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I am scheduled to have a breast lift and small...

I am scheduled to have a breast lift and small implant on Friday. I was so at peace with this because I have nursed four babies and I really would like to have confidence in that area again. But now I'm scared I will regret it. I know southerngal30 is regretting it and I'm just so unsure of what to do. As I was just rocking my 2 yr old and telling him his bedtime stories it hit I going to be able to do this anymore? Gosh I am not wanting to regret this. I am like a saggy B right now and having a lift plus 300 cc silicone moderate plus implants....anyone want to help me out? I want to go through with it because I would like to feel good in that area again...and I don't really want anyone to notice except my husband and me, but gosh I'm nervous now. I've never had any surgeries....all four deliveries were vaginal births....any advice?


You will be OK! If this is something you've been wanting for a long time I think you'll be very happy when you're done and healed. I got implants back in 2001. I won't kid you, it was painful. Not childbirth painful, but VERY sore chest pain. But just for the first 2-3 days. I was back at work on the 4th day. Still sore but doable. And every day after it was better. Try to remember they probably won't look good at first, and it may take a month or two for them to look good. (I'm having to remind myself of that with my latest surgery!) And yes, you'll be able to snuggle your kids. Even right after surgery I could tolerate (and very much loved!) gentle hugs. Best of luck to you tomorrow!
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I had lift with 450cc implant that gave me a full D. I had extra skin from my lift. Right after surgery when I got home. I felt my chest area really tight. My wrinkles on my upper chest where pulled down which was a bonus! LOL. My boobs did feel like large softballs under my skin. I can really start to see them take shape. Once my incisions are totally healed and I get the OK from my PS, I will start to really massage them and help them settle in and take place where they are supposed to go. I promise the pain is totally doable and you will be fine. The worst part is the incisions under your breast. You will feel a stinging/ burning just like if you cute your finger. Once you take your pain medicine you will be totally fine. Did you get your pain medicine already? and your antibiotics?
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Actually I'm only having a lollipop lift so no incisions under the breasts... and I them I didn't want to take vicodin... so taking tramadol instead. .. have to be there at 6:30 am. .. wow that's coming fast!

Ok. . I'm back home. said everything went...

Ok. . I'm back home. said everything went great. The anesthesia was no big deal at all. In fact the verset was relaxing. . And I'm a high anxiety person. ... in some pain. . So i will post more later. ..


You did it! Congratulations! Hope the Tylenol and Advil are working. I know I get similar heart racing side effects from certain medications. You may want to have your PS note this reaction in your chart in case you ever have surgery again. How are you feeling today? Do you have a post op appt with your PS? Keep us posted!

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I had a lift & small implants Wednesday 4-10.. Even in my discomfort now I do not regret it! And hopefully will never ! Like you it was just important for me to feel good about me! I love my kids & proudly made the sacrifices my body $ I did for them ! But nothing says a Momny can't feel good about herself! I felt really good day of surgery & 1st post op day, I think I may have over done it a lil then. Day 3 & 4 have been a lil rough.. But still very glad of the decision I made
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Well. .I seem to have a problem with a few different meds. I was taking tramadol all day yesterday, but last night right before my 2am dose i woke up with my heart racing. .. mind you, I was in bed, and it got to 120! My temperature also went up as a result and i was up the entire night with it. . Uugghh. . I'm so tired! But everytime I'm almost asleep it starts happening again. ..I haven't taken anymore pain meds except a couple of Tylenol since last night. Pain really isn't all that bad, just wish i could get some rest. I still can't take my bandages off until Monday. .. so i have no idea what's hiding under there. It looks pretty flat. . And that's with about 2" of padding and ace wrap. .. guess we'll see. I totally trust my ps. He is amazing and is very well known too for reconstructive surgery after breast cancer.
  • Reply three was a bit better, and I'm only... three was a bit better, and I'm only taking Tylenol...not even regularly. Yes, I'm in some pain, but it's not horrible by any means. Ireland so many comments about stomach issues and constipation that I really tried to avoid that, and it worked. I've drank Tons of water...tons! And already was able to go to the bathroom yay for that! Bad news is....I just started my period..yep. Awe well...could've been yesterday, or the day of my surgery...aagghh! So, hopefully tomorrow will be better. One thing I've dealt with some is light headedness, but today after discussions with the nurse she thought I wasn't taking in enough I started trying to eat more. It worked. So. Eat. Drink tons, I mean tons, of water. I bet I've drank over a gallon a day today and exaggerating....


I meant to say "I've read" ....not "Ireland"....dumb iPad correcting!
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Keep us posted. the first 72 hours are rough. Don't overdo when you feel a little better. Take a laxative before you think you absolutely need it. And listen to your doctor. :-)
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You know. . Awesome thing is I read over and over from you guys about the constipation thing that i have been drinking tons and tons of water and have already gone twice. . Thank goodness. .. this site has really helped me! I do feel a little better today but pretty sore and tender. . Only taking Tylenol. .. no pain meds since Friday night. .. bad reaction...

Ok..just posted a pic...and it looks just like my...

Ok..just posted a pic...and it looks just like my after, although of course mine haven't fully dropped yet...the before is a little smaller than I was, but the after looks a lot the same...


I go on Thursday. . And I'm sooo glad they give me that time.. NO way i could've gone the next day. .. will keep you posted!
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Oh. Did u take the bandages off today? If so what did u think?
Yes and it felt so much better to get them off! They look great! Just the size I was looking for. .a "c". They look just like they do when i have my best padded bra on. I don't think anyone will even notice. . Well except my husband and I. .lol! I'm really not up for posting pictures because I read that they come up on Google and if anyone ever recognized me I would be quite embarrassed i think! My stiches look great and they seem very symmetrical. I'll find a picture that looks like them if i can and post that. .lol!

Well. . Although i feel a lot better, I'm dealing...

Well. . Although i feel a lot better, I'm dealing with a new problem:-(. ... I'm going in later for a Doppler to check for a blood clot in my leg. This scares me a lot because it would mean a hospital stay and we all know those can be deadly. Please pray i get a clear result. ..

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Yay yay yay! No blood clot! I'm sooo relieved. I...

Yay yay yay! No blood clot! I'm sooo relieved. I realized today that I've made a big mistake In my recovery. I was supposed to be doing these arm lifting exercises for the first 48 hours and then stopping. Well my husband could not remember the discharge instructions and when i finally found them it was at 72 hrs or so, so I thought I should go ahead and start them. Big mistake I think...I made myself hurt, hurt, hurt! Feeling a bit better now after some Tylenol thank goodness.


So glad you are ok! It is hard not to overdo it 4-7 days out because you feel so much better. But take it easy!
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Praise The Lord! So excited for you. Don't even know u but been praying for ya all day :-)
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Thank you. . That's so kind. I was pretty worried. .I have four completely precious kiddos that i need to be with.. and the chance of a blood clot was scary. That's so rare though. . It really is a very low risk procedure to have done. My ps and anesthesiologist both told me that if i drive on the freeway I'm taking a bigger risk. You still doing yours tomorrow?

Well. . Couldn't sleep much again. . It seems even...

Well. . Couldn't sleep much again. . It seems even laying on my back hurts. .. only sitting up is comfortable but i can't sleep that way for long. ... here is a great site i found for after surgery


I'm so sorry you are going through this! One of my best friends had a lift and implant a year ago, and her recovery was also a lot tougher because it is almost a double surgery! She got back at it in no time though and looks AMAZING as you will :) ! Stay strong and know it will all pass! Blessings to you!!!
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Thank you for the encouragement. .. I'm very very thankful i didn't go too big. My ps is pretty conservative and looking back I'm glad he didn't let me talk him into going bigger. .. I'll be glad when a couple of months have passed!
Outta curiosity, what's the risk with the clot and express way driving? I take express ways to work and return tomorrow.

Ok. Just had my post-op appt, and he said...

Ok. Just had my post-op appt, and he said everything looks perfect. I think I can finally say too that I think they look really, really good. My husband says they are (and that's with the stitches are strips still too bad I'm still so sore...I've also had a horrible cough and cold during this week of trying to recover, and boy that's not fun....coughing your head off while your boobs already hurt..ouch! I have some significant bruising under my left breast that I was concerned with what he'd say, but he said its no big deal...yay! I finally, finally feel that I'm on the downhill, I'm going to be so glad I did this slope...


Yay! Hopefully you can enjoy this weekend a little!
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I was taking 2 pain pills every 4 hours and not getting relief - found the muscle relaxers to be more effective. But was really in a lot of pain the first 3 days. Drink lots of water and take stool softener of you'll be so stopped up!
I never got any prescriptions for muscle relaxers... what did you take? My boobs still feel so engorged. ..

Well, I had my second post op appt today and got...

Well, I had my second post op appt today and got my steri strips changed out. I was so surprised to see that my incisions weren't even red! That was great! My left side is still swollen, but my right is not so much. I've been a little concerned though cuz I can now feel the implant on my left side move around some. I can feel it move when I bend over, like its "falling" with me, and I can also feel it if I gently push it on the sides. Anyone else experience this?


Hi there, I was just wondering how your recovery went with your two yr hard it was to lift on him and do the day to day things mommy's do for the babies?? I'm scheduled for a lift with implants in Oct, but I'm have hesitations due to not knowing how long i will be out of normal routine with my kids. Especailly the youngest he's 18 mo
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Do u still have that feeling that one is moving around? I'm having that- 5 wks out now. Bugs me when I sleep on my side
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You know I really dont have that feeling at all anymore. . They feel like I've always had them now. . How are you?
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