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In need of a panniculectomy. My back hurts when i...

In need of a panniculectomy. My back hurts when i exercise i Dnt know if she to the hanging skin. Iwent to a ps and she went the papers to the insurance co. Now i have to wait. Does anyone know how long i have to wait? I been needing one since my last baby i get really bad pains where the skin hangs along with rashes and boils.


Good news sx date march 14 so anxious cant wait...
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Good luck on your journey! As far as how long you may have to wait on insurance that varies depending what insurance company it is. I had to wait 30 days with Cigna. I feel so much better since having my panniculectomy and know that you will too!
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Hi there, welcome!

Good luck with your insurance, I hope it all goes through for you! Is the excess skin from post-pregnancy weight loss?
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So nervous

March 3 heard from the dr office sx date march 14 yay I'm just going to get a panni. It will make a huge difference I just. Know it..


How exciting! Can't wait to see your after pics :)
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Feeling nervous

I couldn't wait until the day but here I am 4 days till sx and I'm getting nervous into for post op on wedsday hope everything comes out good.


How are you how dies your back feel
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Good luck to you sweetie. I was in your situation following three kids and my insurance approved it. I pray that yours does to. Just had my surgery on May 27th and it has already made such a difference in my life. I hope that you know the feeling as well. Keep us posted.
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I'd like to know the outcome and see after pics !
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