Vertical Breast Lift and Implants - Thailand, TH

I travelled from Sydney, Australia to Phuket,...

I travelled from Sydney, Australia to Phuket, Thailand to have breast surgery. I had a breast lift and augmentation at Bangkok Hospital Phuket with Dr Pongsatorn Sanguanchua (aka Dr Jib). I paid a total of 267,800 BHT (just under $10,000 AUD). This price included;
- transfers to and from the hospital
- 2 nights accommodation in a lovely clean room and breakfast/lunch/dinner
- pre testing (heart function test, chest x-ray, breast ultrasound, mammogram, exercise stress test, blood test)
- the surgery and implants
- medication (6 different types) and post surgery anti-bacterial wash

I was treated like a princess at the hospital and did not experience any pain what so ever. The only discomfort I felt was from the drains inserted just under my breasts when I moved my body in a way that caused them to move (usually when getting in and out of bed) other then that nothing. I guess this was due to the Morphine I was hooked upto post surgery and once I was unhooked all of the medication I was taking for the following 10 days. From some of the reviews I read beforehand I was expecting a lot worse.

I have absolutely no regrets and and very happy with the outcome!

It's now 3 weeks post op and I've had no issues. I've been using Vit E oil on my scars, wearing a supportive sports bra 24/7 and massaging for 10 mins 3x a day (I try to at least) to prevent capsular contracture.

I hope my experience and photos has helped you in one way or another. I will upload more photos as time goes on to show how my scars healing.
Hi iam 2 weeks Po I want ask u how did u used to massage ,and was it painful to massage thank u
Holy cow! Your two weeks photo is stunning! I've never seen such delicate sutras. I'm definitely going to Bangkok next go around. Wow!
You look amazing and very natural!!! Congrats:)

9 days post op

Photos taken after my check-up with Dr Jib. First time I saw the new ladies. I had my stitches removed and could start wearing a sports bra (no more bandages).

9 days post op

Photos taken after my check-up with Dr Jib. First time I saw the new ladies. I had my stitches removed and could start wearing a sports bra (no more bandages).

2 weeks post op

My scars are healing nicely. No sign of infection thank god. I have been eating very healthy and drinking plenty of water to help the healing process.

3 weeks post op

At this stage, I can sleep comfortably and don't experience the random tingling sensations anymore. Im used to the implants now and it feels as if they were always there.
aussiegal03, I can not believe how amazing they look! did dr jib at all say you had tuberous or asymmetric breast? I have slightly asymmetric breast and 100% I will not be getting an augmentation without a lift... did you go to thailand by yourself or with a partner/friend?
I had minor asymmetry, Dr Jib used one slightly larger implant in my smaller breast. I travelled alone under the impression I wouldn't be able to do much during recovery and didn't want to bring a friend and feel as if their holiday was limited because of me. Turns out the only thing I wasn't able to do was drink alcohol or swim. I recovered much quicker then expected, I was walking around eager to check out the markets as soon I left the hospital. My chest felt very solid and I was steering away from tight spaces paranoid that someone might bump into me but I had no pain. I tried to stay as cool as possible to avoid sweating as the Dr said it was important to keep the stitches dry.
wow your result is awesome!!!

4 weeks post op

My implants have noticeably dropped into a more natural shape and my scars are starting to appear a bit more reddish in colour. Im looking forward to the hitting the gym tonight for the first time since my op. At this point I can only do lower body excercises but it's a start. I have felt so sluggish lately and have gained a bit of weight since the op so I'm very keen to get back into it.
Aussiegal03, Did you have the implants placed behind or infront of the muscle? Thanks :) x
My implants were placed behind the muscle.
Aussiegal, did you go with high profile? Thanks

Interesting article about scar remedies

Good read -
Wow you look amazing. The doctor done a great job. May i ask what type of implant you got? And are they placed under or over the muscle? Also if you could update with some pictures, i would really love to see how you are doing. x
Hello, thank you :) I have Silicone Mentor implants. They are placed behind the muscle. Sorry for my delayed response - I have updated my review. Hope this helps you.
hi ur result is amazing...can i ask u is $9500 including the flight and accomdation or just for the surgery? thank u

19 weeks post op (4 months 1 week)

It's been a while since I've logged on and updated my review. So here are some recent pictures of my progress. Scars are still healing and reddish in colour. I find its more noticible after a hot shower (I took these pictures right after my shower). I'm back into the gym and don't feel any different - only when doing weights using my chest muscles. I stick with light weights only. Other then that, I can say the implants have settled in nicely and it's as if they were always there :)

19 weeks post op

Close up photos of my breast lift scars. They are looking better with time. Hopefully soon the redness will disappear and only a white line will be visible. From what I have read, it can take between 6-12 months for a scar to fully mature. All I can do is wait patiently :)
So comforting hearing your story. Thank you! Getting mine (implants) done in July with Dr Jib. I cannot wait! I have waited sooooo long for this! You look amazing!
Your results are amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your story, reading about your experience has really reassured me that choosing Dr Jib is the best choice. How are your results now? Have you noticed any sagging or changes so long after the surgery? My stats are almost the same as yours :) Thanks again xx
Im glad it helped. Right after my surgery my breasts sat very high but dropped to a more natural shape within a few weeks. I wouldnt say they have dropped any lower since. Scarring is improving over time. Im 10 months post op now and the scars are still slightly noticable but much better then they used to be.

1 year 1 month post op

1 year 1 month post op
A couple of close up pics and a short video of my scars 1 year post op. I've had cosmetic tattooing on the scars around my areola to make them look less visible. I paid $500 and initially had issues as the tone of the pigment was too dark and did not look natural. After 3x corrective sessions after my first appointment, this was the result. Would not recommended cosmetic tattooing to anyone less than 1 year post op. If you decide to do this, I would suggest a professional with a lot of experience especially with areola re-construction. Preview as much of their work as possible!
Incredible results!!
Dr Pongsatorn aka Dr Jib

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