My Breast Reduction Journey - Thailand

After many years of being unhappy with the...

After many years of being unhappy with the appearance of my breasts, one slightly larger that the other and the fact that they were droppy, I made the decision to investigate have a Breast Reduction!! My family and I planned at very short notice a holiday to Thailand and thought it would be a good opportunity to have the surgery done while we were away! So the research begins ... after reading someones review on this site I felt quite comfortable with the idea of having the surgery in Thailand and contact the Phuket International Hospital. I had fantastic correspondence, a prompt first assesment and price for my reduction. I went ahead and booked our holiday and my surgery. Much to my husbands disbelief as he always thought I would want a tummy tuck over a breast reduction!! So that was something else I considered!! The surgeon who I had been in contact with said he would need to see me in person to assess my tummy (I think because the pictures I sent wern't that clear).

So my journey begins: telling my children (2) that the first part of our holiday I would be spending a couple of nights in hospital having as they say (making my tits perky and tummy flat), got to love kids

Cont.... (not sure why the rest of this didn't...

cont.... (not sure why the rest of this didn't post the first time!)

They were really understanding of my decision and were quite excited about spending some time alone with my husband.

The hospital arranged all transportation to and from the hospital and hotel, which made life much easier for me as I had no idea where the hospital was in relation to our hotel (30 min drive).

My first appointment with my surgeon was to talk about my expectations and to have a chest xray and ecg! I told my surgeon that I wanted to go from a 34D to a 34B and the breasts made a more even size. We also discussed the option of having a tummy tuck at the same time but it would mean that I would have to spend 3 nights in hospital which I really didn’t want to do so decided not to go ahead and have this surgery. The appointment went well and I left the hospital feeling very relaxed and excited about returning the next day for my surgery.

When I returned to the hotel my husband asked how it all went and I told him that I had decided not to go ahead with the tummy tuck which in his opinion was the wrong decision as I may as well get all the surgery over and done with while I was there. So I changed my mind again!! ?

Day of surgery: I arrived at the hospital and was processed and shown to my room with ease. My surgeon came to my room and marked me up for surgery and at told him at this stage I wanted to go ahead with the tummy tuck (without Lipo, just excess skin removed)! This wasn’t a problem and he marked me up for that to! An hour later I was on my way to surgery! I woke up in quite a bit of pain but that was easily fixed and some how I managed to text my husband to say I was OK!

Day 2: I pretty much slept on and off all day. My husband and kids came to see me but the rest of the day was a blur!!

Day 3: My tubes and drains were removed and I was told I could leave the hospital!! Great news I didn’t need to spend three nights in hospital!!

I managed my pain with the medicine the hospital gave me and was able to carry on with my holiday without a lot of disruption after my surgery. I did make sure I rested a lot where I could!!

Day 7: I went back to the hospital to have my stitches removed, all looking really good. About 10% swelling in my breasts still but overall looking and feeling really good.

Day 14: My last visit to see my surgeon before I return home. I only had a couple of concerns, one that I didn’t think he had removed enough breast tissue but he assured me that although I still had 5% swelling they were actually a 34B and gave me a bra to try on. It was a pretty ugly bra and I think a big 34B but it fitted! The other concern was that the larger of my breasts still seemed to be larger. He said that it would be impossible to get them exact and I still had a little swelling and the final results wouldn’t show for 9 months.
I am now 5 weeks post op and doing really well. My scars are looking great I am using bio oil and silicone sheeting on them and I am amazed at how quickly they seem to be fading. I still feel that one breast is larger than the other but realize I have to give it a few more months to see the final result but I am already considering getting a small amount of lipo on the larger breast at the 9-12 months mark! As for my tummy I am still wearing a support garment as the lower part of my tummy is still numb and it helps the swelling and I will do so up until the 3 month mark. I will start to exercise in the next couple of weeks to loose the fat on my tummy that I didn’t have lipo’d off!!

I hope this information is useful to someone and if anyone wants to know any more, please message me.

I will give regular updates to show and tell you about my progress.
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Was it $2500 for the breast reduction only, or was the tummy tuck included in that price? If not what were the individual prices?
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Hi I am also looking to have this procedure done i am a 34E at the moment but still breast feeding. Can you give me the name of your DR please thank you.
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Could you please tell us who your doctor was? I would like to have exactly the same procedures. Thanks, and you look great btw!
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Hi the doctors name was Dr Sanguan at the International Aesthetic Center. He was great to deal with I am very happy with the results. Good luck with your surgery :)
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WOW! I can't believe what a good job they did!! I would be really scared to get surgery outside of the US, but that is mostly just because I wouldn't understand their accreditation system, and what made someone qualified. This looks great though! Definitely a lot better then a lot of American doctors I see :)
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Thank you! I would highly recommend my surgeon and the hospital, they were wonderful and would go back in a flash if I needed anything else done.
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This is EXACTLY what my size and boobs look like and what I want. I am a 34D, and want to be a 34B. WOW, I hope I look as good as you when I go for my surgery. THANK YOU for posting this
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I am glad my story has been helpful to you, I do think though that I am a 34c and with a little more weight loss will reach the 34b I would like to be. Good luck for your surgery :)
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Hi Chris:)

Thank you for posting your journey.  Your out of the country surgery trip sounds like it went really smooth.  How nice that you were able to take you family with you.  If you had not said anything I would not have known your one breast was a bit larger.  I honestly can't see that but I know it always feels different when wearing a bra.  

You look great!  I personally love the 34B size breasts.  I am the exact same size:)


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Thanks Kim for your encouraging emails, I feel a little better and posting my story and having some nice feedback has made all the difference. Im pretty sure when I do have a proper bra fitting I will be a 34c! But maybe with a little more weight loss (about 11lbs) I will be a 34B :)
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You are welcome!  I am so glad you joined us:)  

I did find that with weight loss my breasts did shrink to the B cup.  So keep up the good work and you will get there.

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