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Hello All, My Tt with lipo is scheduled for Dec...

Hello All, My Tt with lipo is scheduled for Dec 7th . I am so happy. I hate my tummy. I was a teen aged mom so at 15 my tummy was shot. I am so excited to see the result.I love this site. I feel like I am not going through this alone . Reading others stories helps me prepare for my surgery. My pre op is scheduled for Nov.20th I have so many questions. I will post pictures soon.

As you think of questions, write them down so you can ask your surgeon. If you don't, there is a good chance you will forget what you wanted to ask. Good luck.
Dr. Sexton, thank you and yes I will
Hi lJanna Are you having a standard lower incision TT? I understand your excitement about finding this site. I'm having a fleur de lis TT and I couldn't find any information on it until I found this site and other women who have had it done. I'm scheduled to have my procedure on 12th Dec.

My pre op appt is tomorrow :) .Oh my goodness its...

My pre op appt is tomorrow :) .Oh my goodness its getting very real ! I have my questions ready.
happy healing and congrats!
So its day one after po I must say I am not in to much pain just uncomfortable. I am surprised I haven't slept much. Its like I am wired . But I am happy with the results so far. I am a little concerned because my Bb is bleeding . I will post pictures soon.
Good to hear you are doing great! Just relax and happy healing!

Its day two po and I slept better last night. My...

Its day two po and I slept better last night. My back hurts a lot. I took off my binder to lossen it up because it feels so tight and to my surprise its my tummy that is actually tight . My mom and daughter are taking care of me. The night of my surgery my ps called my mom to check on me and yesterday my nurse called and left her personal number in case I had any concerns which was great. I can't really see my tummy yet but what I can see I like. I go back to the dr on Tuesday for my first check up.
Its day three and I am feeling better still sore . For some reason I have gas enough though I haven't eaten much. I am able to stand up a little bit more today
Yeah the gas is from the surgery. Glad you are feeling better!!
Sounds like you are progressing well, take care xx

Yesterday was my first appointment since my...

Yesterday was my first appointment since my surgery .My ps said I was doing well and that I should have my drains out my Friday yay. Today is a better day I was hurting and wanted to cry yesterday I took three pain pills .My nurse told me to take Advil it helps with swelling .She said by Friday I would feel better. I am able to stand almost straight while on meds .I still have not went number two after taking two doses of MoM and the other stuff. Can't wait for this period to be over.

My second post op appt was today. I thought they...

My second post op appt was today. I thought they would take out my drains but they didn't . I got emotional I ready for them to go they feel weird to me. My nurse said next week and if they took them out to early they would have to stick me with a needle to draw it out. And my day didn't get better after hearing about the school massacre . Jesus I am lost for words.
I went to PS today to remove my last drain. I know how you feel...he wouldn't take mine out either. Still too swollen and fluid. Would rather keep it in than the fluid being drained by a needle. Heard that hurts. Leaving the office and found out about the school shooting....then started crying...very emotional. This too shall pass, I go back Monday, hopefully, the last one will be removed. I would rather be safe than sorry. I know...they are a nuissance! You do look great!!! That is the good news!!! Keep the faith!
Sounds like we had the same kind day Boo Tx. Yes your right this too shall pass. Thanks can't wait to feel great :)
Man I hope my drains aren't in that long. My ps says no shower till they're out

Hello its day nine after surgery I am feeling...

Hello its day nine after surgery I am feeling better . I haven't had to take a pain pill only advil . I am walking better not totally straight but almost . My tummy is going down but it still feels hot and weird. I am happy to see the results so far .
Wow...your results are outstanding so far and it only gets better!!

Day 11 post op and I went to the Dr and thought I...

Day 11 post op and I went to the Dr and thought I was going to get my drains out but he only took one out. He said Friday for the other he rather be safe then sorry. I am feeling much better I only took a pain pill because I thought it would hurt when the nurse pulled the drain but it wasn't as bad I thought .But then again it could of been the pain pill lol. I will post a picture later
Thank you :)
Wow your looking great!
Cali you are going to look like a different woman. You look so fit and now that your mum tum is gone everyone is going to the real you. Its funny your name is Cali 101 because here in California the main freeway is 101. Did you know that?

Back to work today at 18 days post op. Feeling...

Back to work today at 18 days post op. Feeling pretty good although I do wish I had a few more weeks off. I am not standing straight up yet. Wishes I was very rich right about now lol. I will say each day gets better. I hate that my lady part is very swollen but was told that will fade after time.

I started back to work Monday it wasn't bad just...

I started back to work Monday it wasn't bad just seem like a long day . I had a Dr appt yesterday and even though I had two drains for fourteen days, I still had to have fluid removed via needle . It felt weird glad my tummy is still numb. I will be able to sleep on my tummy next Friday yay.Sleeping is the worst right now.

Post op day 23 and I am feeling better each day. I...

Post op day 23 and I am feeling better each day. I will be glad when I can stand up straight all the way . right now I am still at about 95%. I uploaded new pictures. I am pretty much happy with my results just wish I could be more of my flanks definition. Cant wait so see the end results
Looking really great!!! Have you started doing any exercise?
Thank you no not yet I have three more week per my PS .I will be four weeks post op this coming Friday. I do have the an exercise bike and ready to use it. But I have seen on this site that doing exercise makes you swell?
Yes overseen that too- one lady has started doing light weights and she says this helps her tone without the swelling so I will look at starting to do this after the 6 week mark. I have a treadmill but o ly walking at a moderate pace for short periods - so far so good.

Post op day 27 had an appt today more fluid...

Post op day 27 had an appt today more fluid drained but not as much as last week. Hopefully that will be the last. I have been cleared to sleep on my tummy yay! I cant wait to see how that goes :).
U look is your recovery?

Hello its been a while since I late updated. All...

Hello its been a while since I late updated. All in all all is well . I had an appt this past Thur. had to get fluid drained again, I hate that. He said this time was the last. I had been seeing him every week but now he said I can come back in two weeks. I am standing up straight although by the end of the day I am a little hunched. My tummy is still swollen just ready to be all the way back to normal. But I would do it all over again in a heartbeat :). I add new pic
Hi Cali....great results, ur looking good!
Your scar looks amazing, are you using tape or silicone? We had our ops on the same day, but your swelling is much better than mine and although i also have a seroma, mine has only been drained once so i am still looking rather large...
Love your scar! It is a beauty. Also you look awesome.

I am 7 weeks post op today and I have to say I am...

I am 7 weeks post op today and I have to say I am feeling quite normal. Its unbelievable lol. I had a Dr appt yesterday he drained a little fluid and then told me I am clear to resume my normal activities and that he would see me at my six month mark :). My nurse also gave me the silicone tape and I have to use it for six weeks .
I am using the same ps as you, so I'm glad to see your results. You look fantastic! I hope he can make me look as good. Did he give you the cg or did you have to buy it? Anything they didn't supply that you needed? I like to be prepared lol
Hello, I am glad to help . I wish I could have talked to someone that had the same doctor as me before my surgery. They give you your binder you will have to buy your compression garment the brand they use is at target, I forget the name but they will give you a handout when its time. At your six week appt, you will get silicone tape put on you that will cost you $26.00, they didn't tell me before my appt. glad I had the money lol. He is a great Dr and I love the staff everyone was real nice.
Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! How are you feeling? Are you still swollen? Did you have lipo? Where did he do it? I'm trying to understand flanks some ps say hips some say back I have no idea where it is lol.

Hello everyone I know its been a while since I...

Hello everyone I know its been a while since I last updated but I will be 12 weeks tomorrow yay ! I wish at this point I could say everything is back to normal but its not. I am still swollen everyday ...more at night or with any activity for me.. SMH.. I went to the store with my daughter and she made me ride on one of those electric carts.. I felt silly but I needed it. I still have problems sleeping sometimes just still trying to find the right position without feeling any pulling feeling on my tummy. All in all I love my new tummy just ready to be back to normal.
Well despite everything your pics look great! Im right there with you though, 12 wks today and ready for this recovery BS to be over. I posted new pics today that captured my swelling perfectly. I hate it!
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