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Did not like implants...too big for frame and just...

Did not like implants...too big for frame and just wanted to be natural again :) Was sick all the time, and I'm very althetic so they didn't work for me too well.

After a woman has been explanted (unders), how long does it take for the muscle to reattach where it has been cut? Also, if the crease line incision scar tissue adheres to the muscle, what can be done to fix that?

Y didn't I read *this* review + comments before doing this implant to me. Sucks so badly
It's been a week and a half now, and although the bandages are still on, and the stitches haven't fully dissolved, the bruising is gone and I can tell that they look exactly like they did when I was 20! I'm happy about that. Definately perky and a bit rounder (probably since I gained 25 pounds since I was 20)

It doesn't hurt anymore, but itches a lot. The most uncomfortable thing is the support bra I have to wear. I'll have to post more in a few weeks.
I Have an appt. next week with an explant specialist in Houston...and I'm glad to hear from smeone who DID have a lift after explant...I went from a 34C to a 34E ( I think of myself as DD as cannot wrap my head around the number E)and I know the amount of natural breast tissue will need to be addressed..honestly think I would have a difficult time accepting the really droopy and lax skin were I to forgo a lift; after all, the point in removing the implants is to feel great, not create another issue! Not to mention the health aspects...
I'll be interested in reading more during your progress!
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