So maybe a bit of background information; I'm...

So maybe a bit of background information;

I'm almost 22, I used to weigh close to 80kgs (176lbs) after being on contraceptive pill - Dianne 35ED for a year or so. I'd never been very well endowed growing up, and was what they call a 'late bloomer' when all of my closest friends were giving Dolly Parton a run for her money. Anyway, when I finally all of a sudden had 12-14DD boobs I was ecstatic to say the least!
During that year I had a partner that would constantly torment me about my weight, telling me I was fat and literally 'grabbing' my fat while doing so. Safe to say (after almost another year) I left him, changed pills, and started 'stress eating', ie. not at all.

The was just falling off, but the first thing I noticed was that my boobs were shrinking back to their normal 10B-C, which is what I've been sitting at for a few years now. Naturally with my breasts stretching back so fast gravity's taken over and they look a little deflated and sit too far down on my chest.

For years now I've wanted breast augmentation and has only been just recently that I've decided to do something about it :)
I heard of Cosmetic Institute in Western Sydney, Australia and thought that for almost 6k, in what's supposed to be the best place to get them done around here it was the perfect time to do start looking into it.

My partner's an angel and he's offered to pay for the surgery - now don't get any ideas; he used to be very against the idea, he's had almost 3 years to get used to the idea, and he finally understands that if it's going to make me more confident in my body and is something I really want to do then he'll support me.

Ok, so I booked my consultation yesterday for Tuesday, which is literally 3 days away. I paid the $150 consultation fee and that secures an hour with my actual surgeon. Not too sure about size or incision location but I was thinking between 550-650cc and through the nipple (although I have seen lots of cases where the nipple scabs and falls off, and I'm worried about complicating future breast feeding too much), that'll be top of the list to ask on Tuesday.

I'm a little nervous to be honest, I'm one of those people that's never broken a bone, or given blood, or been in hospital for any reason. I do have a few tattoos and piercings so hopefully that helps me somewhat on the pain scale :|
Just a question in general - what's the concern with not smoking before/after surgery? I don't want to do anything if it'll be slowing down the healing process etc.

Nervous nervous nervous
Thank you for starting your journey on RealSelf. It sounds like you've given this surgery a lot of thought and you're ready to move forward. Here are some questions to discuss with your doctor during your consult. Also, regarding your question about smoking before and after surgery, this has to do with the healing process. Smoking constricts the blood flow. If the incisions do not get enough blood flow while healing, the skin can die, etc. Here is a link to our Doctor Q&A with additional information about the risks of smoking prior to surgery. Be sure to update us after your consult!
Thank you for the links. They're very helpful :)
How did your consult go? We'd love to have an update when you have time!

Almost a week after my consultation

I had my consultation on Tuesday with Dr Lee at The Cosmetic Institute, and might I just say - he was absolutely amazing! Seriously I was so nervous about going in with my partner to have another man fiddle around with my boobs, but Dr Lee was so friendly and funny and really put us both at ease. When he started joking about never having heard of a patient's partner complaining about helping with breast massages was the moment I knew I'd found the right surgeon to suit both of us :)

Anyway, sizes - the important part; Dr Lee had me put on this hideous, tight triangular, open front bra thingo which he proceeded to put tear drop shaped implants into which varied in sizes. The first were 360cc* which personally I thought were much too small, I mean if I'm getting this done I don't want to look back and wish I'd gone bigger. The second were the largest of the tear drop inserts which I think were around 390cc*, again these were too small in my opinion. Dr Lee then suggested I try an actual implant which was a rough surfaced, silicon, 'gummy bear' implant; this I liked much more than the last two and from memory it was about 420cc*. I cheekily asked if I could try the second to largest implant which was 480cc, which he hesitantly let me, explaining that he needs to make sure I have enough chest space for an implant of that size. Both my partner and I agreed that this size was almost spot on with my goal and to be frank Dr Lee really didn't want to go bigger.

After some more poking and prodding, measurements and jokes my partner pipes up and says "what about these ones, babe?" - he's got the largest of the implants in his hand (typical, lol). I put them into the bra and Dr Lee isn't looking too thrilled, again worrying about skin elasticity and chest space. Me, personally, I LOVED them! They were exactly what I was after.
These turned out to be 520cc* which would make me a full DD-E, cue uber excitement! The doctor checked available room again and said it would be a tight fit but they would definitely fit in. Had he been a surgeon I wasn't sure of, or had had complications with larger implants in the past I would've gone smaller. But Dr Lee has only had a teeny 1% of complications in his 10+ years of these same surgeries, and not even complications so severe that they resulted in the removal or replacement of an implant.

He's ordering in both the 480cc* and the 520cc* just in case for some reason I might change my mind on the day, but to be completely honest I don't see that happening :p

Right now it's just a matter of the bank approving our loan, so literally as soon as I hear back from them, hopefully with good news, I'll book in for my surgery (yes it's been booked for the 24th of next month, but I may have lost the date because I haven't paid the full amount yet - I don't mind waiting).

I'll try and post some photos of the boobs I'm hoping for.

*not 100% on the exact cc's but this is just an assumption based on my not-so-good memory :)

Wish pics ?

Your wish pic's are now my wish pics! Love 'em.
Haaha, happy to help :3 they're amazing boobs!
Just put one up. The consultation was great :)

Before Pictures

I've umm-d and arr-d about putting up a before photo, but I found a way to edit out jewelry, piercings, and tattoos, so without further a due here's my 'before' photo.
I think your before photos are beautiful! You do not look fat at all. I just have to say do what you want and what makes you happy. At 40 I had implants 600cc left 575cc on right. I was about 110 lbs with a very small frame. Now at 53 I have said good bye to the big girls sent them to boobie heaven. I had a full MM including lift full TT flank lipo! I LOVE my new smaller size and I had also had 4c section and appendectomy scars totally removed. I feel so much better, my husband was in mourning for awhile but he loves the new me. I enjoyed my big boobies for 13 years. So you go girl and do what makes you happy. Good luck on your journey, I am on my 17 day PO getting stronger everyday.
Good on you! I feel as if once I've had children I'll get them redone, make them more 'child friendly' lol. Oh love, I can't begin to imagine what sort of pain you'd be going through. So long as you're happy with your result and it has been worth it for you :))
lol, I was thinking the same thing.. #2 is perfect!! I'm a size 38DD right now.. but they're sagging. and I plan to loss about 50 lbs this year, will this cause my boobs to get smaller? I'm hoping so.. because I would like to avoid the lift

Thanks for nothing, bank

So the bank doesn't want to lend me the $6,000, which is a load of crap to be completely honest. I think it's because I've just changed jobs and don't have the 'security'.

Pssh, I'll tell them I'll change banks.. a little blackmail never hurt.

I want my damn boobies!

Side shot, prior to taking out piercings

I love the details of your consult. So glad to hear it went well and that you're going to get the look you ultimately want. Sorry to hear about the loan at the bank. Bummer. Hopefully something will work out soon!
It's looking promosing at the momemt. Hopefully not too much more of a wait :)

Do you want the good news or the good news?

My partner got accepted and signed for the loan today!! Which means I can pay the invoice Monday, which meeeans I keep my surgery date of the 24th of March! I'm so fricking excited! :D

Reading through all post op care pamphlets, working out what I'll need for my recovery area at home, and freaking out about the pain..
Any tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated?

Just thought I'd let you all know, someone needs to know how excited I am.
Absolutely. Same thing happened to me and a lot of other women I know. Only problem is they might sag more :(

Booked and paid for ?

3 weeks to go! Oh god I'm way too excited!!
I'll be watching boobie videos like crazy up until the date. I don't know what else to say. SO EXCITING!!
So you're day is coming!!!! I just did mine and let me tell you!!! It's not that bad =) I'm even trying to get my mom to do her boobs cause the recovery is not that bad. The worst part for me is the back pain and the arm pain. I'm 6 days in and feel 95% better. Good luck with everything! =)
Congratulations! I'm so nervous! But it's very refreshing hearing you're doing so well in less than a weeks time. That'll be me - telling Mum to get hers done too :p
So excited for you , I still have a bit of a wait for May But I look forward to following your journey Ok also heading to TCI But from melbourne


Honestly I think my work mates are more excited than I am! Not that I'm not excited, I've just gotten used to the idea and am patiently waiting.
Since my consultation I've lost almost 5kgs (not on purpose, I assure you) so my boobs are looking even smaller! If that's possible :p
My before and afters are going to look ridiculous!

Something I was wondering - how exactly do you estimate the post op size for things like work shirts? I'm certain I'll need to do some shirt shopping before Monday so that I'm not out and about until I need to go back to work..OR do I just attempt to squeeze into stretch material shirts I already own to eliminate the risk of buying clothes that might be too small/big?
Same goes for buying a sports bra once my surgical bra can be taken off. Do I do that now and estimate? Or wait and get fitted? So many questions! Lol

I guess I am pretty excited after all :)
Yay! your surgery is the day before mine! can't wait to see your results! I think your gunna look great! :)
Ooh how exciting! I bet you're over the moon :) I'll be sure to ppst lots of pics! You'd better too :p

'Before' photos (day before surgery)

Too many photos, I know, but these are the main tops I'm excited to wear once the girls have settled in (I know some of them are WAY too small to wear out, just doin' it for the lolz).
Good luck mate and fellow Aussie. I can't wait to see your results. You'll absolutely love them..... all the best.
Thank you so much! They look weitd at the moment but I can't wait until they settle :)
I wish you the best of luck in your surgery tomorrow! Mine is the day after yours!!!!! :), but tomorrow i get my pre-op since i live so far away and wasn't able to do it before. Im sooo super excited to see your results! :)

Officially post op ????

Well that wasn't so bad!

I arrived about 7am. Pre op (around 7.30) I was taken into a small room where I was asked to change into a hopsital gown, booties, and a hair net. I watched some television with a heated blanket for about 15 minutes until a nurse came in and got me to fill in some paper work and asked questions. Dr Lee came in not long after to take photos and draw up the 'floor plans' for the new girls.
Once I was on the surgery table I had already had a tube put un my hand and the anesthetic and gas put me out after maybe 3 minutes if that. It's probably 8am by now and I'm out like a light.
Next thing I remember I'm staring up at this beautiful sparrow print ceiling and there's a nurse offering me water.
She helps me dress into my onesie and sit up to go for a little walk. I was shaking like an epileptic from the anesthetic and was sooo cold!

Blah blah blah she put me in a chair and gave me a lolly pop and magazine and my partner was there within what felt like 10 minutes. We were out of there by 10am! That's got to be some sort of surgery record!!

The drive home was fine, going to the toilet was fine, everything was pretty fine :) but then I had an hour nap and woke up so stiff and groggy and just blahh. Pain medication soon fixed that and I feel good now :)
Ummm..the girls are so stiff! Lol and when I press under my colar bones theres a popping noise - it's so frickin weird :p

Overall I'm suprised I feel so good. A little stiff and tender in the general chest area, oh and my left nipple is super sensitive while my right one is completely numb..apart from that though I feel amazeballs! ????

10 thumbs up to Dr Lee and his surgical team. It's been an absolute dream so far!

I'll be sure to update when anything changes????

3kgs of silicon! Post op photos

I found that way funnier than I should've :p

Here are some photos. I'm suprised at how much my left breast seems to be settling already! The left is still very swollen on the side under my arm but the right is sitting considerably higher. I'm not even slightly worried because they take a few months to settle and 'fluff' properly.

So many yays! ????

These didn't post with the rest..

Look great so far mate, how's your pain going? Hope you are all good.

I really don't see what the big deal is

It was like when I went to get a skin dermal on my cheek bone - I was freaking out hard. I honeslty thought it'd be my most painful piercing to date.. but you know what? I never even felt the thing go in! It was hands down the LEAST painful piercing ever!

That's exactly like this surgery - I really don't see what all the fuss is about. I woke up maybe an hour ago and I feel fucking fantastic! (Sorry for the language, lol) 'Morning boob', what even is that? Honeslty the only discomfort I've felt so far today is trying to sit up because of how heavy they are, that's it, no pain, nada! I just had my 4 hourly pain killers and all they seem to be doing is putting me back to sleep!

I've been reaching for things, scratching my head and back with ease, walking around, playing with them, popping the 'air bubbles'. This is a walk in the park :D I seriously can't believe it.

My surgeon must be a fricking genius!

/sigh. I don't know what else to say! Seriously, if you're thinking about getting a boob job then DO IT! Maybe I'm some strange super-human that doesn't register pain properly but really, I'd rather get a boob job 100x over than have a dentist drill at my teeth (for example).

I'm so over the moon right now. What a breeze! ????
That's great you're feeling so well! How are you doing today? Congratulations!
Fantastic! Apart from a little stinging around my right nipple - an icepack helps that anyway. This is so much easier than I ever imagined :)
How are you doing? looks like they are going to turn out pretty amazing!!! happy healing!! :)

Boobies 3 days post op ?

Were your implants placed under the muscle or over? and did you end up with the 520cc like you wanted? So glad to hear you are healing up with minimal pain I hope to do the same! I had surgery a few years ago and didn't need pain med with that so I hope to be like you with my BA! Good luck to you!!
I had 520cc placed under the muscle. I'm already able to put pressure on them, eg sleeping on my side. It's wonderful! I hope you find the healing process just as easy :D good luck!

Help! Constant stinging sensation

Left boob is fine, she hasn't dropped as much as the right, but at least she's painless and has almost full nipple sensation. Right boob on the other hand has settled nicely but there's no nipple sensation and every now and again (until I take strong pain meds) there's this persistant stinging sensation under the skin, around the nipple and the right side of the breast. It started a little bit yesterday but ice plus Endone helped the pain almost straight away. I don't want to keep taking the Endone every time it hurts because it makes me super drowsy and I fall asleep almost straight away. I've just taken 2 Nurofen tablets which hopefully helps a little, but even with the icepack it's still stinging a LOT.
I've had a look online and it seems to be the nerves regenerating themselves - that makes complete sense as my nipple's still numb.. is there anything I can take to help this happen quicker, or to help the pain without putting me to sleep? I've heard some people are taking 'Nuerontin', but does it actually work, is it avaliable in Australia, and what are the side effects (good and bad)?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. The pain is making me sooky and irritable and I'm supppsed to be going back to work in a few days :(

Helpppp ?
How are your girls doing, you'd be almost a month post-op now, yeah? I have surgery at TCI with Dr Tang in just under 4 weeks! Super excited!
You are hilarious! I lol-ed like a 100 times. Thanks for sharing your story :)
Haaha! Happy to give you a giggle my love :p I have a habit of writing as I would speak. Glad you enjoyed it

10 weeks post op

Well almost 10 weeks (tomorrow it will be).
My boobies are magnificent! My whole attitude has changed from the confidence these bad boys have given me! I walk into a room and all eyes are on me! Oh goodness and they're great for extra tips at work too ;)
Seriously, if you want a boob job - DO IT! You will not regret it! All of my friends want to get theirs done now too.

A few issues now..
1. Still no feeling in my right nipple
2. Left breast still hasn't dropped
3. I wish I went 100cc's bigger, ATLEAST

But I love them, and everyone else loves the, and, yay :D
I'm booked in for the 23rd of next month with dr nyugen!! So excited!
They look great.. I'm booked in on 6th August and I can only hope mine turn out half as good as yours as I'm twice your age :)
Hi Mizjules I'm 47 and having surgery with Dr Lee 1st October. Hope your surgery has gone well and any advise would be appreciated
Dr Victor Lee - The Cosmetic Institute

I couldn't be happier! This man knows boobs, I wouldn't have preferred anyone else. Incredible job, fantastic prices, hardly any down time. Thank you so much. I've been recommending Dr Lee to everyone. A++++++

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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