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I had smartlipo three and half weeks ago. I wish I...

I had smartlipo three and half weeks ago. I wish I had found this site before hand since it has been a lot of help ever since I joined. Exercise and diet didn't work for me in my problem areas: upper and lower abdomen. I had that done as well as flanks and bra rolls. I am 4'11 130 lbs. I am glad I did this but patiently waiting for final results. I wish I knew that recovery was going to take this long, according to my Doctor about three months to see final results. Some days are good and some are bad. Like I said its a little bit too early to tell if it was worth it or not.


Do you have any pre op pics? Also which cg do you use? Your results look good but a little swelling in last pic.
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I do but I haven't uploaded them yet. They are in another camera. I have the Second Stage Marena Suit with Suspenders and No Leg by Comfortwear FBA2 and a binder that I wear on top for extra compression. Believe me, at the end of the day I'm a bit swollen. I'm getting a lymphatic massage tomorrow, I hope it helps rid the abdomen area
Ok cool good luck tomorrow with the massage I wonder if its painful.

Well it's been officially four weeks since I had...

Well it's been officially four weeks since I had Smartlipo, I feel better in reference to soreness and tenderness, very little but still present. Had my first lymphatic massage and that was awesome! it helped me get rid of some of the fluid and it was not uncomfortable at all.

I uploaded pictures taken before surgery and four weeks later. My only disappointment thus far is the "hanging skin" from lower abdomen, which is below where C section was performed 29 years ago. I will give it time and I am going back to gym on Monday since its been four weeks and I feel strong. My weigh is good, I haven't gained any extra weight but I am hoping to loose at least a pound since I still have fluid. I knew I was not going to experience any weight loss from this procedure and I was well aware of the hanging skin... but I don't want to have a TT. I guess I was hoping for a miracle since Dr said I had a 50/50 chance to loose it. I will wait two more months to see final results.


Takes about three months to see good results, but it takes six months before you really start seeing skin tightening. Just keep positive. You look great.
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Thanks SC! I Will be six weeks this Friday . I will go to PS tomorrow for check up and will have a Viora massage. Has anyone had one before? I will keep positive!
You look so good! Amazing!
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Today marks the 6 weeks post op and all I can say...

Today marks the 6 weeks post op and all I can say is that I'm glad I did it. Had my review with PS yesterday and I'm still swollen but don't have any lumps just swelling which she assured me, will be gone in another 6 weeks.

Took new pics and compared side to side. She was really nice about taking time to answer all my questions ( I had a list). After review I had a Viora Reaction treatment. I thought it was a massage but its actually a treatment to break down any lumps. The addition of Vacuum Therapy further intensifies the treatment by facilitating deeper tissue penetration to increase local blood circulation, promote lymphatic drainage and induce lipolysis.

The treatment was painful and expensive. Was it worth it? I don't know yet. My abdomen feels lump free but is more swollen today than yesterday before treatment. One of the sides effects was mild swelling. So as I paciently wait for the result want to wish y'all happy healing and patience because in our situation this is the key! To wait for results.

Took measurements and lost about two inches overall, still wearing my stage two garment and binder and taking vitamin C, K and zinc, eating clean and drinking lots of water!

From the moment I went to the consultation which was two months ago, up until today I have lost 10 lbs, thanks to clean eating and light exercise. This week I went to Zumba twice and I made it thru both classes without stoping! Yea me!


First ZUMBA class tonite Daisy...hope I can make it thru
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Hi Sherry how is it going? How was Zumba? I'm loving my classes, I do twice a week at the studio and once in my living room with you tube or exercise on demand. Still swollen in my tummy but I'm being patient, we have to be, saw Dr last week and she assured me that the swelling was gonna disappear. I will give it five more weeks before I start complaining. Still wearing CG and binder. Thinking about buying some Spanx. Do you have any?
You look great! The difference between your pre-op pics & the 3 weeks post is simply amazing.
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I am so swollen is not funny!! Help! I'm having a...

I am so swollen is not funny!! Help! I'm having a hard day today :'(


Daisy...I sent u a private msg on here....
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Girlfriend..u need to put up new pic's...LETS
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Talked to my Doctor today and cried... She reminded my that the recouping time will take a while... Explained the reason as to why we swell, blah blah blah.. She told me to buy a smaller cg since that also may be the reason I easily swell, because I'm not having enough compression. I will see her Friday before Christmas for another Viora treatment.
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I just added three pics at my 6 week post op....

I just added three pics at my 6 week post op. Overall I feel fine, just that I don't know if its fat of if I am swollen, specially on front pic.
I am hoping its swellness because in the morning I am fine, but at end of day... swollen...again...
I am having second Viora Treatment tomorrow. I will ask Doctor for her opinion. I hope she doesn't say what I read here all the time " Doctor said I looked Fab" I am 10 weeks post op. Will post pics at the 12 week post op mark.


Hi and thanks for your comments!! The wait is so frustrating for everyone it seems. I do see a big, big improvement in your before and after pics. Don't be so hard on yourself - you look awesome!! Look at those curves! Sometimes we compare ourselves to others, but everyone has a different body type and different skin, so our results will differ. I feel I am uneven and lumpy, but the reality is no one notices that except me and even with those imperfections, it is still a huge improvement. Hang in there and I hope you feel better once you are fully healed!
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Hi Daisy I think u look just amazing! You have a wonderful hour glass shape (one of my fears, that I have lost that) but u look just wonderful. I am also a little taken aback by how long all of this takes and patience is not my personal strong point! But u look just great. U and several others on this site have used the term "eating clean". Now I am a healthy eater, and thought I knew every all the lingo but I am not familiar with that term (and am always looking for practical ways to eat healthier) so can or someone elaborate please? Lost about 50 or so pounds over the last couple of years(lots of really lose belly hanging skin) Thus, am 11days PO from a tummy tuck (no muscle) breast reduction and lypo of flanks. I want to do all I can to heal and stay healthy! thanks for the info. this site has been amazing!
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Hi! You look great in your 10 weeks PO pic. What is Viora treatment and what does it do to you after lipo? I'm 6 weeks PO and still look like you 6 weeks PO picture. My upper belly still sticking out (I had mini TT for lower ab only). I am hoping that I am still swollen and will shrink more and not fat that is still there.
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Its been four months since I had smartlipo. I lost...

Its been four months since I had smartlipo. I lost inches and weight but gained some loose skin. I don't swell much anymore, still wear CG at night and the infamous Squeem cincher.
Overall I feel good and looked good ( with my clothes on)
I had a lymphatic massage yesterday and my MT said I was looking good and no lumps and no swelling that she could see nor feel. She recommended to continue giving myself massages and to buy any type of firming cream to see if that helps. I will see my PS on my six month anniversary, sometime first week of April, for her to tell me what up!?lol. From the beginning she said I didn't need TT, we will see what she has to say when she sees me. I will upload a couple of pics sometime this week for you guys to give me your humble opinion. Just a friendly reminder that the weight loss came because I DO watch what I eat and exercise.
If you are ahead of me, you kno what I am going thru right know, and if you are behind me, prepare yourself for a rollercoaster of emotions and vest yourself with lots of PATIENCE.


Thank you Bella. I'm 4 months PO Nd overall I feel good. I went for a lymphatic massage yesterday and the MT told me I don't have any swelling anymore and she didn't feel any lumps anymore. I was happy to hear that but now I have to deal with loose skin on my lower abs. She so sweet and told me same thing you did, that I'm being to hard on myself. Her opinion was that I looked really good and all was in my head. She advices to buy some firming cream. How are you feeling?
Hi Lulu and thank you so much for your kind comments. I feel good, no more swelling. Loosing 50 lbs is amazing! Congrats! "Eating clean is eating lean protein, complex carbs, and healthy fats." Drinking lots of water too. I'm pretty sure that's what you do today. How are you feeling? No muscle TT? What's that?
That is what I thought and pretty much our way of life! Still trying , not always successful, to drink 64 oz of water per day (per my PS). I am exhausted tonight and dreading going to work in the am - first mtg is at 7:15. But this all takes time. A mini tummy, they do no surgery on the muscles them selves. I didn't need or want that. She cut off the hanging skin and pulled thing down to meet. They still "peel" all your skin up to your chest to pull it down but the muscle involvement(some women's muscles split right down the middle during pregnancy child birth) was not necessary. Still all in all a 6.5 hour surgery. Whew still trying to work that thru! hope u r doing well and u look great

I am asking all: what kind of exercise do you do...

I am asking all: what kind of exercise do you do and how often? Be honest...


Hey are u doing?? Its been a while since we chatted!!
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Hi Daisy....hope all is well. I know it has been sometime now that you post. I have decided to go see Dr. C for smart lipo and am not gonna lie Im nervous. I would like to know how many months post op you are? Are you finally seeing the results you wanted? I was wondering if its a pain in the butt to wear your cg under your clothes? if you look bulky. I am planning on doing surgery on a Thursday and returning back to work on Monday. I pretty much sit all day for the most part. I am worried about the lumpiness and uneven areas everyone talks about. I have read that some individuals wear a blouse underneath their cg and also put some sort of wood so it can be compressed smoothly idk what that's about maybe someone can elaborate. I will probably go in for my pre-op next week. My intentions were to do BBL with Dr. Cortez; however, I think I am going to go for the liposuction instead and I'll workout to have a very fit, toned body and booty. Any advice from anyone would greatly be appreciated and any post op would be great as well. thank you ladies. best wishes.
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Hey Daisy how have you been I know it's been a while lol
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