I am on my 6th day post surgery Have done breast...

I am on my 6th day post surgery
Have done breast implants - 275 ml tear drop shape - and Vaser Hi Def on arms, knees, abdomen and love handles. The pics are from before

The good.
The clinic is neat, clean, has good reputation and professional atmosphere. The doctor is also the owner and has been performing plastic surgery for many years. Apparently he is the only one qualified to perform Vaser Hi Def in Thailand, he seems quite respectable and experienced. Celebrities such as Miss Universe (Thailand) and Miss Singapore are on his portfolio.
The staff goes above and beyond to try to accommodate your requests. The head nurse is a really lovely lady. Given I could not speak thai and very few thai people do speak English, the clinic sent fruits to my room on a few occasions because there was nothing really near by where I could easily get them.

The downside
Almost no one in the clinic speaks English. There is one Phillipino girl who does, she is in charge of foreign patients and is very dedicated but lacks experience and does not speak thai (therefore is not able to facilitate interaction with thai community, businesses, etc, She also has communication issues with the majority of the staff which also makes things harder. Her duty finishes at 5PM and you have to find a way to send your message across from this point until 8am of the following day.

On the 4th day, I could walk (little) and moved to the hotel beside the clinic, it was cheap but this was not the reason. The reason was I needed to change bandages everyday at the clinic, could hardly walk or move and there was nothing else nearby.
The location of the clinic is pretty unfortunate. Almost nothing available at walking distance and who's been to Bangkok knows how painful and unpredictable is the traffic. Given I was on my own, easy access to the clinic was a necessity.
This hotel belongs to the clinic, and some employees also live there. I was given towels to cover myself instead on blankets and the bed was so hard the I ended up sleeping in the sofa to be more comfortable. No sun light, table or microwave either.

The good
It has promising results (haven't seen them yet but hopefully)

The downside
No one quite explained me how harsh and painful the healing process is. I could not sleep, swollen and feeling pain everywhere, had to forget any pride since I was unable to shower or wash my hair or get changed, walk, even drink or pee by myself in the first 3 nights. I depended on the nurses for absolutely everything. I was most of the time just in bed, unable to move.
I am now on day 6 and need Xanax to sleep (never took tranquilizers before), and strong painkillers, so painful the healing process is.

I feel huge and my body is all swollen. I am so weak that can not walk 15 minutes without hettingeven more swollen and tired. Cant shower and haven't got energy to do normal daily tasks,, still spend most of the time in bed.

All pictures I have taken are before the surgery. Will try to take some tomorrow (1 week post op)

Please share your experiences with me!! I wonder is it is the same with everyone!!
Looks like your pictures didn't come through- can you try to post them again?  Here is a tutorial:

Thanks for providing so much detail about the hospital/clinic experience and the staff experience.  This is really helpful to anyone considering traveling abroad to this doctor and it is so hard to find good info about the clinics and aftercare.  

I look forward to hearing more about your healing process and to see your results, keep us posted with review updates!

Before Photos

Those pics were taken after the consultation, one day before surgery (22/08/2014)

Surgery Day (before surgery)

My body marked down for surgery

Breast Implant - 275ml Tear drop shape
Vaser Hi Def - abdomen, love handles, back, arms, knees

Progress - Day 6

Breasts still very painful. I cried out of pain when changing bandages today.
A bit less swollen but still a lot.
I have asked for new pictures and will post the soon :)
Was allowed to have shower for the first time but needed help to do so since I can not reach any area besides my belly and genitals.

Can not wear the garment yet due to swollen but was allowed to wear a sport bra to support my breasts and hopefully reduce the pain.

Doctor is away and will be back in a few days. I was given lot's of Medicines to take. here is the list
Celebrex - 2 x day
Amoxilin - 4 x day
FBC - 3x day
Vitamin C - 3 x day
Vitamin B1 / 6 / 12 - 3x day
Folie - 1x day
Damzem - 4 x day
Xanax - 1 x day
Paracetamol - every 4 to 6 hours

Doctor will be back on the day before my flight back to Australia. I will then have the stiches removed and hopefully will be allowed to wear garment as opposed to the bulky bandages.

I haven't seen the results yet.. feel huge though lol

Nurses say it is normal and everything will be ok
Hi Hun! Just posted the pics and some updates! Thanks for letting me know

Post Surgery Photos (Day 6)

As you can see, breasts are larger but still pointing down, arms are not looking any smaller, body still swollen
Nurses say it will be ok soon
Awesome!  You will be pretty swollen for a while, don't freak out about that.  

900cc of fat removed

Was looking at the documentation today and found that 900cc of fat was removed from my body..
not sure what that mean in terms of weight but given the number of areas, I just found it soo little!!
Any thoughts??
Thank you for posting :) You look very good already. To my knowledge it takes some time before you can see the final results. You already look great. BTW you didn't have a lot of fat to get removed to begin with. The breast look better but they can be improved. Good luck and great healing !
Thanks Isabel! Yes there was not a lot of fat to be removed. The doctor told me that people with little fat are the ideal candidates for hi Def Let's see!! Beasts starting to look better, still very painful. Body not as swollen but still is Will post pics soon!

3 weeks post op

Hi Guys,
Does anyone else has to wear sticks inside agrment after viser Hi Def?? I was told to wear sticks inside abdomen and arms bandages, sooo annoying and uncomfortable!

Results starting on 3now.. quite visible on abdomen, don't see much on arms, breasts starting to settle but still big pain!!! arms still bruised and hard to touch.. lumps on belly and love handles
I am attaching pictures, not same quality because taken from my phone, but you get the idea
I think you look great all around!  What kind of sticks?
I will post the photo! I was asked to wear sticks inside the garment on abdomen and arms (Hi Def areas) I always thought Hi Def was done by the surgeon during surgery, therefore not sure if the stick are a must and how much difference does it make..

Garment and Sticks photo

I was asked to wear sticks inside the garments (see photo)
Anyone else had to wear sticks after Hi Def?
Is it really important?
They are quite annoying..
Hello, how are you doing now? I had vaser lipo on full abdomen back rolls and arms with Dr. Sansiri in Bankok he is very good and reasonable in price. My tummy looks funny all sorts of dents and swelling but I can see a difference. I'm on day 7 today. Got 4 liters in out in total (4000 cc). Did you experience anything weird with your abdomen around week 1 post op?
I was so swollen around 1 week post op. It is quite normal, I could see much better after 2 weeks.. around 3 weeks I think I still have lumps and still feel pain, specially when my cat wants to jump in my belly :( Do you have pics?

Photos Update, 1 month post Op

Looks good but Hi Def seems to be diminishing rather then getting more evident
Still pain on the breasts, belly, arms and knees
Feel some lumps still
Your results are beautiful. Thank you for posting.
Thanks hun :) I saw your pics too, you look hot!! But I see u got a lot of bruising. What kind of Lipo have you done? Have you done butt too? That's my dream but the Doctor did not want to do it. Please keep positing pics xxx
Dr Ronachai Komthong

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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