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Hey all! I have done alot of reseach and finally...

Hey all!

I have done alot of reseach and finally booked my butt implants :D

6th of December at 9am

Ill keep you posted :))))

I have 400cc breast implants and a tiny waist, trying now to complete my jessica rabbit look :)

I workout alot so i know ill will keep up my look, im definatly going to get above 480cc , by reading other reviews i have based my decision on a big high profile projection :))



im going to thailand bangkok, yanhee hospital, i have been to bumrungrad hospital but my breast surgeon dose not do butt implants, i then found a surgeon at yanhee still in bangkok roughly paying 4k may cost extra if i get big ones :))))))

im soooooo excited :D

more before photos

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Can you advise if this went well?
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Hey! How'd it go? Hope all is well :-)
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Hey , I was noticing your surgery was scheduled for Dec 6th and that you haven't posted anything lately . I know this can be a really intense surgery . I was just wondering if you had gone out of the country to do your surgery and if so were you ok ? It's just been 9 days now . Just wanted to make sure you were alive !!!! : )
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How's it looking now?
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Are you still going to Dr. Salama or a doctor in Thialand? Cant wait to see your results!
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Are you doing the Silimed?
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The cohesive silicone gel implants from the brand silimed. It started an Brazil and is now the most popular as well as has the best warranty out of any other implant in the world. The FDA just approve it last year under there new American name, Sientra.
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Welcome!!! Woo hoo!! Your day is coming up. Where and who is your doctor? How much are you paying?
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Hey around 4k at yanhee , dr panyot
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Hi hun how did it go with dr panyot? Have u got photos and are they visible when bending over? Also did you also have fat transfer?
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