32 Y/o, 5'2'', 52kgs, Vaser Flanks, Upper Lower Abd, Minimal on Lateral and Medial Thighs

Decided to VASER in India. Looked up reviews and...

Decided to VASER in India. Looked up reviews and it lead me to this practice in Mumbai. At this moment I would only like to review my experience with procedure and not with the physician or the facility which would follow in my updates.

I have not been able to get rid of the fat in my belly for quite some times, all the training session and strict diet has helped me stay at current weight and feel strong but my belly wont budge.

I did the procedure on 25th. My first concern was anesthesia! I am a physician myself and it was difficult to imagine being intubated..I realized it was completely irrational fear but it was still there. Me and my doctor decided that spinal would work, so I had the procedure under spinal, and felt no pain, I woke up couple of times in middle of procedure but did not feel the pain at all and the anesthesia doc sedated me couple of times and I remained under light sleep, responding to verbal commands.

I was told 1500 cc of fat has been aspirated from areas mentioned in title. I received IV antibiotics and nursing care, kept the drain for 60 hours or so. Actually, I remained fairly mobile after my procedure, with in 12 hours I was up holding the drain pacing the unit and requested to be discharged within 48 hours after the procedure. I stayed near by the facility though just in case needed.

Took pain killers, I was all bruised mainly around love handles and it was very painful turning sides or traveling on a bumpy road etc but couple of pain killers kept me moving..

I am wearing pressure garment religiously and must admit its hard due to hot Indian summer but I am determined :)

Its 6th post op day- still painful..

Results- at first l just felt little tight and did not appreciate much change, my doc kept on telling me eventually I will see change.. I trust him :)

I went back and looked at my pre op pics and I have def change, even my clothes fit better...

I expect more and I am waiting for bruising and tenderness to go away and will not loose heart until 6 weeks.

1 week post op pic coming soon..



Intubation freaks me out too- there is just something about it.  Definitely be patient with seeing results- you will be swollen and healing for a while.  Keep us posted on your healing, can't wait to see your pics!
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1 week post op

What you think? I think I see change..


Thanks! Posted 1 wk post op pics :)
Awesome!  Is the bruising starting to go away?  Looks like it might be breaking up a bit.

12 days post op pic

Feeling better...Changed?? not much


Hey, how are you doing now? Cant wait to see 3 weeks(?) pics. :)
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Your stomach went down. You are still very swollen. Apparently sleeping is the best cure. Vitamin C taken along with Iron is the best. Pineapple is a great anti inflammatory. Arnica taken by mouth and also applied on bruised area is great. I am having my procedure done on September the 10th 2014. I am so excited !!! Good .luck with your recovery. You already had a nice bod before the surgery. Please post all the pictures You can :) Thank you for posting
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Hi, Thanks for suggestions!! Good luck with procedure!! I am hoping the swelling with subside and I will achieve what I had planned for. Recovery is rough and hope it's worth it in the end :-)
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