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Preparing for a Breast Lift and Augmentation in Thailand in 2014 - Thailand, TH

I stumbled across Realself recently when beginning...

I stumbled across Realself recently when beginning the process of researching having surgery in Thailand. I have found one review particularly helpful ( 35 year old mother of 2 Thailand wanting to get "the girls" put back where they belong) and have just been asked by the Community Manager to begin my own blog and I thought - why not, if everyone shares information then it will make it much easier to make informed decisions about this life changing journey.

I have only just begun the journey and have a long way to go yet. I have started with a number of enquiries with medical holiday companies and also contacting surgeons directly. I am still waiting for some replies and as such cannot make any comparisons yet, although I have started a spreadsheet of all the information. When this is complete I will be more than happy to post it.

A bit bewildered....

So the quotes are coming in.

I have two from Companies that are not dissimilar in price. One Company wants you to book your accommodation and flights with them (Surgeon not researched yet by me) and the other states you are free to book your own flights and accommodation (Surgeon Dr Pitchit, recommended by a friend)

I have one Doctor direct just reply (recommended by a another friend) and he has said that because I asked to be a D cup in size I will have to go twice, once for the lift and then return a year later when the scars are fully healed for implants! I don't really want to do that, perhaps I should go a bit smaller?

My concern is that so many ladies on here state they wish they had gone larger. Now I'm confused as I really appreciate the fact that the surgeon cares enough to suggest the gap and not risk the healing not going so well.

I did forward pictures to all of those quoting. I'll upload a before now as well so you can see where I'm starting from (uneven in size and very saggy)

Your thoughts would be appreciated....

Decisions Decisions

I haven't made any progress this week, the reply from the Doctor who wants to do two Ops hasn't replied and the two independent Doctors clinics haven't replied at all which doesn't give me much confidence.

Perhaps I am better going with one of the two companies.

I had a call from Kerrie from Medi Makeovers and she sounded lovely and sent me a revised hotel option but their price is still around $400 dearer than Destination beauty. She warned me off them as they are Bangkok based but I have read good and bad reviews about both Companies and money is money hence going to Thailand in the first place!

Decisions decisions! Need to book soon as it seems bookings are made about 6 months in advance......

Fly back Insurance?

I could use the money difference to use Destination Beauty's flyback insurance which sounds like a good idea? You never know and it might pay to have it as a backup.


I decided to have another bash at contacting a surgeon direct as I didn't want to discount the option and I got a response very quickly from Dr. Pichet. Since then I have received a quote and the price is almost half that of the makeover companies! It's not just about the price, it is to do with the Surgeon. This is the same surgeon I requested (highly recommended by a friend) through destination beauty and they gave me the quote on that basis.

I have done some research on this Surgeon and he is accredited and listed with Thai and international plastic Surgeon Boards.

So, I'm going to do it on my own! Dr. Pichet is going to organise all of my transfers and hotel etc so I don't see why I should pay almost double for someone else to be involved. I am quite travelled and therefore am not scared of going it alone although I am somewhat concerned about surgery full stop.

I'm going to pay him a deposit to secure the quoted price but he only wants $300US.

The Operation cost is $3,600 and the hotel rate is $45 US a night (interestingly the doctor says only 5 days is necessary but I will stay longer) and now to book flights....... feeling excited and nervous!

I'm also going to check out medical tourist insurance as I think it may be prudent.

Is my doctor selection the right one?

I have read reviews on breast implants only by Dr Pichet but would love to find some with a lift and implants for reassurance, are there any out there?

3 months to go

I'm sorry I haven't updated, there isn't really much to report as I'm just waiting for the time to count down. It's a shame my review has been shut down to comments but they were getting a bit out of control and my review is supposed to give you information on my journey to surgery, not be a battleground!

A few reviews lately have made me a bit concerned about my surgeon but I don't want to change now and honestly I think there will always be some negative comments about any surgeon, it seems to be all about the individual expectation and end results.
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I went with cosmeditour. I'm nearly 7 weeks post op and I love my boobs, iv had a few Hic cups with stitches but treatment from both hospital and company have been great, I was very unsure after hearing some of these stories on here and what awful experience some girls have had, thankfully for me I'm happy. If I can help with anything please let me know
I'm 6 weeks post op with dr thiti, uplift and implant and I'm very happy with my results! Still healing and a little tender at times but my lift and implant is fantastic! It's sad to hear when surgery has went wrong before. I feel for anyone who isn't happy with their result after spending all that money and what their poor bodies need to endure, the healing process is bad enough, anyway thought i would share my experience. And I'm very happy, few teething problems with my body rejecting stitches but that's it.
Has anyone had Dr worapong he is doing my breast augmentation soon through cosmedi tours is he good ? Is there a site or forum for him ? Found little info and kind of scared
Hi girl,i had both lift and implants with Dr Pitchet,if you would like any questions answered ask away
Hi - I am considering using this doctor for a lift and implants. I currently have implants so this adds an extra step. Would love to hear from anyone
Hi everyone! It so sad to here that some of you guys haven't had the best treatment and to be honest it terrifies me! I am booked in for surgery on the 11th of January with DR Thiti. I am booked in for a breast lift and implant. I have done as much research as I can on both the Doctor and the hospital and so far so good. Im trying to stay away from the company website as I assumed they would only have positive stories on there and although the make me feel more at ease I want to here the truth from real people as well. Iv never had any surgery before so I am slightly worried about the pain afterwards especially being over seas. from the research iv done I am not too worried about the actual procedure as I have seen so many happy stories and results. I am a little concerned about how long the results will last tho as iv heard an uplift can drop and sometimes be uneven? The company I am with seems very helpful but again doesn't look to take too much responsibility if anything does go wrong. I guess Im curious to anyone who has used DR Thiti for a similar procedure? any advice or information you may have I would be grateful :) Thank you
I cant say *stay away* from Dr Thiti, but I CAN refer you to my post for you to see my devastating results. It can be found if you search Medimakeovers, its the first one there. Best of luck. Feel free to ask any questions :) Oh, Also, Ariom had the same surgeon for a tummy tuck..best to check out hers too

Just checking in to see how your research progress is coming along. Have you scheduled a surgery date yet for the new year? We'd love to hear an update!

Stay away from MM. I agree with previous posters. My surgeon did a great job of my TT but as soon as I put a photo of my swollen tummy in the forum( to ask if anyone else had experienced swelling) I was removed from said forum immediately and sent emails to inform me that whatever had gone wrong was my own fault. I can only assume you have a hidden agenda due to your 'loyalty' to MM. Everyone is different and surgery results don't equate to perfection. However, I did not expect to be 'shafted' by a company who promised so much! Rant over....
I didn't have BA, but I had TT and BL in Thailand. The company mentioned is a sham.. You *may* have a good experience with them but you probably wont. When things go wrong, and I understand they can go wrong wherever you are, but when things go wrong, you will be wiped off the forum, get a bullshit generic email saying you are no longer a client and threatened into silence with a lawsuit. A few points to remember, the company TELLS you that you are to contact them direct with any problems..NOT the hospital. They are meant to liase with the hospital..thats what you are paying them for. How long have you been a member of the forum ? Have you seen that the company have NO issue whatsoever in disclosing confidential information for all to see ? Not sure if all that's been removed, but I can back up my claims.. About medication, it is up to us as clients to advise the company of our medications..they then do what they are paid to do and liase with the surgeons and THEY disclose that information to the surgeons. They have interpreters and English speaking nurses that liase between the surgeon and the company. It is NOT up to the client to inform surgeons of medications and hope to hell they understand enough English to know what you are saying. I would NOT recommend that company AT ALL, I would STRONGLY advise against it actually. Both my surgeries were botched too. Up to you, just be aware that you are going into this KNOWING what they are like. If you choose to ignore it and go through them anyway (like I did), you will most likely be here in 12 months time warning everyone else off them too. As a PP said, Cosmeditour looks good. I chatted to many clients of theirs at the hospital and they were all happy.
Thank you for sharing Zephyress , i only wish i was so well informed before i made the choice to go with that shonky company . Unfortunately i am now paying for it and will continue to do so for a lot longer .
Your most welcome. I have had no way of letting others know the full truth until now as I was also blocked from the forum and also kept far away from other clients of the company. I have been threatened with lawsuits if I opened my mouth and "defamed" the company by telling others about my experience. I got smart and Googled the definition of Defemation and so long as what I say is true there are no grounds for a lawsuit. I also got legal advise that backed this up so I will now be able to speak the full truth without the fear this company puts in its clients when things go wrong.
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This comment does not follow our Community Guidelines and/or Terms of Service. We reserve the right to remove any post for any reason.
Although I appreciate everyone's contribution I would like to say that as part of my review I have no opinion on the use of makeover companies, my research only extended to getting quotes from them and I found there responses helpful. I have decided to go it alone as I feel I don't need any support and a friend has offered to come with me and the cost is lower. I hope you all end up happy with your decisions and resolve any outstanding problems.
Good luck Vixta , you sound like a well informed woman and if you are in touch with the surgeon yourself , you cant go wrong . I wish you every success with your surgery and look forward to continue reading your comments . The Medical Insurance is a good idea , i only had Travel Insurance and it didnt cover me for anything as it was elective surgery , the money i saved by going to Thailand was nothing compared to what it ended up costing me . The hospital is wonderful as are the staff , the surgeon is excellent too . My only complaint was the company i used , the unfair treatment and the neglect of their duty of care . Everything that has been stated by Zephyress is 100% true . I sincerely hope that your journey is all that you want it to be .
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Yes Sandy, I AM angry and yes, I AM sad. I DO have issues as you so rudely pointed out. My issues are with the results of my surgeries. I too was looking forward to my surgeries and holiday once, now I am left with what my GP has decribed as "disfigured' breasts and tummy that has fallen WAY short of the expected results..So YES SANDY, I AM ANGRY AND YES, I AM SAD.
Oh, and I might add, If you choose to pretend you are not this person, be smart, change the way you word things..it gives you away easily.
Was it Dr Thiti you both used?? I'm booked in with cosmeditour not MM.
Yes Nicolabx, we both used Dr Thiti. He isn't internationally accredited either..
Obviously a fake profile from the company ppl are complaining about!
i hope u can this sorted :( what a horrible expierence n seems they wiped their hands soon as they took yr $
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