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I am writing in this particular site because after...

I am writing in this particular site because after spending an hour or so in here I am shocked at how misleading the info is in regards to sculptra. The truth is that granulomas form - often times they can be seen. The granulomas are permanent and extremely disfiguring.

This material sculptra is a foreign body and your system will attack it as long as it remains in you. This is an implant, its not like other fillers. While the benefits only last 2 years the granulomas are forever unless you excise them. This is not easy to do without causing more damage. My hope is that this info will help you to make a more informed decision - go with a filler that if lumps form they can be removed in a less damaging manner.

Please understand that not all complications can be fixed with more plastic surgery. My life has forever been changed. My photo's are now used at many training conferences- there is no help for me, I hide away and have no life. Its been 4 years since I had the implant and I have tried several methods to remove them and they have not changed one bit, and in fact I am more disfigured. Please research this.

Has anybody suffering from side affects experienced facial atrophy ( facial wasting) ? I first had the painful nodules I now have facial wasting and sunken eyes on the side where the lumps first occurred? This is 4-5 years after injections.
I have not had facial wasting except in the areas that kenalog was given. I still have a good size lump under my right eye though and it has been over 6 years I think. It is interesting that you have this problem on the side where the lumps were. Hope others chime in and help you . Wishing you the best ! Kooie
Initially Sculptra received FDA approval for treatment of HIV associated fat loss in the face. This was a critical indication in that this condition had essentially become the Scarlet Letter of the 90’s and was in need of a method of cosmetic management. It has now been ap- proved for individuals without HIV who are seeking cosmetic enhancement. Daily calls and emails to my of- fice are received from men and women who have had severe problematic reactions to Sculptra even by the masters you mention. Nasiolabial Folds DP is a 45 y.o. female who 11 months prior to being seen had undergone a series of three monthly injections of Sculptra to the cheeks, nasolabial folds, and periorbital areas. By the third visit she developed severe swelling in the periorbital area and refused further treatment. She had seen multiple physicians for this swelling and dis- coloration and received intralesional steroid injections which provided little improvement [9-11]. Most recently she saw a physician who suggested ex- cision. When seen she had 3 - 4 nodules (>10 mm) in the inferior periorbital area and 2 on her right nasolabial fold (Figure 1) It was decided to use intralesional injectable 5 fu (5 parts) mixed with one part Kenalog 10 mg/cc with an excellent response. However, in long standing cases it may not work. Please stay away from this!
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Not informed enough with product as well as technique.

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