on one I won't use again.

Bra recommendations

I don't want to spend a ton of money on bras that I'll never where once I'm healed. Any advice?
Hello Forever his! You are 1 month out? May 22? Good luck! I tell you what, this post bra thing is a pain in the ***!!! I went to Walmart and tried on so many, finally I just bought a bunch and brought them home. Did the big return today! Settled on the Walmart Fruit of the Loom Seamless Wire-free Bra, front hook and eye closures. The weird thing is I bought a 38! I normal wear a 34, so I think they run tight, also I bought a black same style and it was cut different. It had 7 hook and eyes and the white one had 8, same size and style number. I noticed the white had 94% nylon, where the black had 93% so guessing they are made in different countries. Who knows, but try on! I also bought a Genie bra that I'm hoping after 2 weeks I can step into this bra. Seems to provide more support, but certain going over the head will not be an option! Thursday is my big day! I will update my post when I'm feeling up to it after explant! Soft hugs my friend!
Yes, May 22 50fabulousalmost! Ok, I think I'm going for the fruit of the loom, I've heard good stuff about them. I'm excited for you! Thursday, yea!!! I'll be praying for you and watching for an update. What time is your procedure? Soft hugs back to you!
HI ForeverHis1, not til 4. They think I will be ready to go home at 5:30. Thank you! Fingers crossed:)

Pre-op done!

I went for my final pre-op with my PS and the hospital today. Only a little over two weeks now! I'm excited and a little nervous, but mostly wanting to be done.
I don't know why, but originally I thought my PS was leaving the capsules in, but today he said he's removing them. Maybe I was just on information overload the first time, not sure.
Anyway, excited for the final countdown now. I'm the first scheduled surgery of the day do I have to be at the hospital by 5:30am on the 22nd. All prayers are greatly appreciated!
You're almost there, ForeverHis!! Peace is a good feeling to have and I'm so glad you're feeling that way. I'm praying for you!
Thank you Petunia53! Prayer is the most powerful tool we have, so thank you sweet lady❤️
Best wishes on Thursday!

Tomorrow is the big day!

Hi sweet ladies! Tomorrow is my day to explant first thing in the morning! I am having a lift as well, so prayerfully everything will go perfect! Thanks for all your encouraging stories and support! I'll update tomorrow as soon as I'm coherent. I sure would appreciate prayer??
How are you doing, ForeverHis?? I've been thinking about you and keeping you in my prayers. I hope you are doing well!! Let us know, as soon as you're up to posting!! Sending lots of hugs!!
Hi Petunia53! I'm home now! It's good to be on the tiger side finally. I'm extremely sore and can't tell what they look like yet. My husband said the PS told him I was 80% implants, but no scar tissue. Yikes! I'm going to be very small, but that's ok. Thank you for checking on me and especially for praying. Now I can give super soft hugs too!
*other, how did I manage to type tiger? Drugs?

I survived!

Well I had explant and lift this past Thursday and I'm glad to be on the other side. BUT, it was rough. Thursday was fine, I was put under and was given morphine in recovery, so I was still smiling and happy Thursday evening.
Friday was a complete disaster, I was a wreck, I mean a really bad wreck. Coming off the anesthesia and discovering that I had a horrible reverse reaction to the pain meds made for a rough day, I literally thought I would die. I didn't sleep Thursday, was horribly sick Friday and couldn't eat or sleep. I started taking Tylenol for pain, my antibiotics and still tried the anti-nausea med and went right back into drug trauma because that med also caused reverse drug reaction. Late Friday night after zero sleep or food and after much consultation with a friend that is a nurse and was aware of all meds I had taken, I was convinced to take my regular sleeping aid. I was paranoid, afraid to take anything and terrified of falling asleep. All completely out of character for me.
Well I finally slept a few hours after much prayer from my sweet hubby and a small group of close women from our church family that my husband contacted.
Saturday I finally felt like I would survive, I ate a banana and broth and crackers and was much better. It has also been an emotional ride for sure, lots of times just crying and wondering why I ever did this to myself.
I had my first shower after 48 hours and that really helped me feel better. My hubby is a blessing, he's been tender and compassionate and just wonderful. He's washed my hair, dealt with the drains and changed my dressings everyday.
First look at the new breasts was somewhat scary at first. They are significantly smaller which I'm fine with. My PS said I was about 80% implant, but clean and no scar tissue. So small, bruised, cut up, but shape seems nice. Still hard to tell. But I will be pleased just being me again.
It will be great to get rid of the drains! Follow up is Friday!
I will post photos once the drains are gone. Thanks for all the wonderful support and prayers!
I'm sorry to hear the beginning of your recovery was rough. Hopeful wishing and it will be really nice to hear some good stuff in a few days. :-)
Oh no! What are terrible ordeal to go through!! As if having our implants removed isn't enough stress on its own! All of the anticipation and fear about it all. I'm so glad you had your loving, attentive husband and circle of prayer warriors by your side to get you through the worst of this and back to better health. Whew! It sure helps to have a nurse friend to hold your hand and guide you. My sis-in-law is a nurse and I've asked her advice many times! Having up and down emotions are completely normal after this surgery. It's a process, for sure! I went through it and still am. I'm a little depressed, because my right breast has a "scooped out" area on the top side and it's hard to disguise right now. I can't seem to wear any bra that's comfy so I feel very self- conscious and uncomfortable going out in public and I hate it. I looked good in clothes with implants and now I feel like I don't because of my flat chest. Ugh, I feel like I'm being judged by my flat chest again, just like I was when I was young! It's so stupid, I know, but that's the way it is. HOWEVER, once I can wear bras again with comfort, I am going out and buying the most padded bra I can find, and I will feel much, much better! I do NOT regret having my implants removed at all!! I'm glad those toxic, hard rocks are out of me and I do love my NATURAL soft boobies and giving people hugs that I don't have to hold back on any more! Anyway, I'm just SO, SO VERY thankful that you are on the other side and have gotten through the reaction to the medicine and you're feeling better now. That's the most important part! Congratulations, ForeverHis!! Sending continued prayers for God's healing hands and comfort to you. Xoxoxoxo!!!
Awe, thank you Petuna53! You sure are a sweet lady. I'm really small now too, but that is ok. I remember cutting my hair real short one time and thinking everyone must be looking at me! I'm sure they weren't and it was just me being self conscious, but that's the way we can be sometimes, you're right. I don't know how I'll feel yet about being so small, but I have no regrets either. Thank you for your kind words and prayers! Xoxoxo!!!

Drains out early!

So my drains had almost no fluid for a few days and my doctor said they could come out! Super exciting news!
I went in yesterday and had my first post-op visit early! It was a little uncomfortable having them removed, but a breeze in comparison to everything else.
I slept wonderful last night! Huge relief, I feel like a new woman!
My PS said I'm healing wonderfully! He seemed almost apologetic that I was so small, so funny because I'm completely satisfied with my results so far.
I know there is still some swelling and I will likely be even smaller, but I'm fine with that. I'm going to make sure and do everything he says in order to get the best results.
Don't want to post pics right now because they are still bruised and swollen. I also have a mesh, gluey strip over all sutures. But, in a couple of weeks after those come off I will.
It's a huge difference! Before I was a 34D and now I'm guessing I'm in the A family. It's okay though, no regrets:)

Oops...correction, 32D not 34D.

I measured a 32D before, but wore a 34D for comfort. I think because they felt to heavy.
Thank you for you posting, I am really curious about the lift and why you decided on lift as well and if you were happy you did the lift. Part of me wants one but I'm also scared and I wasnt sure if I needed one, but I will say your before pictures are similar to me so I guess I'm just curious about your decision and how you feel about it. Thanks, and prayers to you.
Hi 2Happyboobs, I'm glad my story helps. I felt like I was going to need a lift because I really needed one before I ever got implants. My PS agreed that I would have too much loose skin if I didn't so that just confirmed my initial feelings. I'm only 6 days out now, but I'm definitely pleased with my decision. Yes, I may have scars once healed but I just couldn't go back to being small and saggy:/ I'm sure you have to weigh the trade off for yourself, but I knew this was right for me. Your PS will tell you if you have Pstosis of your breasts. Some suggest explanting and waiting 6-9 months to see what you think, but my PS said it was fine to do both procedures at the same time. I was glad to do it all in one, I would not want to go through 2 surgeries. I was scared too, but I'm happy I did it. I can't tell what the end result will be yet because I have bruising, swelling and internal stitches but I like what I see so far. They are small, but perky:) It's tough though, be ready, the nipples are removed and placed in back in proportion to your new, smaller size. Having said that, I'm doing great now. I'll post pics in a couple of weeks once I have these healing strips removed. You can't tell so much what they look like right now. Thanks for the prayers!
Right, thats understandable it takes awhile to heal to get an idea of your end result. I will say the lifts I've seen so far look really great so something to look forward to :)), sounds like you made a good decision to get it all done now so you don't have to go back. I was initially thinking that same thing but honestly I don't have the finances or help with kids after right now for it so i figure I'll just do the best I can with what I got and consider it for the future. Take care in your recovery and thanks for reply :)

3 weeks post pics!

Hi Ladies!
I had my 3 week post op visit with my PS yesterday and had the mesh tape/ strips and patches removed. It was a pretty exciting day because it was the first time I was able to actually see my nipples and the scars and get an idea of what I had to look forward to. The best part was when they were removing the mesh patches off my nipples because I could completely feel it! I had greater sensation in them than before the surgery! Then I had to rush to work, but was so anxious to get home and see them.
The pictures make them look a little bigger to me than they really are and in person the scars are more pronounced. I'm not sure what size I am yet, if I'm a B, it a very small B, but really probably an AA. Either way, I'm very pleased with the results, scars and all. This was a very good decision for me and I feel like my PS did a great job.
You look fantastic, I gphad same procedure on sept. 30th, 2014. I hope to look as good as you. Breast about the same, pre and post. Congratulations, thanks for sharing Fitagain.
Thank you! I'm almost 6 months post op now. Just saw my PS yesterday and all is healing well! Some areas of scarring are a little raised but not a concern at this point. PS showed be how I need to be pulling on either side of the raised areas to help flatten. But over all, they look great! I'm only an A cup, but a cute A:) I'm small framed and they fit my body. I'm super pleased!!! You look great! I literally looked exactly like you right after surgery!
You totally have "teen boobs", your daughter is right! ! Absolutely beautiful! Sooooooooo much better then before!
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Dr. Gill has been great, I immediately felt at ease with him. I read every review about him I could find and they were all great. Then after the fact I found out that a dear friend who is a nurse suffered cancer and used Dr. Gill for her reconstruction surgery and she said he was great! Dr. Gill knew I did not want new implants and just wanted explanting and so explained what he recommended for me to obtain the best results. I'm now post op by a little less than a week and I must say I am completely satisfied and pleased with my treatment throughout the entire process. Dr. Gill personally called me the day after surgery to check on me and his PA checked in on me as well. Dr. Gill has been great and I would highly recommend him.

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