Pre Op Picture - Texas

So I'm about to post a preop picture....reminding...

So I'm about to post a preop picture....reminding myself of how beautiful my boobs currently are....and praying for the best. My surgery is August 20th at 0645...two days and waiting. It's funny that the 300cc sizers seemed so big for someone like me with a 12BWD...yet, I'm still having a little bit of boob greed. Starting with a 32B should bring me to a C I hope.

Surgery is done!

So I had surgery this morning. I was in at 7am...I was home before 10am. It's not so much of pain but tightness and pressure is what you feel. I took two vicodins when I got home...sadly it did not help with the tightness. I've been a me to roll myself out of bed and use the bathroom and stuff. So far so good. I do wish my bf was here to help...another reason why being with a Soldier is so difficult. are some pictures three hours after the surgery.

Post day 1 picture

Hey guys...I'm one day post op. I drove myself to my follow up appointment. Dr. Ray said everything looked good but to remain without a bra if possible. My sides are swollen and my left breast is slightly bigger than my right. Curious to see the finished result.


Quick question...when I stand up now my breasts feel heavy, like they're pulling my chest down. Is that what dropping feels like? I'll post some pictures later. The swelling is going down, and they're finally getting a shape. Last thing, my breasts keep rubbing against the inframmamary incision's annoying but at least the scars are hidden. My surgeon used glue and not suture. The site feels so bumpy...he told me to not put anything on it until next week when I see him.

Day 23

Swelling is going down....I can put my hands above my head, behind my back etc. The only worry I have is the incision site feels rough because of the skin glue he put on there. I'm not sure if that was a good idea....we'll see next week.

Incision question

My surgeon users skin glue to close up my incisions and I'm not sure if it's the glue but my skin feels very rough in that area. Has anyone else experienced this?

Correction to incision question

I meant he "used" skin glue. Hate typing on the phone.

Post op 1 week

Check this picture out. Still some dropping to do.

18 Days Post

My right breast is still tighter than the left...I've been massaging like crazy so hopefully it will fully drop. I finally invested in some under armour sports bra...they're about 35 bucks per...but the support is great. 300cc was actually perfect for my size. I can't wait to start lifting next week!


Hello everyone,

Tomorrow will make it 4 weeks since I've had my BA. This morning I went to VS and was measured to be a 32D. Unfortunately the wireless Bra I wanted did not have size 32D. So I decided to try on the 34D, and the results are down below. Right now the biggest problem is my incision site....they get pretty sore and annoying. I get random shooting pain on each breast...not sure if that's normal. I'd like to hear about your healing 4 weeks post op. Feel free to comment!
Killeen Plastic Surgeon

So far so good. He seems caring and attentive. I went with his choice and so far I like a lot.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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what profile is this? HP or mod +? They look amazing
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Just Mod profile
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I will be 4 weeks p.o. this coming Monday. I too still get zingers/twinges on both breasts. Around the incision it feels like a sunburn....I have not been bra shopping yet only the coobie bras. The sports bra feel too tight and I feel like they're being pulled down so I avoid those bras. I have been applying bio oil all over my breasts and even on the incisions...seems to soothe them...after getting home from work...and I go braless while the oil is on...I'm using the scar sheeting my ps gave me at the clinic...the scar is looking ok so far...I still feel numbness right above the incision the area above the crease...not sure that's normal are looking great!
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Hey Cebrie, Congrats to you also. I saw your pictures and you're looking great. My surgeon didn't give me anything to put on the I haven't really used anything. The incision site is very smooth...just sore at times. So the zingers and twinges are normal I guess. I know during the day if I overdo lifting, I usually pay for it at night. Are you using the silicone scar sheets? Or?
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Hi Daffodile...thx for the compliments. Yes, I've been using the scar sheets. I got them from my ps and since I develop keloids I started using them 2 weeks post op. I put them on at night and take them off when I get up in the morning. I also apply bio oil all over the breasts ...sort of helping my skin with the stretching...are you numb around the incisions? I am ;(
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You look amazing! I am one month p.o. today. I haven't been bra shopping yet, because I'm still waiting for the ok from my PS. I don't see him until next fri. I posted new picts a few days ago. Most of the time things are feeling a lot better, but I still get twinges every now and again, and my incisions are still tender if I wear a bra too long. I don't wear an actual bra, just the coobie-type ones, but they still sit in that same area. Once again, your girls are dropping nicely and look great!
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I only bought one VS bra. I've been wearing sports bras. I'm people usually lose a size after being completely fluffed or do they get bigger?
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I've heard both ways...apparently you can have some swelling until up to 3 months post op, so if that goes down they decrease, but then I've heard that as they settle it actually fills the breast more and size increases. Who knows. It's a waiting game I guess!
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Woo hoo a "D" very nice! Gonna have my friend goina2c check yers out :) They are looking so good! Be careful at the gym, I don't know exactly what happened to me but the week I went back I ended up getting an infection with a very swollen right breast. Dr said I may have pulled something or it's simply an infection, no way to know for sure. Take care...
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More photos!! I love your boobs!!
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I'll take some soon cat girl. The doctor did a great job. Thank you.
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Does anyone know if saline or silicone is better/safer/lasts longer? I'm about to make a consultation appt n don't even know where to begin! Thanks in advance
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It all depends on what you're looking for though. Personally speaking, saline felt like water balloons when I touched them...but they're cheaper and if they burst, your body will just absorb it. I went with sientra moderate profile aka gummy bear. They felt more realistic to me, and I chose moderate profile because well, I wanted a natural look. Do your research....bring pictures...and ask questions at your appointment. Talking to the ladies here helped me a lot too.
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They are beautiful!
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I also had BA surgery with Dr. Charles Day. It was 8 August 2014. Your skin glue questions I also had. Today my scars are almost non existent at almost 5 weeks.
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Awesome. They feel very soft right now. I'll be three weeks far so good. I'm glad I chose him. What about you? How's the healing?
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Healing is great, a big difference this past week. The scar has almost disappeared. Did you have over or under the muscle? Mine are softening and slowly dropping into place. I'm very pleased.
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I had under the muscle. I actually jogged today. I felt pretty good. To me, they feel so tiny but on camera they look fine. Tomorrow makes it three weeks post op.
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How many ccs did you get?
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I'm very glad I chose Dr. Day also. I chose 385 ccs based on my measurements, my goals and Dr. Day's expertise. I trusted his guidance, and I'm very pleased. You went jogging today, I took it easier and went for a swim. Your photos look great.
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Yes they are perfect for you! Have fun getting to the gym again, I'm loving it :)
  • Reply confidence level went up quite a bit. I'm a crossfit fanatic...I'm thinking about putting that off until November...but for now, I'll lift.
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Did you wear any type of bra post op?? My surgeon told me not to and I'm a lil nervous about not having support but yours look great!!
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I wore sports bras that closed in front until my one week po. Dr said go without as much as possible and that is fine with me. Went for 6 week po on Thursday and he took . Post op pictures but they are still kinda full up top he said he liked them but they would still drop more. Come back in 3 months.
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No I was pretty much bra less for two weeks. I had my surgery August 20th...and I went back to work on September 8. I took time off to travel and stuff. Even now, only wear a bra during the work hours...after that I'm free boobing it.
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