Botox: Cheapest in Adelaide AND Thailand

I've always wanted BOTOX and i waited for a...

I've always wanted BOTOX and i waited for a while before i got it, i didn't really need it but at the age of 29 i find i have fine lines around my eyes and one in the middle of my forehead (between my eyes). I went to Thailand and got my breasts lifted and thought "what the heck?" and got BOTOX as an added extra. I had it done on my crows feet, the middle of my eyes and my forehead.

At first i didn't noticed anything, it takes about 3 - 5 days for the product to take effect, then it was quite subtle but SO effective: it was like i had new skin or something. You couldn't put your finger on it but you could tell there was something new about my face. People commented on it too, someone said "you have really nice skin!" which i hadn't heard in a while. I could still wrinkle my face up if i tried, there was nothing plastic looking about me, but the product just slightly ironed out my skin and i looked fresh all the time. Ttoally worth it 100%. I hate my face without it now! And it was dirt cheap too! the Thai doctors really DO know what they're doing.

I got Botox 4 days ago through a special i found...

I got Botox 4 days ago through a special i found on, one of those sites that you get discounted goods and services. It cost me $159 for one major area and one minor area. This was an issue for me because the major areas were the frown lines, crows feet and forehead lines and i wanted them all done! I couldn't decide, but i got my forehead and a little under my eyebrows to open my eyes a little more. Then the doctor let me pay the same rate i bought my Scoopon voucher for to have another major site done, that was so brilliant! So i also got crows feet.

It's by far the cheapest place i have been to out of Melbourne, Adelaide and Bangkok. I think in Thailand they give you a bit more for your money but i was happy to pay that amount for what i got. I don't look plastic or expressionless, i just have less lines, a very natural outcome.

My only criticism is the lack of professionalism. He was very laid back and made me feel very comfortable, then he hit a nerve or something in my face and left me with a massive bruise, which was uncomfortable when i moved my face. All good now, i just wish he was a little more careful. I WILL definitely go back again, nonetheless.
Dr HS Bhara @ Bridgewater Dental

No aftercare follow up, i didn't email and there wasn't any need to phone (i made the appointment a few weeks in advance and they called me the day before to remind me which was lovely). Everything else was peachy!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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this guy is dodgy as **** do not go near him
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is he seriously still injecting for cosmetic purposes?
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My only advise is that people educate themselves. :-)
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NO WAY!!! You found that out? He's not using Botox? That IS false advertising. My aunt works for consumer affairs, i'll send her and Bridgewater Dental an email and chase this up. Unreal, maybe he'll get shut down sooner than expected hahaha.
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At that price its sounds like you were quoted on dysport (2.5 time less potent than botox) but none the less the results are the same. But an increased dosage is required to acheive the same result and longevity as botox.
Its not that you need a prescription, its a S4 drug, which means it can only be 'prescribed' by a medical doctor. So anyone other than a Dr can't buy it from the drug company.
I have checked with Allergan (botox supplier) the dentist in bridgewater is actually using dysport not botox and he has been reported for false advertsing also. Dysport is cheaper than botox as it is cheaper to buy from the supplier.
I know that this dentist has been injecting in the UK prior to moving to australia, so I no doubt that he can inject, but, cosmetic medicine is more than just jabbing in some needles to reduce a few lines. Things can go wrong, and believe me they do!
It is extremely important that you are aware of what is actually being injected into your face and the dosage and the dilution amount and what its being diluted with
I wish you good luck
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fact: botox is a prescription only S4 drug. This is why you are required to be seen by a Dr prior to the administration. However, it can be injected by a registered nurse who is supervised by a Dr.
Fact: Botox to buy from the drug company is in fact $6.95 per unit(incl GST) the cost that clinic charges has to be 'marked up' to cover costs like, wages, rent, insurance, advertsing etc.
Fact: Dentists in Australia, despite any training they many have received are not allowed to inject botox or dermal fillers for that matter, unless it has a direct relation to dentistry. This you may check on by contacting the medical board and the TGA
I never on any occaision said that Thai Drs are not skilled. I believe that any Dr in the world are skilled if they have attained the appropriate level of education and training
Fact: why do I know this I am a nurse injector that has been injecting for many years
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Well i've never personally needed a prescription for Botox but that makes sense that you initially need a consultation. I just wonder if the dentist isn't qualified, where is he getting it from? And how people can buy it online.

I don't know exactly how much Botox costs but i know it's silly cheap, i was quoted $2.50 per unit from a doctor in Melbourne which i didn't go to (it didn't sound right so i gave it a miss, sometimes you do get what you pay for).

Thank you for commenting on my post, the dentist did a great job and he has the best prices in Adelaide so i will continue to visit him until he gets shut down for malpractice.
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First of all, you DID sound bitchy and full of criticism.

Second: a dentist CAN be qualified to do anything! Just because the main service the surgery provided was dentistry, it's not to say they can't do other things, you haven't seen the businesses registration information! Botox is NOT prescription only, i have never required a script and i've had it 3 times. I'm sure "the dentist" is 100% covered for it or he would be performing these injections out the back of the clinic!

And third: the purpose of Living Social, Spreets and other discount sites is so businesses can get more exposure, not to sell dodgy products. They pay these online promotional sites a certain amount for advertisement. It's not "cheap botox", it's the businesses lowering their costs for a promotion. You do realize the only reason it costs so much to begin with is because they mark it up %500? Botox actually costs about 50 cents per unit. Fact.

I suggest next time use different wording to get across what your trying to say. I have no doubt that Oz doctors are skilled but Thai doctors are just as skilled and only small minded people think that surgery in Thailand is more dangerous than anywhere else.
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That bridgewater guy is a liar, scammer, cheat, he told me I was getting Botox but I knew after 6 visits it wasn't.. It was dysport, I asked for money back, got half, god if I knew other people were feeling the same I would have taken it further... Do not go there... Yes I got big bruises !!! Terrible

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firstly is not not ethical or legal to 'sell' botox/dysport via scoopon ect. Botox is a S4 medication! (precription only) secondly this Dr is a dentist and it is actually illegal for him in Australia to be injecting Botox for anything other than directly related to dentistry ie: teeth grinding. please educate your self.... A bargin is not always a good thing. There are many things that can 'go wrong', and if something were to go wrong and you were to seek compensation the dentists indemnity insurance would not cover him for performing procedures outside of his scope of practice
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Sorry, I live in US, I didn't know doctors in Australia are so bad. I would just feel a little uneasy about Thailand. But, on another note, how much? Did you get silicone implants and lift? and what did it cost you?
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Doctors aren't bad, but our implants cost way more than anywhere else in the world. People don't realize that Thai surgery is first rate, better than AU and US! And at a fraction of the cost. But to get from the US - Thailand probably costs heaps, might not be worth it for Americans, i'm not sure.

I didn't have implants, just a lift. Lift + implants is a huge painful surgery & i was scared hahaha. The lift was amazing though, healed perfectly, my scars have faded & now i want implants cuz i've lost a load of weight.

It cost me $3000 and i stayed at a friends place after to recover so i'm lucky i didn't need to pay for accommodation but you only really need a week in a recovery hotel (like 4 - 5 star hotels) at $80 - $100 a night? They have doctors on call if you need and room service, air con, etc.
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I am sounding bitchy, but I don't mean to be. But the Dr's in Australia are highly skilled and a huge percentage of Thai dr's actually complete their training in Australia, so I can't not possibly see how they are more accedited than here. (you went to a dentist for botox, are you really concerned about a Dr's skills?) Its about doing your reasearch, to find the best dr that suits you. As for costs a breast lift is covered under medicare until your child is 7 (sucks if you dont have kids though) I just recently had a breast up lift and reduction and a full abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) in Adelaide which was done by the head of Plastic Surgery at Flinders and it was covered by medicare and my private insurance. However I did have some out of pocket expenses ($6500) but I did not have to go over seas and my Dr was able to monitor my recovery over 6 weeks. My results are amazing!
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Hi I looking into a lift & implants in Adelaide I have just had a baby I didn't tthink it was covered by Medicare? And what insurance do toy have :)

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Scared? Of what?
Cosmetic surgery in Thailand is so much better than Australia. And the doctors have so many more accreditation's than ours.
I won't ever have surgery in Australia. It's cheaper to fly return, get it done and stay for 2 weeks then it is to have the surgery here.
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weren't you guys scared to have breast lift or botox in Thailand?
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Thanks for your replay,Ive heard about this hospital, planned for surgery for next year.I want face lift and breast as well.Are you happy with your surgery?
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Oh yeah! Super happy. There are scars involved with breast lift and mine have faded so much in the past 18 months without the use of cream, its great. I would definitely recommend you go to Yanhee, they are super professional and check up on you every few hours. I worked in the hospital for a few months in 2011, welcoming patients from overseas and showing them their room and to their hotel, checking up on them before and after surgery, i saw heaps of facelifts, the patients never said a bad word about them (apart from pain factor). And they seem to do soooo many breast implants, it's not even a big deal for them.
Good luck!
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You look fabulous, I just got Botox for the first time and I'm 39 :) I understand how you feel, as after the first week I wanted to personally hug my DR and thank him for giving me back smooth under eyes, no more creepy that make-up simply would not look good no matter which brand, type etc...I'm so happy to read of your positive results, I have now sworn away spending on the pricey "do nothing" skin creams (Retin a YES always will use) and saving that cash for Botox :-) I'm very satisfied and you look great, crows feet area is amazing :-)
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please, could you write where you done your botox in Thailand.Ive just from here and spend $400 on botox,looking for place to get it cheapper next time.
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I went to Yanhee International Hospital. On their website there's a map you can print out to show cab drivers. Once you get there, walk inside to the small reception area next to the elevators on the right and they all speak English
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Thanks! I'm super happy with all of it, i only got a touch in my forehead, i didn't want to look unnatural. I can not wait to go back to Thailand, they sell Retin-A in the chemists! ARGH i love it!
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