Undergoing Fat Transfer After Noogleberry in Thailand

Hi, all. I am on my way to Thailand for business...

Hi, all. I am on my way to Thailand for business and while there am going to have fat transfer to my breasts.

Aiy! I'm a little nervous...

I am in my 40s, 5'7", 125 pounds, and a 34B (32" at nipple line, 28" under breasts, 31.5" over breasts.) I've nursed two babies, had implants to fill out the deflation, and last year decided they weren't for me after experiencing autoimmune difficulties. I had the implants and capsules explanted and my breasts lifted. (My awesome doctor didn't even charge me for the explantation and the lift. He does amazing work.)

Now, I'd like to just be filled out enough again that stretch marks are not as visible, and to have a bit more fullness in the upper part of my breasts. My right breast is also somewhat smaller than the left.

I've read every peer-reviewed journal out there and feel good about my decision. We will see!

After reading much about volumetric analysis in journals, I found a great resource that helped me understand my current volume and make a decision about how much fat to request be grafted: "Brassiere Measurement," from Wikipedia. Based on this table (and my own measurements), I estimate that my current volume is about 310cc. I should be able to accept about 300cc with a 50% survival rate.

Because overfilling can lead to complete rejection of the graft, though, and because I only want to be a 32C (i.e., less than 100cc greater), I'm going to request about a 200cc graft and hope for a 50% survival. (Interesting how cup size is so relative. When doctors say you can increase xx cup size, or will be a "full C"-well, that depends on your current volume! A "full C" can mean anywhere between 240cc to over 1000cc! It's all relative to your frame. "C" doesn't mean anything standard. Oh well, I digress... I want to be a 32C, or about 400 cc total volume.)

I've been using the Noogleberry each day for 3 weeks, about 3 hours each day divided in several sessions. At first it took a long time for my breasts to expand. Now, I can get them to more than double their size in about 15 minutes. I do not have any residual swelling, though. Immediately after I stop pumping they go back to nearly their usual size. That does give me pause, because people who are using the Brava protocol have much different results.

Theoretically, I should be increasing vascularization, though, and increasing the "scaffold" for accepting the fat. My fingers are crossed!

Thailand has some of the best health care in the world, and is much more affordable. I recognize this is a bit of a gamble in terms of survival of the fat, but I feel great about the physician. I have about 20 more hours of travel and will undergo the procedure on Thursday. Time will tell if this is the right choice.

Cross your fingers for me!

Before Photos

Here is my photo from the morning before surgery. The rings are from the Noogleberry.
Hi. I hope you don't mind me asking but I am interested to know what autoimmunine problems you have, as I have had Sjogren's syndrome and wondered if it has a connection with silicone. I would like to research more about this so if anyone knows where I can get some help with this please respond. There has been a lot of media about the link between auto immune diseases and implants - where did you get your concerns from? How long after your implants did you have a problem? Were they cohesive silicone? What are your symptoms? I wish you all the best for your transfer and will be following your results as I am keen to do this myself. Good luck!
I have scleroderma. Antibodies in my blood for it, Raynauds, low DLCO on my breathing function test, and occasional stomach issues, which haven't been bothering me lately. Want implants out just to get rid of that as a factor. Would be thrilled if my antibodies went away. I have saline implants and have had them for 17 yrs. I started getting Raynauds about 8 years after implants. The rest has been slowly progressing.
Eva, I have Sjogren! And I had silicone. My symptoms have almost disappeared, except for the dry eye. My interstitial cystitis had me on the couch for 4 months, and now it is completely manageable by diet. Mine were liquid silicone, 280cc, and I started having problems 3 years after implantation. The symptoms that took me to the doctor were the pain associated with IC. Then I learned that Sjogren and IC were related. I also had a Mirena and within weeks ordered all foreign bodies out of my body! I also read an amazing, life changing book recently: Autoimmune: The Cause and the Cure. Go buy it today, read it, and follow the instructions. It will change your life! Do you have any IC symptoms?

I did it!

Well, I did it. And I am 5 hours post surgery and feel good. My breasts have zero pain, but the lipo is no joke! That stuff hurts! But they gave me some amazing pain pills I've never heard of. They took away the pain but did not impair me at all. They don't feel at all like a narcotic, which is great. I hate that loopy feeling and have a lot of work to do. I'm about to wander to the mall and get a foot massage. :-)

My breasts are much larger than I want them to be, which I guess is the idea. I just want them to be full enough to disguise the stretch marks. I sort of like the dancer/model look, so petite but full would be perfect. I do hope half of the fat survives. SO hopeful.

My dressings look different from what seems to happen in the US. I have this giant, diaper feeling rectangle wrapped around my waist, and elastic bandages from waist to knees. I go back every day for 4 days for them to change the dressing, give me shots of antibiotics, until the last day when they will change me to a compression garmet. I'm not supposed to shower for 3 days. Yikes!

Alright, off for that foot massage. More later!
Thank you for your reply and sorry to hear you have Sjogren's also. I have a mild form at present, so dry mouth/throat and the occasional dry eyes. I don't know if it will get worse but as I didn't have it before silicone, I am concerned there is a link. When did you have your implants removed? Have you seen any improvement yet? Thanks for the advice on the book, I shall look into that. Do keep in touch with how you feel about Sjogren's (do you find taking anything helps?) and fat transfer. I shall be following your progress. Good luck x
PS. I don't have IC but have gastrointestinal problems which i believe are also related to Sjogren's!
Just seen you've had your transfer today!!!!!! Congrats! Best of luck with retaining that fat. x

Morning after surgery

I feel just fine! Lipo areas are sore but manageable, Breasts aren't even tender. I posted from a different angle this time so you can see the projection better. I'm not sure why it wasn't showing up in the regular facing photos. Perhaps lighting and skin color. This is about 15 hours after surgery--no Noogleberry for 24 hours. Sadly, I'm completely in love with THIS size, which I know is not what I'll get. I was prepared for that to happen, though. If I'm dissatisfied in the end, he will do a second procedure, included, though.

Two days after surgery

Feeling great!
Glad to see you're doing well. Where are your fat injection sites - you look very unbruised?! I also can't see evidence of a previous breast lift, how was that done without a scar? Do you know if the Noogleberry system can be worn over implants to increase size for fat transfer? Was there a site you can recommend to research this more as you mentioned the fat failing totally if the breasts are overfilled. I'd like to find out more about this because I have such small breasts i might need to keep the implants in but create more space for the fat. I have seen it on Realself where a large amount of fat is transferred and seems to stay which surprises me as I was told you can't do too much at one go, so could do with some more opinions on this. Sorry for all the questions. All the best, and hope you are enjoying Thailand.
Hi, Eva. He injected the fat from one injection site beneath my breasts. He put the fat in many places in my breasts but actually made a small incision beneath the breasts and accessed it that way. I guess it leads to less bruising that way. The photos of his patients a year or more out look very good. But about a third go for a second transfer to increase size more. I don't think the Noogleberry over implants would work, but I don't know. I don't even know if it did anything for me. Time will tell if I retain more than the average 50% of the fat. I just hope I don't lost it all as it seems some do. I searched on a library site for peer-reviewed journal articles on this, but here are a couple of websites that explain some. You can search for these authors in a library search. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22261565 http://www.plasticsurgery.org/news/press-release-archives/2011-press-release-archives/new-technique-doubles-breast-size-using-patients-own-fat.html It seems that the key to being able to transfer a large volume of fat at one time is pre-expansion. Brava has been studies for this purpose, not Noogleberry, so that is a gamble on my part. Also, the domes do not fit me post fat transfer, so I may not see the same results. I don't have a way to order larger domes while in Thailand, but I will when I return home and will continue to Noogle for a few months. Why not? It might help and can't hurt. I think without pre-expansion, though, a large volume transfer may not work--you could lose all or almost all. I had a lift over a year ago, so my scars have finally faded. They are definitely there, just not terribly visible in the photographs. They have faded to white, and my skin is very white, so they blend. I have anchor scars, with the areolar ones being most visible. Honestly, I'm glad I explanted and lifted and fully healed before doing this. Clearly I wish I'd done this instead of implanting years ago, but I didn't know about the option. Best of luck in making your decisions!

Day three

Omg did you hear about the 24 year old British gal who died under anaesthesia with Dr Sompob?
Hi. Thanks for keeping in touch. How much did you pay in Thailand if you don't mind me asking? Are you from the US? Do you have pics of before implants, bikini perhaps, as i would like to compare to my size. Do you think your dry eyes have got any better after explanting? Thanks for sharing all your advise and so glad you are looking and feeling so good.
I paid $1900. Yes, all of my symptoms improved after explanting. I'll see if I can find a photo before implants. Of course, my before pictures on this site are without implants.

Day Four

Day Four

Hi, very good price and results! How much cc did they put in breasts? I am 5.5 115 lb and doctor couldn't remove much:(
Hi Out, how are you traveling? Have you started back on to your Noogling yet? What size dome are you using? I think you can get a hand gague pump with the NB system that may work as the BRAVA protocol is NO hand pumping for the first 3 days. Also what is the name of the Dr and the hospital that you went to in Thailand?
Thank you so much for posting this review. You look absolutely amazing. Have you started back on your Noogling? I have been using NB for a couple of months in preparation for FT to my breast in June 2014 and interested to see how you go. I am worried that with the hand pressure pump with NB it could be too strong and do damage to the fragile cells?

3 weeks post

Hi! Just a quick update. I

started using the noogleberry again at two weeks post. My measurements have not changed since week one. But I do know that sometimes people lose a good bit between weeks three and six, so we shall see!

So far I have a 3 inch increase in my overbust measurement and a 2 inch increase at my mid bust measurement with no change to my waist at this point.

Almost all bruising is gone, and my incisions are fading nicely. They are small but red, and a couple of them are a bit indented. I hope this fades with time. I'm using silicone cream over each of the scars.
which doctor did you have it done and where in Thailand? I would like to have this procedure but i hear that the fat graft does not last beyond a year
Fortunately, that's incorrect. Peer-reviewed journal articles are the best source for reputable information on efficacy of medical procedures. There are many variables, but when conducted according to standard of care practice, even large volume fat transfer can be effective with pre-expansion of the breast tissue. Typically, whatever remains at 12 weeks post surgery is permanent.
i read that fat transfer to the breasts does not last beyond a year

3.5 weeks

Measurements are holding for now:

33" over bust
35" nipple line
28" under bust
27" waist

Funny, my waist is not one bit smaller than before lipo. Perhaps it's still swollen. I'd never measured my legs before. They don't look smaller to me, either, but that wasn't a goal, so I'm okay with it. Fingers crossed for the next few critical weeks!
Thanks out. What is your noogleberry procedure post procedure? I am currently preparing for AFT with NB, scheduled for June. I am very interested in your journey xx
I'm doing NB for several hours each day, broken into a few sessions. GOOD LUCK to you! I hope you have great success!
You look good. You probably are still swollen. Even though I did not look swollen, I continued to shrink over time.

4 weeks post

I thought I'd post photos for the four week mark. Not seeing any loss just yet. Still measuring the same. I'm starting to get so used to this that I'm dreading the shrink time. I'm Noogling and taking supplements to enhance cell growth to hopefully promote vascularization. Fingers crossed! I'm fitting in a 32D now and would be very happy as a 32C. Hope that's where I end up. I have a couple of lumpy, sore spots from the lipo. I'm massaging in hopes that will help. We'll see!
Wow! Your breasts and figure look great. Very sexy! Congrats! Did your doc sat it was okay to use the noogle now? I read you were not supposed to pump after the transfer. Also, are you supposed to massage the breasts? I was also told not to do that. So, I am just wondering?
Aw, thank you! My doctor didn't prescribe the Noogleberry, so I'm just doing this in my own based on what I've read about Brava. Who knows. I started pumping 2-3 times a day after 2 weeks post transfer.
Yes, the supplements esp arginine are good for vascularity. However, for the Brava protocol it is never recommended to do any pumping after the surgery. The pumping is the part that can effect the fat in a negative way. Brava is to wear the domes on low presssure w/absolutely no pumping post op. Be careful. The supplements sound great.

Question about exercise

Any weightlifters out there? If so, do you have an idea of how soon after transfer you can lift heavy? Thanks!
Which supplement you taking? Does that really work? Fingers crossed for you. Take care
I have all of them listed somewhere in this thread. Who knows if they are working, but things are going well so far! I'm at 5 weeks and definitely haven't lost even 20% of the new volume. I'd like to lose just a little bit so a 32C fits perfectly. 7 weeks to final result.... Fingers crossed!
You do look great!

5 week photos

There still is not a lot of change in size, although the shape seems to have changed. I'm measuring the same and still a little large for a 32C. I'm really hopeful I end up a full 32C. I haven't noticed a shape change, but in looking at the photos there seems to be some change. Who knows, though? Every photo makes them look a little different. I think at this point I can definitely say it was worth it. I don't imagine anything will change so muh in the next 5 days to make me feel differently. My lipo is not perfect, and I may need a touch up of one spot on my abdomen. He also put one incision on top of an old stretch mark. I don't honk that wa a good idea, as now they are both pretty not icicle. Other than that, I'm thrilled so far.
Btw sorry I forgot to ask you the total amt you pay for the lipo and fat transfer?
Hi dear, I love your result. I'm consider fat transfer to breast as my problem is same as your and my current size same as yours too. So glad you share here. Can I have the clinic name and which part of Thailand? Do you still have the contact no?
Hi. Have you maintained your cup size? Wd luv to know. Want to see this surgeon in January. Did he do a good job with your liposuction? Are your scars healing? Any new pictures? Would really appreciate your help. Thanking you.

4-month Update

Hi! I'm at 4 months and my stats are as follows:

126 pounds
Waist 27
Underbust 29
Bust 34
Over bust 33

I'm beyond thrilled with the results. I need to have a small piece of waviness corrected from the abdominal lipo. I'll probably go ahead and transfer again when I do. $1900 was the total cost, and excellent results!
Hi how are the results? Have you maintained your size? Are the scars on your breasts visible? I am planning to Visit Dr Sompob soon
I'm going to meet Dr. Sompob on 22 Oct and do the same process like you. I might want to request to have 32c coz I'm really flat chest after having 2 kids.
Hi Mandy Thanks for your reply.please could you update me as I wish to have that procedure in January . Thanks
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