Upper Eye Lid Surgery and Possible Resection of the Corrugator Muscle Ie to Alleviate 11's Frown Lines!!! - Birmingham, UK

It has taken me about 2 years to pluck up courage...

It has taken me about 2 years to pluck up courage to have my hooded eyelids reduced, and I have done some considerable research into which surgeon should carry out the procedure!
I finally chose Mr. Sultan Hassan, and have already had a consultation with him at The Dermaskin Clinic, Cardiff. He was absolutely fabulous and very down to earth.
I now have a date for my surgery and it is Monday 19th May 2014............just 6 more sleeps!!!!!
Petrified..... Yep, but also excited, as I have been very conscious of my 'tired look' for a number of years! Since my consultation with Mr Hassan, I have read online that there is a procedure which can be carried out the same time as the eyelid surgery to inhibit the frown lines between the eyebrows ie 11's!! This is where the corrugator muscle, which is one of the muscles that you use when frowning, is cut through, and so inhibits the ability to frown!!! Similar to Botox but a more permanent solution!
I am still considering the corrugator resection, and would love to hear from anyone that may have had this surgery whilst undergoing upper eyelid surgery!
Fantastic! Can't wait to see and hear about your results! Good luck!
Thank you. Will keep you updated!
Let us know if you decide on getting the corrugator reduction.  Very exciting that your surgery is coming up so soon- are you taking arnica and bromelain or anything like that to prepare?

With only three days to my upper eyelid surgery.........

With only three days left to go until I have my upper eyelid surgery, I have now decided to have my lower lids done at the same time!!
A crazy and maybe impulsive decision to make at this late stage, but I feel that an upper blepheraplasty alone would not relieve me of my 'tired' look!!
As I do not have a lot of fat below my eyes, I am unable to undergo the procedure that I was hoping for..... ie performed inside of the lower lid, hence no scarring!
Instead, there will be an incision just below the lower eyelashes which will result in a small scar, which hopefully will be unnoticeable when I'm able to apply mascara!!!!!!
Scary, but I thought well if I'm going to do it then just as well have both done the same time and get it over with!!!
You will do great!

Surgery Postponed until mid June......

I have now decided to have both upper and lower eyelid surgery instead of just upper as originally planned!
This means that my original surgery date ie Monday 19th May has now been postponed, and I am waiting to arrange a date for mid June due to the fact that I will be having intravenous sedation instead of local!!
Disappointed but I quite understand!
lola22, Hi can I ask what made you decide on Sultan Hassan. I'm only asking as I'm in same situation, have been contemplating blepharoplasty for ages, I've been for one consultation in Birmingham but pulled out a couple of weeks before surgery as I got really scared about scarring risks:(
Hi Lola, The main reason for choosing Sultan Hussan is that I have not seen any negative reviews regarding his work, on the contrary, if you read any reviews from patients, they all state how impressed they are with the outcome of their surgery, and the brilliance of Mr. Hussan as a cosmetic surgeon. I remember seeing him on TV a couple of years ago carrying out surgery on a patient that had lost an enormous amount of weight. The surgical procedures included breast reduction, tummy tuck, and surgery to remove loose and sagging skin. The results were amazing, and he always stuck in my mind as a brilliant cosmetic surgeon. It has taken me two years to pluck up courage to undergo eyelid surgery, and when I suddenly decided to go ahead, I had no hesitation but to contact Sultan via Elite Surgical! I had an initial consultation with him at Dermaskin Cardiff a few weeks ago, when we discussed upper eyelid surgery, and having decided just a week ago that I was considering lower eyelid surgery also, I was offered a second consult free of charge with Sultan at the Cardiff clinic where he discussed and explained the procedure to me simply and sympathetically! I have now decided to go ahead with both upper and lower blepheraplasty, and I think the date for surgery is the 16th June!!!! Did you have a consultation with Sultan yourself?

Revised date for surgery and revision of procedures.....,,,,

Revised date for surgery Monday 16th June with Mr. Sultan Hassan at the Westbourne Centre Birmingham! I've decided to have both upper and lower blepheraplasty as well as glabellaplasty!
Will post some before and after pics when my surgery has been carried out!
Excited but very nervous!!!!!!!
Sunday 15th June ........ Countdown to day of surgery, with only 16 hrs to go!!!
Hi las veas1, very best wishes and good luck today, please let me know how it goes.

24 hrs post surgery.............!!!

It's 24 hrs since my surgery!!! I decided last week not to go ahead with the lower eyelid surgery, as I did not want a scar visible under my eyelid, and there were far too many things that could have gone wrong!
Instead, I opted for an upper Blepheraplasty, a Glabellaplasty ( to alleviate the frown lines between my eyebrows, a fat transfer for facial rejuvenation, and finally Dermaroller!!!!!
I opted for Tiva sedation (twilight), and I have to say that I was so glad that I did! I would recommend this to anyone undergoing any Cosmetic Procedure similar to mine. Although you are partly aware of things going on in the background at the beginning of surgery, you are not aware of anything then until the end and you feel so relaxed!! Much better than a 'General' where you are completely "under" and have to stay in hospital overnight, and much more less stressful I would imagine than a 'local'!!
I think I was in theatre for about three hours although it only felt like 30 mins lol!!!
Mr. Hassan was amazing! He explained everything to me as to what he was going to do, and marked my face and tummy before taking me theatre. I also got to meet the anaesthetist who was also very very nice, and held my hand the whole time that I was down in theatre! I wish I knew his name!
After surgery, I was taken to the recovery room where a cool eye mask was gently put over my eyes for about an hour! Mr Hassan then came in to see me and was very happy with the outcome of the surgery!
He's such a lovely guy, a true gent and ever the professional! He's got a wicked sense of humour too, and when he went back to the waiting room to see my husband, who was in a worse state than me by the way!!!!!!!.............. he said to him " all went well and I've given her the biggest boobs you can get"!!!! Lol!!
I must say that although I was given painkillers to take with me, I haven't needed to take them as I am not in pain!!
My face however is pretty shocking, which is understandable considering what I have been through!! I look as if I've been in the ring with Mike Tyson!!
The swelling and bruising is much worse today and my eyes are barely visible!
Where fat has been transferred from my tummy to my cheeks and naso-labial lines, these areas are very swollen and bruised but no pain at all! Just a little tender around the area on my tummy where the cannula was inserted to withdraw the fat!
I've got loads of before and after photos which I will upload when I'm feeling up to it, and I'll continue to take photos daily as a reminder of my healing process!
As a complete novice to anything cosmetic as well as to any form of anaesthetic, I wouldn't hesitate to undergo another procedure if required as long as it is carried out by Mr. Sultan Hassan, and by using Tiva Sedation!!!!

It will be a week tomorrow since my surgery! .........

It will be a week tomorrow since my surgery and I feel more or less back to normal!
I had my stitches taken out yesterday from my upper eyelids i.e. 5 days post op, and I am extremely pleased with the result! Both eyes are even and for the first time that I can remember, I haven't got rolls of skin above my eyes!!
The swelling on my face from the fat transfer has almost diminished now after just 6 days which is amazing, as has the bruising!
Just got a tiny bit of bruising under the eyelids!
The overall feeling is one of "tightness" which is strange but understandable, as I have volume in my face now where I did not before! My upper lids also feel tight but this will become less so in a couple of weeks!
The only slight difficulty I have is that I am unable to smile broadly at the moment due to the volume around the naso-labial area and around the mouth, but I know that this will soften over the next few weeks!!
Overall, I am absolutely thrilled with my surgery and there is only one thing that I can say about Mr Sultan Hassan..............he is a GENIUS!!!!!!
Anybody even CONSIDERING surgery with him, ....don't even think about it......... there is NO BETTER SURGEON in the UK!!!!
Go for it!!!
Hi there, do you have any before and after pics? x
London Plastic Surgeon

Such a lovely, down to earth, regular guy.......... Not at all scary!! Lol!! Yet!!!

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