Chin Lipo - After Three Weeks, Starting to See Results

I am a fit 33 year old woman and I have always had...

I am a fit 33 year old woman and I have always had a double chin. It just runs in my family.

I had chin lipo done about three weeks ago. I had significant swelling and bruising around my neck. It looked as if someone had strangled me. I also had two large lumps and a rope like indention around my neck. I was really worried about what I had done, but my doctor assured me that it would all go down.

My bruising went away at about a week and half and the swelling is getting better everyday. I still have hard lumps under my chin and on my neck, but I have been massaging them and they are getting better.

I'm starting to see the results now. It was hard at first because I wasn't presentable to get out of the house and I had to wear the compression garment 24/7 for over a week, although I kept it on longer and still sleep in it. I'm excited that everyday I can see a difference and am really glad that I did it, so I can stop being self-conscious about my double chin and focus on more important things!

Hmm do you think it is from the pressure from the bandage? A lot of the time gravity will make it so that your face seems to sag a bit. I also had little pouches on my face for a while but as the swelling goes down even further it disappears.
I hope this reassures you!
Yakumo, i've started to see two band like things on my neck just where my neck begins from the top...they feel hard and look weird..did u have that, what is it and most of all will it go away???
Yakumo...that's the power of the internet, you get to connect with people from all around th world:) I'll keep u posted on my recovery process.
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