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Today it´s 6 days ago, I have only pros to...

Today it´s 6 days ago, I have only pros to this experience! my picture is before and the day after operation. I did this because i could not get rid of the bump on my stomach.

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Everything from mailing 6month prior with questions to operation and aftercare was perfect.

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please let me know how the results are now? I really like how he took allot of fat out
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How can I get the contacts pls.?
  • Reply Good luck!
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Hey, love your results!! Scars or no scars!
And that's rediculously cheap, how did you get in touch with the clinic?
And do they speak English? I did email them almost a week ago and nothing
Weird. Is there anything you'd do differently?
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My skin scars quite easily too. That's why, it's best to think and search well before making a decision. Not many places will mention about scarring after a procedure - or just saying "very small scars will be visible". In fact, 1cm can be seen as scar for those who gets scars easy. Especially, when you don't know who is doing your treatment & how professional he/she is. My legs got burnt, but not those on my abs. Another surgeon said that Vaser shouldn't burn (?). Scars on my legs don't look as good as on my abs scars too.

I chose Thailand for my holiday, and I'm a Thai as well. I thought I did a good job on searching for a place to have my Vaser done. Many people who had their Vaser done at this clinic got great results. It's cheap; $1AUD = 31 THB. Say 1 area costs 50,000 THB in most clinics/hospitals. At the clinic I went, I paid 117,000 THB for 8 areas. I spent around $6,000 including 2 compression garments (you'll need 2 of them for change).

Scars on my abs are nearly invisible now. When I apply foundation on them - they're no scars to be seen. I got told that after a Vaser treatment, it'll take around 2-3 months for the best appearance result. During these times, you'll see the areas where you'd Vaser done getting firmer & slimmer. I still think just after a procedure you SHOULD SEE the different already. By saying that, it's because I could see sizes of my legs before & after very obvious, but not my abs. Now it's 2 months but my abs still look as the same size as immediate after the treatment.

The clinic called VR clinic. Their website has got only in Thai. It's about 2 years old clinic, and just opened the second branch this year in the southern suburb, Thailand and is planning to have another branch in Australia sometimes soon. Oh, my surgeon didn't put me into sleep before my procedures - just numbed. He did 4 areas at a time, and after a week or so for another areas.

Hope this helps. Once you have it done = there'll be scars.
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Thanks so much for this information. I am truly worried about scaring.
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I had mine done nearly 2 months now. I had upper & lower abs, outer & inner of upper legs at a cheap clinic in Thailand (if compared to other clinics & hospitals). I'm happy with my legs but not my abs.

Problems; I found hard lumps, especially on my inner legs. When I sit doing yoga, it's pulling the skin (from the scar where my surgeon cut to open) & it makes the skin appears uneven - like cellulite. The first month, I couldn't even stretch my legs as far as I used to. I was told to be wearing a compression garment, 24 hours for fully one month. My knees & butt got rough, skin turned dark on these areas from wearing the garment (The garment is very very tight/hard to pull up. Movements or kneeing, sitting make these areas hurt - so the skin turned dark & rough). Arnica cream is a good idea to prepare before getting Vaser done - for bruises. Some people even take arnica tablets before & after to get rid of bruises & swollen.
Another problem is scar. Silicone gel, scar care cream, vitamin E, etc will be needed after a procedure.

Prices in most places in Thailand. One area costs about 50,000 - 80,000 THB (Upper abs counts 1 area, lower abs counts 1 area = 2 areas on the abs. Upper legs; front leg 1, back leg 1, outer 1 & inner 1 = 4 areas for one upper leg/not including around knees).

Search well before you make a decision because when you have it done = scaring result (even though, the scar can be small).
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Thanks so much for your reply to my question, I am now concern about the scaring as I am a African American, and scaring is a big issue for us. Why did you choose that hospital and what was the name of the hosital?
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Please can you tell me the Doctor's name and the hospital you had the surgery.
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hi can u tell here/mail me @ xxx the clinic u went i love your results! how much is it in Thai baht?

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you look was the surgery itself?from laying there to your first procedure is next nervous
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I hope your operation went well!? I think i had the easiest possible, not to much pain after and now 2,5 weeks later I’m almost 100% recovered. Al my swelling and water is gone and i am totally flat, so happy!!:-) god luck to you!
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Hi there, thanks for sharing your experience with us. Did you travel to Thailand for the procedure or do you live in Thailand?

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I traveled there for holiday and the procedure,
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