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Had open rhinoplasty 4.5 months ago in thailand....

Had open rhinoplasty 4.5 months ago in thailand. absolutely hate it, not even close to the shape I wanted. Have consult booked in for revision here in Australia.
Feel like he's taken too much off the bridge and not enough off my tip.
So depressed I've even done this :(
Not sure if just reducing the profile of the tip will help? Suggestions?
Doc said he will do revision in 6 months and 'slim nasal' doesn't sound like what I want?
Don't want to go back to same surgeon.
Sorry sorry to hear your didn't get the outcome you wanted. I had 3 procedures on my nose over the past 25 years and the last one, was the last one. Thankfully it was very successful and it was performed here in Thailand. With the techniques and materials they can pretty much do anything so don't stress. Find the right doctor and I am sure you'll get that great result. Keep us up to date too. Thanks Taylor.
Taylor, I'll be joining you on that one. Scheduled to go to the philippines in November.
Also, I can add, that since it was an open rhinoplasty there would have been excess swelling. The swelling will go down and you might have a really nice sort of ski sloping nose. Its sort of hard to tell when you haven't given it at least a year to settle.

1day post op

Best wishes for a speedy recovery. I hope this time you get the nose you have been dreaming about. 
YAYYYY! So proud of you girl!
Nervous for the cast to come off :/

7days post op (revision)

Been a week since my op. have my cast off and now has to be taped for a week.
Surgeon has build bridge back up and taken some off tip, said skin is so thick so hopefully gets more defined in the tip like I want but guess I have to play the waiting game
Did you choose another surgeon? Wasn't your primary 6 months ago? Your profile looks very nice. Happy for you.
Yeah I decided to get it done here In Australia instead. Thank god I did!! Yep it was only 6 months ago! So happy he did it for me and didnt make me wait a year :) my tip still looks quite ugly lol little bit scared when the tape comes off coz I know ill stress over it but its an improvement from before so I can't complain!! :)
I think it's still very early, the swelling will take time. I would still tape it and follow the surgeon's instructions carefully. Please keep us updated.

Primary rhinoplasty

Thought I would upload some more terrible photos of my nose after my first op
I think once the swelling goes down, it will look really good!
Thank u :)

2 weeks post op

Just taking tape off, which has been on the last week.
Tip still looks very swollen, and stitches around nostrils still haven dissolved yet.
hii hay_lee your looking beautiful.. your nose is looking so good. could you please telme which doctor you consulted in australia :)
hhii hay_lee your looking beautiful it is perfect nose for your profile... could you please tell me which doctor you consulted in australia ???
Hi Hay_lee your nose looks good could you tell me how you got it done with and what cost I would looking at paying please I am in a similar situation

3 weeks post op

3 weeks since op, just came off pain killers, think I'm having withdrawals feel awful! Will update a few more pics when I have some make up on and feel better :)
Stitches still haven't dissolved around nostrils :(
You're revision looks incredible. I agree with Vee4093. It suits you very well even with the swelling. I hope you are happy. Do yourself a favor and leave well and good alone! You are so lucky that you look this great after what you went through. When I saw your first surgery results I could never have imagined you could end up where you did now. Congrats.
Aww thank u, still very nervous when I look in the mirror :/
I still can't believe how perfect your nose is!!!

3.5 weeks

Congratulations on getting your nose fixed! I too have been butchered by this Dr. My body in this case- with liposuction. There were so many good reviews and I only found your one after the surgery. Oh well, now there are 2 bad reviews, one for the face and one for the body. Hopefully stop people falling into the same trap. I think I'm beyond repair though.
Thats why its so important for us to post our experiences, we really help people to make the right choices and name and shame bad drs.
Yes I agree, Vee! I'm not exactly thrilled at posting internet pictures of my naked, butchered body but really want people to be able to make informed choices.

1 year post op

1 year post op.. Tip still isn't as defined as I would like and nostrils are uneven and looks abit weird on one side.. Not really happy with them but going to talk to surgeon next week and ask about them. Probably not much he can do. Haven't been to see him since my 3 month check up ????
Is your nose still stiff at the tip? Maybe its still swollen. It should be more refined by now.
Dr rushapol

Did not explain anything to me about my nose before or after surgery, did not once tell me I had thick skin and it could not be achieved

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