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Well I have been lurking and reading a lot of...

Well I have been lurking and reading a lot of review's for months now but have held off writing my own until I was at least in the year of my procedure lol, for the last 13 years I have wanted to get breast surgery, I have always been very flat chested and have been very self conscious of my body which over time has led me to have very bad self image :( I am a mum of 4 who loves going to the gym and being active, I work hard daily to try and achieve the body that I will feel comfortable in lets just say it's a few steps forward and a lot of steps back lol (I love food) but I think once I get my boobies it will proportion my body better, I am currently a 10-12A in padded bra size and I plan on getting 400cc High profile round under the muscle implants, my scheduled surgery is for May the 12th OMG I can't believe I am actually going to get girls ....... IS IT MAY YET.

I will post some before photos at a later date.


Look at Dr Pitchet in Bangkok plastic surgery clinic. I had my surgery with him in aug and really wrapped with outcome
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I'm also looking at Thailand, how did you find your surgeon?
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You will love having boobies!!!! I am 8 weeks post & thrilled with my results!!!
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update with before photos of my itty bitty itties

Well I thought I would update you girls on how I look now :( I have never seen myself like this in this perspective and I have to tell you I hate what I see........ I cannot wait to feel like a women.


I hope you find a surgeon you like and congratulations on your decision. I'm a little over 3 weeks post myself and I have 2 kids. Do something for yourself if this is something you really want to do. Good luck and keep me posted.
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It's me! We do look similar up top, but I think I've got a lot more junk in the trunk. :) Has your surgeon suggested a size for you? What is your measurement around just under your bustline? I'm rather wide -- 35", so my PS said I could go as large as 700cc. Holy smokes! One thing I learned is that its not just the size of the implant, it's the diameter of the implant and 'filling the space' so you don't have too large of a gap at your sternum. As everyone says, take pics to your doc and educate yourself! Good luck!
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Hey L -- I am super excited for you to get your boobies! You will feel complete -- adding back the feminine physique to your body. Countdown - 3mths!
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less than a month to go now :)

Well it has been ages since my last update but the good news is my time of being very flat chested is coming closer to the end :) last night the girls and I had a pre surgery catch up for our group tour and I have to say they are all a great bunch of girls and we are going to have a blast on our 9 day trip to Thailand for our new additions, I am still obsessed with wish pic's and I might just have to take my external hard drive with me and just hand it over to the surgeon lol I am finding it hard to short list..... after seeing so many great results from you girls I am even considering asking if I can go a little bigger than 400cc but I guess I will just have to wait for my final consult. On the other hand I am having trouble with my thyroid at the moment and have gained around 5kgs in the last month or so, so I am back on medication and training hard to try and drop my gained weight before I leave for Thailand.

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Today is the day

Hi just a quick update. I have just a matter of hours now before I go into surgery, I am so excited and am loving everything about Thailand and this whole experience, I hope to update as soon as I can.


I am about to board my flight to Phuket! My Surgery is on Thursday. Who is your surgeon? Mine is Dr Veerawat :-D
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Hi I hope surgery went well and your recovering well, my surgeon was Dr Thanokom, I am 5 days post op and I am very pleased so far and loving my new assets.
Good luck with recovery! Curious, with your amount of breast tissue that you started with, what technique are you getting?
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Consultation and post op photos


how are you doing now? would love to see new pics..
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How has recovery been Loucee?
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Wow! You look great! What an awesome outcome! Where did you get them done?PIAC?
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Dr Thanakom

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