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I have been using melanotan II the last 5 years...

I have been using melanotan II the last 5 years with great success. Generally I am very pale, so melanotan II has completely changed my life as i am finally able to tan without getting a sunburn.

I tried melanotan from many different suppliers, and found out there is a remarkably great difference regarding the quality.

In many cases i had to deal with undesirable side effects like headaches or dark birthmarks, but since i found a good U.S. vendor no side effects occur anymore.

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Want us vendor do you use?
Im a redhead and have never taned would like to know how and where to order melanotan?
Can anyone recommend a uk based supplier? The one I use doesn't seem to do very much compared to what I've used before. X

On the bottle it says research only not for human does it say that on yours I'm scared to use it

Vials from all vendors say that. It is not illegal to purchase Melanotan 2, but the vendors all put "Research only, not or human use" on the labels because it has not been approved by the FDA yet. Just make sure you purchase from a reliable vendor. You might pay a little more for it than you would from the cheaper vendors, but I would stay away from the cheaper vendors. Look for vendor reviews, not on the vendor's website, but in Melanotan 2 blogs, reviews, etc., to help you decide on a vendor.
where did you order from in the US?
Kaitlin, I doubt anyone will provide a vendor name, but just google or search for Melanotan 2 vendors and you will find several. I suggest you purchase from one that is not to cheap, because it might not be real, or it might be a lower quality product. Look at paying about $45 per vial for a real product, not the $19 vials.
great advice. never can be certain, but the percent of getting a higher quality product by paying more is a gold rule to follow when using this unregulated product.

I'm glad to hear you are liking the way this Melanotan is working for you. I don't know all that much about it, and am always very curious to hear about it. Are you injecting it yourself?

Yes you do inject it yourself...