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I haven't been happy with the length of Labia...

I haven't been happy with the length of Labia Minora for about 5 years, I have guys comment on it and getting Brazilian waxes and wearing a bikini is always nerve wracking so I started to do research and the surgery seems like it is becoming more common so I thought why live with this and began to start saving.
But when I started to look for a surgeon in New Zealand and found it out it would cost between $4-5000 to have it done and maybe more if I wanted to have more anaesthesia than just local-which I did I am terrified of the thought of feeling anything.
I them heard from someone that in Thailand you can get it don't for a really affordable price and they have great surgeons over there as long as you do your research and find the right one just like in any country.
Anyway so six months later I was off to Bangkok with my mum (she needed lots of dental work done which is also very cheap over there) and we shopped and did some day trips within the first week we were there I also went for a consultation to make sure the clinic I was going was okay and I met the surgeon, his English was not the best which scared the shit out of me but he understood what I needed done and I felt like I was safe in his hands and the clinic inside was beautiful all clean and white with a french theme not what I expected to find on street in Bangkok.
So on the 13 of May I taxied to the clinic at about 10am I wasn't aloud to eat after midnight the night before because they said I was going under IV sedation and this is what I was nervous about I thought it was like general anaesthetic and I thought I would be awake I was freaking out!
When I arrived at the clinic the nurses were really sweet and caring they got me ready for surgery swiftly so I didn't have time to get nervous and they had me lie down with my feet up in stirrups and put the needle into my arm which didn't hurt much and then after a few seconds I felt warm and giggly and then completely fell asleep waking up to them saying all done ma'am and I think I said"really?! It can't be over it was so quick" they then help my put underpants on with a pad and let me rest on a bed for a couple of hours, I felt perfectly fine a little drowsy.
So the whole thing went great they gave me little bags labeled with what medication is what and when to take it and off I went, it was then up to me to rest for a couple of days and take my medication.

Before and afters labiaplasty

Day 8 Labiaplasty -healing so slow!

K it is now been 8 days since my surgery and I have a few worries now, I was ment to be going back to work tomorrow and I have to deal with people/clients all do and I mostly sit but also have to walk around quite abit too and this is BIG problem since I am still walking like a cowboy when I try to walk to normally it hurts and same with sitting for a long time:(
So I have had to call in sick(nobody knows I have had this surgery) I'm starting to freak I thought I would be back to normal by now but yesterday I had a good look and I think I have developed a yeast infection from the antibiotics Im not sure wether to stop taking the antibiotics or not as I'm nervous of getting an infection, I'm going to the chemist tomorrow to getting medication for the yeast infection but I think it is slowed down the healing and it is hard to keep clean, I went through a stage were I didn't want to look down there anymore because it scared me but I now realise I need to keep an eye on the area to make sure it is healing properly.
Anyway I would advise anyone that had labiaplasty done to take at least two weeks off, I read so many websites saying you may go back to work after 4-5 days but having to fly back to New Zealand from Bangkok on a 12 hour flight was shocking and people at the airport were giving me strange looks for walking like a weirdo.
Also do not do it with the anti biotic cream I was applying to the pads I was wearing and I think it has made my bum crack red and itchy because I stopped using it two days ago and my bums all better now.
Anyway sorry about the gross photo I am hoping the next one won't be so gross.
My Labia is still so swollen and the area down the bottom where the stitchs are sticking out is sore as that is what gets irritated when u sit down I accidentally was a bit rough cleaning around that area yesterday and made it bleed a little.
My hair growing back down there is creating issues too def get a Brazilian right before the surgery if possible.

Day 11

I am feeling a millions times better I barely feel any discomfort now and I can finally walk like a normal person again and sleep on my side, It was only a couple of days ago I felt like I was so far away from been able to go back to my normal life again and between day 9 and 11 everything just came right, I'm still swollen but it is definitely getting better I developed thrush a couple of days ago which I only realised I had when I thought u would check things out with a mirror and saw lots of white discharge but it's weird I've had absolutely no itching which kinda worrys me because everyone else's healing stories have had itching involved so I'm wondering if it's gonna start next week when I'm back at work eek.
There is still no signs of any of the stitchs coming out I've started having baths to help them dissolve a little.
I went to a doctor 2 days ago to get medication for the thrush and I ended telling her what I had done and she was nice enough to look and let me know that the healing was going well and that I'd the stitchs don't come out within a month she can remove them for me I also said my back was sore and I couldn't go to work so she was nice to give me a note to give to my work even though I think she knew I could go to work because of my surgery not my back.
I took pictures last night after I had a bath and noticed the left labia was all white but I couldn't tell of it was because I had just soaked in the bath or because of the white discharge from the yeast infection which I tried to clean but I'm still been very careful.
Does anyone know if the white area could be infection?
I'm very red as well where I was applying too much ain't biotic cream and it irritated my skin big time!

3 weeks and stitches still haven't dissolved?

This past week has been great I feel almost normal again I'm back at work I am a beautician and I have sitting and leaning most of the day and I am perfectly comfortable, I got my period 5 days ago and that was a bit of a disaster it was super heavy and because I could only wear pads and I couldn't clean it very well at work and I was so busy I thought I may get an infection from all the blood, but it's finished now and I don't have an infection or thrush anymore.
But my concern is the stitches, I haven't had ANY stitches come out and everyone elses stories that I've read have said the stitches have come out in the first two weeks!
And in the photo I've just put up you can see the stitches are causing bubbled bumps of skin between stitches and they almost look like they are disappearing into the skin like its growing over them has anyone else had this?
Dr Sompom

Dr Sompob was very gentle and caring his downfall was his English wasn't the best but you just had to speak slow and clearly and he listened carefully to what you had to say. His nurses were amazing to they made me feel really safe when they could see I was freaking out. I am happy with the look of my labiaplasty so far but I am only 6 days in so it's hard to tell.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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thanks soo much!im so worried about traveling to get it done and then it turning out to be a disaster . All the info would be awesome. prices ect.Im throwing it up whether to go and see dr sompop or dr vitansna in Thailand. omg where the very first needles they inject in the labia to numb them really sore since u were awake?i heard they are really painfull. and did u feel any pain at all whilst they cut em off ?haha .i am sooo scared about this. My anxiety levels are like pretty up there and im so scared im going to pass out due to the fact that ill be aware that they're going to come at me with a scapel and chop ma vagina off haha. did u bring any pictures in with u of what u wanted? or does he make many suggestions on what he thinks will suit eg trim/wedge ect? sounds scary the fact that the communication isn't the best. do u know if he preforms labiaplasty procedures quite often ?aaaand one more thing.Just wondering, after the op, were u in Thailand long enough for them to do a checkup on how anythings going? like what if u have any complications when u get back to nz ? ahh i have so many questions sorry .its just soo good to be able to talk to someone who can give me real info and help me make such a scary decision :)thankyou again
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omg thankyou soo much for posting this. i have been looking for someone good in nz to have the procedure but is soo expensive and they dont look very qualified lol. so how much would u reccomend me saving up to have this procedure? how much was flights there and back ? and the cost all up including procedure and accomodation? i might go to the same place. did the stitches come out ok in the end?
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Hey Steph94! All I can say is you will never regret having this done, I'll put a photo up on Sunday of how everything looks now that it has healed up perfectly, I can 100% say I am happy with my new vajayjay
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Hey Steph94! All I can say is you will never regret having this done, I'll put a photo up on Sunday off how everything looks now that it has healed up perfectly but def take 3 weeks off from work if it envolves hours of walking or sitting up straight, I'll message you about details of my trip and surgery because I found all the information on the internet from other people was super helpful for deciding things like wether to get the wedge technique or the trim technique there's a lot to think about but it will so be worth it I promise:)
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Hi steph94, feel free to check out our video section on Labiaplasty, lost of great information there. 

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OMG your 3 week post op picture looks like it hurt! Happy I saved the money and went to a quality US doctor for wedge surgery. :) Hoping you heal up tho.
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I'm actually not in any pain whatsoever I think I have just been overly careful as I have read so many stories about stitches coming out early and now I'm getting impatient with then dissolving, my surgeon did tell it would be 4 weeks before before they dissolved, how long did it take for your stitches to dissolve?
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I have maybe weird question, did u saw afterward what they removed? I would want to see:) what kind of sedation did u had ?
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If I did this operation I would ask doctor to show me what they cut, especially when it was part of me for so long
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If u worried about stitches u need to call to your doctor or u need to go here to doctor
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Why the hell would you do that ? It's like cutting the petals from a flower to have only the flower button !!!
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Because it was uncomfortable and embarrassing having large labia, no offence but it's comments like this that made my only feel like I could trust one person to tell about the surgery, which was my mum trust me I wouldn't have gone through all of this if it wasn't going to make massive positive difference to my life.
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sorry I didn't want to make you feel uncomfortable. your life, your body, your decision and I totally respect that. I think it's a really beautiful thing so I don't understand why it would make you feel bad, but hey it's just me and my tiny brain :-)
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Only people who have similar size will understand u, I understand u, and I also want to do this for many years but I am afraid I won't like the results, also healing is long, I was told 2 weeks but I think it's much longer:(
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Awesome, things look to be healing well! Happy for you!
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I never would have gone abroad to do my surgery but you look OK so far.
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how did your moms dental work go ... becuase if its cheap i am looking to have dental work from a good place.. :D
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Her dental work was great she needed alot of fillings and partial dentures and it cost her under $850 usd, I also had a few fillings a porcelain crown and retainers made and this was the only dental hospital that could do all of our things within a week as they have a dental lab and make all of the dentures crowns ect within the hospital. Also the hospital was beautiful and all the staff were lovely here is the website... **removed link***
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can you inbox me it :) RS removed the link.. or put spaces in the link
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could you send me a link as well. I really need dental work done.. and I'm thinking I could have what you had done if I save that much money.. thank you for sharing your experience
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Welcome, thank you for sharing your experience with Labiaplasty with us. Wonderful to hear that you are doing well. Please keep us posted on how you make out with your healing and results. Do you have any tips to share as for healing and pain refief?
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Where is this clinic and how much did it cost you in total to do it like this? Thanks
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Hi I went to SP clinic bangkok this is their website **link removed*** and I went to Dr Sompob he was really great I feel a thing but make sure you ask for IV sedation it cost me $864 USD. My flights were $1200 NZD from New Zealand so I saved a lot of money but I also got a nice holiday and all my dental work done for a quarter of the price I would have paid in New Zealand too
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My tips for pain relief are ice as much as you can and to help with sleeping on your back (which I really struggled with) putting a pillow under your knees seems to make it more comfortable and stops you from rolling onto your side in your sleep. My surgeon at first had me take antibiotics and anti swelling pills 4 times a day and another antibiotic called cufloxin I think to stop Utis twice a day and then strong painkillers ever two hours but this all had me throwing up and having diarrhoea on day 2 post op so no I take antibiotics 3 times a day and anti swelling pills and cufloxin twice a day and this seems to be working well.
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