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Desired an increase in volume, from -aaa cup to...

Desired an increase in volume, from -aaa cup to hopefully D cup. Surgeon and Hospital were fantastic, & recovery was not as bad as expected. The waiting time to see final result is tedious and at times a little bitter sweat, but improvements this far are pleasing, and far better than what I began with.


Hi Sjoh86, just wondering if you went over with a company? The company I am booking though has Dr Narupon. Currently deciding what Dr I should go with, sizes and weather I should get round or teardrop. Was teardrop recommended to you? I too have a petite frame weighing 42kg, I have had 3 children all breastfed (weaning 2 year old). I am hopefully having BA in September. I am looking at 320-350cc but worried they may be too big for me. Yours look great, have they settles more for you? :)
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Hi Jadiee86, so sorry I haven't replied sooner, I have checked this for a while now. I had arranged my own flights and accomodation, I chose to go with Lotus medical given reviews I had been given of them and the assistance of them knowing the whole process, Thailand and the hospital and surgeon really well. I was recommended teardrop, given the size I was trying to achieve and lack of natural breast tissue, I thought round would be the way to go but could only go round if I was happy to go 100cc smaller in volume. I have 420cc and I could definitely go bigger, they don't look that big to me but I am wearing D/DD cups. They have dropped a lot more, it's amazing watching the changes, you just need to be clear with yourself that they are not instantly amazing, really drill it into yourself because I caught myself feeling disheartened and regretting having the procedure. I am 14 weeks post op now and finally I am loving them and I know they are still going to look better and better over the next 6 months, and all the way up to 12 months. They look more natural as time goes on, I'm glad I trusted his experience and knowledge, I showed him the look I like and I know that's what I am getting. You will be in great hands if you choose Dr Narupon, and you are guaranteed to regain confidence and happiness in yourself after having a kids and the effect on our bodies, if you know what I mean. A happy mum is a great mum, you won't regret it. Best of luck, I'll post some more photos soon so you can see the changes too.
Hi there, thank you so much for your post. I'd been searching for other clients of Dr Narupon for some time. I'm having surgery with him in two weeks. I was just wondering how your recovery is going and if they're still dropping for you? I think you look great ur I also have this fear of very high and firm breasts that don't drop... Thanks.
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14 weeks progression shot

Hi Ladies, I have now uploaded a progress shot given that I have reached 3 months post surgery - when most of the changes are said to be near complete. I still fill there are changes to come but they will be a lot slower now. Changes I am hoping for - right breast to catch up on dropping as it's slightly behind and the loser pole needs a little more fullness. Breasts to soften a little more, and sensitivity to decrease as my parter still cannot really enjoy them given the amount of sensitivity I am feeling making it unbearable to really touch and hold.


Hi!! I Am Loving Your Review. You Have Helped Me So Much. I Do Weights As Well And Have A Little More Space Than Average Between My Breast. I Was Told By My Surgeon To Use 400Cc And After Seeing Before And After pics Decided For 425. I Still Think I Might Want More And WaS Going For The High Profile To Get More Projection. The Only Problem Was That i Was Told That Spacing Is More Viewable With High profile than Moderate. After Seeing Yours I Think I Can Go With Moderate And Still Get The projection I Want. You Look Great!
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Hi Justsimple, glad my review has helped you :) I have mod+ teardrop or anatomicals and recall the surgeon showing me on the chart that the projection of my implant was slightly more than that of a round high profile implant of similar (+5cc difference) volume. I researched the brand and found the same advice on the Mentor website. My best advice on size is to focus more on the look you want to achieve, because the look you want may require a bigger (or smaller) implant than say if you tell your surgeon you want to achieve a D cup. I'm wearing a D/ DD but I don't feel that size wise they are as big as the look I wanted. Shape wise they are though. Good luck :)
Hi Sjoh86, thank you so much for your reply! I have booked in with Somnio, they do group tours and are planning my whole trip etc.. I have requested Dr Veerawat, they also have Dr Narupon. They both have fantastic reviews and recommendations. It was a hard decision. My surgery is on the 6th of September, I'll have new boobs for my birthday on the 7th.. Yay! Thanks for the info, I understand and have been thinking about the results, good things take time ;) They look fantastic! I am happy to hear you are really pleased with them. Having children surely isn't easy on our bodies and it doesn't get easier with the more you have. But they are a blessing. Absolutely, a happy mum is a great mum! Thanks heaps again I really appreciate your reply.

6, 8 and 14 week comparison


Wow, they are amazing, even better than your wish pic! It just shows to be patient too, how much they change over time. You have a 100% perfect result!
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Beautiful outcome! After saw you pics at 14 weeks you have given me hope . I am at 3 weeks post op and still waiting for them to drop as I want them to drop down more to cover the incisions as now I can see the incisions clearly when is look straight on as they are still high. Thank you!
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Glad it helped :) I struggled to find something while I've been going through the process and I really want women to know it's a process and have a visual idea and timeline on how long it takes. I know I felt a bit disheartened thinking I'd made the wrong decision. I'll update monthly most likely up to the 12 month mark if changes continue at this rate. Best if luck, you will be in love with them in no time :)
Dr Narupon

I was assisted by a cosmetic travel company, and only met Dr Narupon on the day of my surgery. He had made recommendations based on photos provided, but these changed slightly during face to face consult. He made specific recommendations to help me achieve my desired result, and I feel that so far they have been the right recommendations. He was thorough in is examination and reasons to recommend the implant and incision type used. His experience and reviews have all been very thorough, and the hospital he works at was far better than anything back home. The nurses were professional and fantastic to assist me with recovery. The extra care I received in comparison to the usual back home was very helpful in my recovery.

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