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The Most Important Factor....a Qualified Doctor

I had horrible results from smart lipo which have...

I had horrible results from smart lipo which have caused me to incur an additional $20,000 to fix (reconstructive surgery). Buyer beware. While I am sure many people have excellent results, the key to good results is the physician performing the procedure, the laser itself. My original procedures was perform on my flanks/back and upper arms.

He (the original doctor that performed the procedure) literally took a chunk out of my arm, leaving an enormous scar. It turns out he had very little training in this procedure and purchased the laser from the manufacturer without prior experience. It has taken almost one year and over $20,000 to correct and I am not done yet.

My advise is if you are considering going forward with this procedure, see actual patients he has performed the surgery on and most of all talk to some of those patients.


Hi CLNfemale, I was just wondering at what point during post surgery did you notice your arm starting to take shape? I just had smart lipo done about a week ago....
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I would love to list the name of the doctor who did this procedure. However, at the present time I am pursuing legal action and as such can not divulge that information. I will tell you that there are very few "certified plastic surgeons" in San Diego performing this type of lipo. So if you want to avoid the results I got go to a "Certified Plastic Surgeon" and more importantly CHECK their credentials. I was lead to believe that the doctor performing my procedure was a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and it turns out he was not. I have also come to learn that it is not the laser itself, but the doctor using the laser that produces your end result. All the best.
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Hi everbody, CLNfemale has chosen not to list her provider. The editor's note referred to ndmoreno, who does list her doctor in her review. Apologies for the confusion.
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Name not provided

I was falsely lead to believe this physician had experience performing this procedure on other patients, when in fact he had very little experience at all. It turns out he was simply an internal medicine physician and not a board certified plastic surgeon as I originally thought.

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