I have been wanting a BA for as long as I can...

I have been wanting a BA for as long as I can remember. I am 31 years old, no children and just couldn't stand feeling like I looked like a twelve year old girl undressed. I didn't want to do it for the attention but just to feel like a woman. I am 5'7", 117lbs and 27" ribcage (very petite) so I wanted to choose something that would look natural and proportionate to my body. My options were the 360cc , 400cc UHP or 325cc, 350cc Natrelle style 20. My BWD is only 10.5" so I didn't have much room to go bigger. I choose the high profile style 20 bc I heard that the UHP can look too round and unnatural. I ended up with the 350cc in my left 325cc in my right breast to even them out. So far, I feel happy with the results. They look small to me but I hear that they will drop and get larger. I can't wait!

3 days Post op

2 days post op

13 days post op

Okay....so I am feeling a lot better since the first week of surgery. I am finally able to sleep at night. I was waking up from back aches and pains. I forgot how nice it was tone able to sleep on my stomach. Those days are over!!! Anyway, they are feeling less foreign to me and are starting to settle a bit. I think that my skin must have been really tight bc they are still at my collarbone. How long does it take for them to D& F? I hope that they will get fuller. The swelling is down so they feel smaller to me :(

Implants are still high

Another pic

Side view

There isn't much projection from the side. I'm almost as flat as before. I hope that they drop and will get more projection. :(

They seem to be dropping

Meds for the first week


Well, I am feeling a bit down bc lately the feedback from most of my friends has been that I could've "gone bigger" in size. It is so frustrating to go through all the pain and anxiety of planning a major surgery (not to mention the $$$). My whole reason to get a BA was to feel sexier in my clothes. Right now, I feel that my breasts look so flat from the side. I kinda look like a B cup! I kinda feel embarrassed too that I told everyone about it and they were probably expecting me to look so much different. I dont know if i should consider a revision. Has anyone else felt this way?

Day 21 but still high

I had to try on a bra for the 1st time

They seem to be shrinking! Lol

350 cc Natrelle 20 & 4.9 Projection~

I know that my breast shape is changing because they are flattening a bit but the implant is still on my collarbone. It feels weird! I am constantly feeling like there is something under my skin and it is uncomfortable. Hopefully, this feeling will go away and they will feel like a part of me and not something foreign.

They seem to be softening

34 C bra after

Before 32A

Comfortable bra

I bought this bra before surgery at Walmart for only $10!!! It's is super comfortable to sleep in. Also, I am attempting to dye my roots for the first time post-op. wish me luck :)

Waiting for them to drop still

I drew a line with my eyeliner just to show where the implants are in relation to my neck and shoulders. Can't wait for them to drop!!!

My thoughts...

So...here's an update. I have been feeling more positive these last few days. Yes, the "boob greed" monster rears its ugly head occasionally when I see a woman with larger breasts. Still, I feel like the whole experience of having a BA was a positive one. I do not feel embarrassed when changing in the locker room at the gym anymore. I also can fill out my tops (still size small) and bras and not have to stuff some awkward rubber inserts in them. The only advice that I have for girls considering this is to not try to size yourself. Rely on the expertise of your PS. I am happy and content with my 325cc & 350cc. However, would I have chosen the next size up? Yes, Absolutely! Don't get me wrong... I love the shape of my breasts and they are perky and fit my body. But I feel that I could also pull off a curvier bust and still look natural. I feel like no one would ever know that I had a BA if they didn't know me beforehand. That can be both a good and bad thing (depending on how you look at it). Natural is beautiful too and I feel that even my size 32AAAAA's (exaggerating a bit) before were beautiful!!!! All women should feel sexy and beautiful about themselves. We don't need to be perfect on the outside to feel this way. After all, beauty is subjective. Feel beautiful on the inside and it will make you look even more beautiful on the outside. I know that for me personally this experience has been an emotional roller coaster. I appreciate all the support and love from the girls on this site. Thank you much!!! Xoxo

This was me 3 weeks ago

I can't wait to try on bras!

I'm so excited to go bra shopping soon. They are opening a Nordstrom's near me and can't wait to shop there. Everyone says that is the place to shop for bras bc they carry the 30" & 32" band in larger sizes. Also want to check out VS! I just have to be patient since mine haven't dropped all the way yet.

Trying on bras

I found this bra at Walmart. Just wanted to be ready for when I am able to wear regular bras again. Unfortunately it is EXTREMELY difficult to find a C Cup in less than a 36 band. I'm really a 32 but usually buy 34 cause that's all I can find period.

My size Sm sports bra still fits

Lingerie shopping

I couldn't help myself and had to try on a few more bras but I'm not buying one yet until my implants fully drop and fluff.

Feeling impatient

I know that it's too early to see my final results but when I look in the mirror I feel like they are incredibly small. Maybe it's bc they are only projecting about 1" more than my natural breasts did. It's weird bc they are 3x's as round. I don't seem to have any cleavage either. Also, my left breast has been squeaking! Yes, that's right...squeaking like you can hear the implant. It's bizarre! Anyway, just wanted to see if anyone had any advice about the high profile implants and if they do give you cleavage and project more? Right now, I am really looking like a B cup in size but they are so round I can fit into a large C small D.

Measurement time

I had to pull out the measuring tape cause curiosity got the better of me. Before, I was 32" 24" 36" and now I am 35" 24" 36" . I don't know what that means as far as bra sizing.

More pics

I was shopping with a girlfriend today and we went in Victorias Secret. I couldn't resist trying on a few more bras but I am adamant about waiting to buy one until my breasts settle. There were some really cute ones! I love the blue and white balconette.

My family is in town.

So, my in-laws are in town for a week and they are spending the afternoons by the pool. I haven't found a way to tell them yet that I got a BA. They will probably find out soon enough. I'm not sure how to approach the topic if I am asked.

Ordered a new bikini

I found this swimsuit on amiclubwear.com and it is super cute but kinda revealing. I will wear it around my pool at home.

Bikini shopping

It's been a while since I have been on here. A lot has happened since... We are planning a trip to Pensacola in August so I have to pick out a few swimsuits before then. I went on VS website and most swimsuits are back ordered. I will probably order a 32 C and return it if it doesn't fit. Also, I am looking for a new job. I am in sales and when I took a week my new boss said that it hurt my numbers. I am working 55 hrs + a week and tired of feeling guilty for taking some time off. Sry to go on about my personal life. I know that this is a website for cosmetic surgery. I just need to vent a little.

New pics

Are they ever going to drop?

I feel like they are definitely softer but they still have a ways to go. Does anyone know how many months it can take to see the final results?

Too small?

I am still undecided about the size bc I like how they look in push-up bras but when I'm wearing no bra, I feel that they are tiny. It's maybe cause I have big hips and butt. I know that I am still getting adjusted to them but perhaps down the road, I will go bigger.

Full body

Bra hunting cont..

I was at Target, Kohls, & Dillard's the other day and could not find a 32 C or D bra that wasn't heavily padded. Does anyone else notice how difficult it is to find a bra that is not padded or push-up? I relied on the add-a-size bras before my BA but I really want to see if mine are true to size. Where is a good place to find soft or lightly lined bras?

Feeling good again

I just want to thank all of the lovely ladies on here for your word of encouragement. I am slowly starting to feel like myself again. I realized that all my stress was causing a huge strain on my marriage and making me a miserable person to be around. Sometimes it is best to just be thankful for all the blessings in your life. I know that I made the best choice on implant size because I chose the 2nd to largest implant that my body could handle. I could only have gone up to UHP 360cc (not much different... 5.1 projection instead of 4.9) and the 400 UHP were pushing the envelope because they were way over my BDW and the PS wasn't sure they would fit. With that said, I feel much more confident that I chose the right size. I am going to embrace my new body and try to remind myself that the reason that I had a BA was to feel more confident & sexy. Now, I can say that I definitely do feel that way!

Maybe it's all in my head

I haven't been on here as much for the last few weeks due to personal issues. I just want to report that I am feeling way better about my breasts! I realized that most of models & celebreties that were on my boob wish pic list are not as big as I had imagined before. When you are a flat AAAA.. cup, everyone seems to have bigger boobs. However, when I look around now, I realize that mine look a little too big & round compared to the natural ones. If you are feeling bad about your size, just check out these pics that I found on the internet... Not sure if any of them have had work done since...but it just shows that what we percieve is not always reality. I sas my breast implants as too small, when they are actually big in proportion to my frame and I would look silly if they were bigger!

More bikini pics...

How much will they change???

Okay.... So, I am now wondering what to expect in the next 6 months to a year. For all of you ladies who have reached that point... Do they continue to drop and fluff more? What kind of changes did you see over time? Just curious :))


My day at the mall

Yesterday I went to the mall with me of my gf's and we ended up back in VS (seriously can't go to the mall without stopping in there). Well anyways, get this... I'm a 32D in the unpadded unlined bras and 32DD in push-up bras. Surprisingly, I was busting out of both sizes. I definitely know that mine still have a ways to go to settle bc they look like I'm wearing a push-up bra 24/7. I was just shocked and a little happy to know that I'm not that small. I know VS sizes run a little bigger but my friend is a 34D and she looks plenty busty...I can't imagine if I would have gone bigger...I would have to custom order bras! I'm not saying that my breasts look terribly big under clothing but I am glad that I can fit comfortably in a 32D or even 34C at a department store cause its hard to find bras in larger sizes. #feelingbetter

New photos

I was wondering if anyone recommends scar away to mederma? Which is better? I am fair skinned so scars are kinda visa or still.

Be who you are not what others want you to be...

So I have come to the conclusion that I am indeed satisfied with the size of my breasts. I think that they could be larger, and I would indeed look "too obvious". I'm happy that my breasts aren't the center of attention. They compliment my body while looking natural. My husband likes them and is also glad that I didn't go bigger. The few friends that said that I should have gone larger do not understand that I don't want to look like a porn star!!! I think that the general perception is that all augmented breasts have to look too big and very round. However, this is not the look that I wanted. Mine are plenty big for my slender frame but not oversized. I can fill out a bathing suit and bra which is nice. So my advice to girls who are getting a BA or anticipating going through the surgery, don't let others influence you on how your body should look. It's YOUR body, not there's!!! Before my surgery, I spoke to some of my friends and got their opinions. Most of my girlfriends thought that I should go way bigger(D-DD) and the guys said that I would look best with no more than a large B or small C cup... Just goes to show the difference in opinions b/w men & women. The point of my story is just to be happy with yourself and don't worry about what others think. :))

Maybe I'm crazy...

Okay, well I just went in for my post op appointment the other day. Btw, my PS is Amazing! I expressed my concerns and am contemplating whether to exchange implants. As I mentioned earlier, I chose to go with the Natrelle style 20 and 350cc was my max in HP. I'm kinda concerned bc one implant is not dropping properly and they are too wide for my chest. I kept reading a lot of negative things about the UHP style 45's. Does anyone have any info on these. I was afraid of looking like I had two basketballs on my chest. What should I do? I don't want to go through surgery again but afraid that these implants will stay pushed up to my neck. Will my skin stretch to accommodate them? Help!

Let me be honest...

I have been struggling more lately than I have let on. I don't like to keep going on and on about my boobs. I seriously have a love/hate relationship with them. They are not exactly my "dream boobs". I don't feel excited about dressing them up or wearing bras. The size is acceptable (but slightly too small). I guess that my expectations were set too high. I don't like the way they feel either. I thought that after so many months I would get used to them but I'm still waiting. I think that I drive my husband crazy bc I talk about them so much. Why do I feel this way?!?!


I just got back from vacation and boy do I feel better! I was able to escape the stress that has been weighing on me since this BA. I did not worry about my breasts or look at before and after pictures on the Internet once while on vacation. You would think that it would have been difficult to go to the beach and see other women in bikinis with bigger boobs. Ironically, it was a great escape. I felt like just having fun!!! I am going to continue to keep myself occupied so that I don't slip back into feeling depressed. Thanks to all the girls who have been giving me advice & support. XoXo

Lesson Learned...

I just want to say a few things to the girls who are considering getting a BA... Make sure that you and your PS are on the same page about your goals/expectations. I used words such as "natural" C cup" and was not clear. I definitely wanted a more augmented look than I currently have. I wanted them big but natural. My interpretation of a C cup was on a 34 band and not a 32 (technically a 34B). I would've asked for a full 32D if I would have known this. It is so confusing bc I had never worn a 32 band before my surgery. I don't plan on wearing one now either. When I buy a 34C from the department store, some fit and others are too big. I wish that I would've recognized the difference bw a 32D and 34D. I just don't want any other girls to feel the disappointment that I feel. Don't get me wrong, I am way better than before but I still look bottom heavy. You would never notice that I had work done. Nevertheless, I will keep my head up and the hope that one day I will get the look that I wanted.

New pics

Accepting imperfection & moving on...

As I have stated in my last posts, I am not 100% happy with the size. I thank everyone for their support. I has been a challenge to look in the mirror and feel beautiful. However, I am not going to rush into another surgery at this stage. I figure that I can give them more time. Instead, I have decided to focus on getting in better shape and working on my painting. Sometimes it is best to praise the blessings that you have in your life. XoXo


New photos

I wanted to upload some new photos to show everyone why I do not like the size. I requested a full C cup and I know that mine look more like a full B. I have discussed this with my PS but they said that it will cost $3500 to get a revision! I feel a bit let down that I went in there expecting a certain look and came out with teeny tiny tittys Lol. Not that they don't fit my body, I just wanted something that had a "wow" factor. Nevertheless, I'm still not jumping into surgery again so soon. Also, I have been doing better by keeping busy. I am starting to make home-made sea salt scrubs that have aromatherapy oils. I would like to start selling them online along with my artwork.

My last post...

I do not want for any girls to take my last post in a negative way. I think that a B cup can look great and natural on certain body types. If I was not a pear-shape, I would be happy with this size. Anyways, I don't want to make anyone feel bad. :-/

My experience at Nordstrom's

I decided to mosey on down to the new Nordstrom's at my local mall. I was browsing through the lingerie section but not looking to try anything on. Then, I see a pretty bralette that catches my eyes. I think, well ok...why not?!?! I ask a nice lady at the dressing room if I can try it on. Meanwhile my friend is waiting outside the dressing room. I call her in to help me fasten the back. I hear the nice sales lady call out "can I help you with that bra?" I reluctantly say "ok". She pulls out a tape measure and measures me. She was astounded that I picked up a 34C. I told her that I like my bras loose. She said "honey, you are a 30" band bc she measured me 25" around my ribcage (holy moly!) Anyways, it gets more bizarre when she tells me to try on a 30DD and it fits but I'm busting out of it. It looks great but she said that I really need the next size up to cover up the cleavage bump. So, yes.. Let this day be declared a monumental time in history! I just got sized at Nordstrom's as a 30DDD!!!! Maybe size is irrelevant. Now, I'm not sure that perhaps I have a distorted body image.
Dr. Sugeyn Kim

Dr. Kim and her staff are real professionals. I just had my surgery today so I know it's kinda soon to review. My experience before and during surgery was a positive one. I felt like I was in good hands the whole time. I am so happy that my friend recommended them.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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LOL you definitely have a distorted body imagine. No way are your boobs B's. Your boobs are absolutely perfect .. I can only hope mine turn out as great! You in that bikini top? Damn! An oh if I had an ass like that; I would be the happiest woman alive. Congrats on the girls ... ENJOY!
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Hey, My diameter was 10. 325cc is the highest I can go I. High profile. I am thinking about ultra high profile. Do you know anyone who has gotten them and they look good? I am freaking out.
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It's up to how much tissue you do have ! I was 34 medium B or full B but saggy. And I ve had 325cc. Because I have enough tissue ( I think 3-4cm of tissue thicken) so I do it Above muscle , they are still look natural and huge on my statue 5'2 105lbs . If you have less tissue , about A for small B you should go bigger than me. To make sure when the swollen gone .it could be perfect size for you with no regret :)
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I am 5'9" tall and I weigh 190 pounds (in excellent health) most people when they look at me gues 160 or 170. I excercise regularly also. My doctor said even though the weight chart says at 5''9" I should be 165, because I want to loose weight, I should not try to loose any more weight than 180. She know me and she knows I would look horrible at 165. Size is really just a number. It is or health and happiness that counts. Do what your heart tells you to do. Good luck... and you look stunning.
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When you said "maybe size is irrelevant" I think you hit the nail on the head. We all have a definition in our head of big and small. What's small to me is big to others, vice versa. In reality there is no big or small. Size is irrelevant. What you measure at one place could be 2 cups sizes off from another. So are you still "small" since you measured a B cup at one place then a D in another? It's all in our heads. That being said, if you still aren't happy after some time then you should get a revision. You owe it to yourself to be happy and find a doctor who understands you and the look you desire. If you don't want to get a revision (which I understand why you wouldn't) then you may need to tweek your perspective and focus more on the positives. Train your brain to be happy with your results. I know it's easier said than done but the mind is so powerful. I, and everyone here at RS, support you 100% in your choice. You deserve to be happy. I think you look fantastic and really proportional! You've got beautiful breasts!
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Let me just tell you I feel the same way with mine in your third to last post, mine look like bs possibly c's depending on what I wear and I'm sad they don't look like big d's. But damn I've never had so many compliments on my boobs and every guy says do not go bigger! Even guys that dislikes fake boobs was just like wow and loved them. Men love them but every female says to go bigger ugh I kinda wanna go bigger I just don't know-I love how natural mine look but wish it was obvious that they're at least Ds! But as someone told me "quality over quantity!" Anyways you seem happier in ur last post! :) if you do decide to go bigger pleasee don't get that huge shelf look-just my opinion:0 yahoooo for measuring at a 30ddd! Enjoy your perfect boobs on ur perfect body
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told ya you were nowhere near a B cup :)
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Very happy for you hun! DDD wow that's big! Lol!
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Your feeling are valid!! I too suffer from all that you feel,and I got 400 cc silicone memory gel,and I just don't feel like I got my money's worth.Dr said outcome would be a "D" but I feel like a full B small C. You uplifted me by staying occupied on things you enjoy instead of focusing on how miserable our Boob outcome is/was, hopefully in time we Will grow to Love them.Cause I sure as hell Don't have the cash for a revision.Best Wishes!!
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I know that we all have our own personal views & opinions on our wish/outcome for a BA. My revision was going to be $3,500 as well. You feel like you spent all this $ on surgery and it's not what you had hoped for. Then to fork out even more money is disheartening. Sometimes pictures don't do justice though. Only you know how you truly feel and what you want to look like. I seriously analyze myself everyday in the mirror, wishing I would've went bigger. While I have the projection from the side...I feel like I don't have enough volume and "boost" in the front/cleavage area. Granted we both probably look 100 times better than prior to surgery, but who wants to feel like you still have to wear a push up bra or one with padding to get the look that you originally wanted. So I most certainly know where you're coming from! You aren't alone. I wish I had more pics/updates on here to show you what I look like. Keep staying busy, girl! :)
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Hey there. I just read your story. I have to admit that I think I am inlove with your boobs. They look perfect. I haven't had my surgery yet, I am going in on the 17th of s\September, but I changed my mind from 300CC to the max that my body can allow which is a 360CC yesterday when I went for my pre-op. Thank you though for this, cause now I don't feel like my implants will be too big. XoXo
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i know it's personal and all, but i really don't think you look like a B cup! you look like a solid D in your latest pics! maybe it's just that i got used to "real" cup sizes now, i dunno, but i think you do not look like a B cup. and you look great! i know you're disappointed, but it should help you to put things in perspective. while it's true that i've seen ~300ccs look bigger, i've also seen (and lived) 500cc look smaller or about the same size as you! i had to switch to saline, in order to hope for overfilling past 800 since my body eats up implants so much that to get that 500cc look, i need about 1000cc. that's much more difficult than having to plan for a reasonable upgrade, like 400 or 500cc. i wish :( anyways, i hope time makes you love them more, because like i and others have said, they may still surprise you! you shouldn't consider your currents results final and make judgments about them yet.
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The silicone scar sheets for as long as you can stand to keep using them are your best defense against scars.
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Ok you look amazing. My measurements are similar to yours I have a tiny rib cage and larger hips for the tiny rib cage. I got mine done February 20th and I can tell you they do start to get really good at the six month mark. I am going to post some more photos tonight.
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I like your results! The boobs look proportioned to your body!! And your friends arent your friends talk about haters! You have a victoria secret kind of body.congrats on your recovery and new boobies! By the way you need to tell me what kind of work outs you do so I can get more fit!!!
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Hi lovely. ..and don't feel bad about your post. Like myself I know alot of women would be ecstatic with our results but breasts are a very personal thing. The feelings you are feeling are real as I have them myself I think its great that you're keeping busy and trying not to focus too much. From an honest point of view my boobs didn't get any bigger after 6 months in fact they probably got smaller lol! Ive tried damn hard to find a happy place but over a year and its just as bad if not worse for me and I beat myself up about it toi for choosing the size I did.. but I know had I had more advice I wouldn't be here today feeling sad and writing on this website as I'm still obsessed . I have made the decision to go bigger one day...and that is really comforting to me now I just have to decide if I'm coming to the States and be brave . May as well get what I want!!!! If I was you id get a couple of push ups and dress those girls up with a but of padding. It might help you feel better when you get out . I know it did for me. If you like that look and you're still feeling the same way at 12 months. ..just bite the bullet and make yourself happy!! We only get 1 life hugs shelly xoxo
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Shellysmall, thank you for keeping it real. Cannot like this comment enough!
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Thank you for your honesty girl! I will do what I can to play them up until I can afford a redo. To hear that they get even smaller is scary. If they get any smaller, they will shrink to their original size!!! Lol. Our doctors should have advised us better for sure. Good luck on your next surgery.:::hugs:::
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Thanks girl :)
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Oh yep...I'm sure that you will all know when I finally bite the bullet...and I'm hoping to get to Revis! I want the internal bra. ..I want it all...bring it on I say :) hugs Shelly xoxo
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Hi, I read your story and the only thing I can say is Patience. You have to give it time. They will look bigger once they have completely D&F. It can take up to a year before you get the final results. I know it's a very long time to wait, but try your best. Focus on what ever makes you happy and one day you will wake up be surprised. If after waiting a bit you still feel like going bigger, do as you feel. Good luck and happy healing!
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Thanks girl! Do they really grow after five months? I thought that mine were almost fully settled by now. I would love for them to at least fill out enough so I feel proportionate. I made the mistake of trying on sports bras today in front of a full length morror. Needless to say, I left the store feeling sad and discouraged. I hope that you're right about them still D & F more.
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I am part of another website for plastic surgery and most of the ladies there said the same thing. After surgery most of them went shopping for bras, few months later after D&F completely, they had to go back and get bigger cup sizes. Often it's because of the muscle being tight at first. I understand if you feel small I just don't believe in too many surgeries. Going under is not a joke. I felt almost the same way after my first BA, 12 years later I went bigger. Everybody is different. Your body, your decision. Just hopping you feel better.
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I had my BA in Sept 2013 and have been unhappy with my size as well. I went from a small A cup. to a moderate C cup. (275cc silicone MP). I have an exchange scheduled for 9/25/14, unless I change my mind. I feel bad about the boob greed and keep changing my mind. I haven't told many people this time bc no one seems to understand.
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Hi jchance75, I'm sorry to hear about your disappointment with size. Trust me, I know how it feels to go from being excited about finally getting surgery and then feeling discouraged by the results. I truly feel that there should be better resources for women regarding picking a size. the sizers that i tried on in the office look nothing like what i have now. Also, pics on the internet are very inconsistent and often emphasize the sizes I hope that you are able to get the look that you want. As for me, I don't know if I will have to wait some time before considering a redo. Also, my husband wasn't fond of me doing it in the first place. I don't think he will be happy with me spending more money on them. :-/
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