Buttock Gluteal Implants! - Thailand, TH

Hey all! I have done alot of reseach and finally...

Hey all!

I have done alot of reseach and finally booked my butt implants :D

6th of December at 9am

Ill keep you posted :))))

I have 400cc breast implants and a tiny waist, trying now to complete my jessica rabbit look :)

I workout alot so i know ill will keep up my look, im definatly going to get above 480cc , by reading other reviews i have based my decision on a big high profile projection :))
Welcome!!! Woo hoo!! Your day is coming up. Where and who is your doctor? How much are you paying?



im going to thailand bangkok, yanhee hospital, i have been to bumrungrad hospital but my breast surgeon dose not do butt implants, i then found a surgeon at yanhee still in bangkok roughly paying 4k may cost extra if i get big ones :))))))

im soooooo excited :D

more before photos

Can you advise if this went well?
Hey! How'd it go? Hope all is well :-)
Hey , I was noticing your surgery was scheduled for Dec 6th and that you haven't posted anything lately . I know this can be a really intense surgery . I was just wondering if you had gone out of the country to do your surgery and if so were you ok ? It's just been 9 days now . Just wanted to make sure you were alive !!!! : )
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