6 wks Post Op Update - Pics. TT, MR, Flank Lipo w/ Hernia Repair - TX

I'm 35 year old mom of 3 boys.. 9, and 4 1/2 yr ol...

I'm 35 year old mom of 3 boys.. 9, and 4 1/2 yr ol nd twins. Pregnancy took a huge toll on my body, 14 weeks of bedrest and 85 lbs gain with my first son, 45 lb gain with twins but my belly grow so big I was bigger around than I was tall! Twins shredded my abs and left me with a hernia, so after 4 years the hernia and ab muscle have given out and my stomach started bulging and hurting. Hernia repair is where this journey started, but I figured since I was going to have surgery which had to be done I might as well get TT and everything else fixed at the same time. My PS said that the hernia repair would fix the issue, but the bulge I have that makes me look pregnant could only be fixed with TT and MR.

I have tons of skin that exercise and clean diet would not help. I'm so ready to join the FLAT SIDE.


I gained a lot with my daughter too. This will be so rewarding for you- you deserve a new belly after sacrificing it for your babies. Good luck with your plans! :)
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Day 1 post op. Surgery lasted 4.5 hours. Anethesia...

Day 1 post op. Surgery lasted 4.5 hours. Anethesia was not nice to me.. once it left my system I was fine. First pain meds Perocet didn't work. Switched demerol and phenagran and felt tons better. Spent night in hospital which was the best decision, so if you cab stay the night do it. Walk every 2-3 hours to prevent you from getting stiff. The more I walk the better and more normal I feel.

I'm up sitting in chair, eating breakfast, circled the floor, the more I move the better it feel. I'm a little swollen at the incision but nothing too bad. Switched to loratab.


Any post op pics???
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No pictures yet, I will take some in am when I take off dressings and get a shower. Just got home.
Welcome SVR... You are now an official member to the Flat Club :) Wishes for a speedy recovery... We are here for you when you need us! Sending a BIG (virtual) hug!!

Had to go see ps today some of the stitches on the...

Had to go see ps today some of the stitches on the right side were pinching a nerve and giving me burning shooting pains that no meds could take away. So he had to open the incision and cut the stitches 3 layers deep to free the nerve. I'm feeling better, got a shower and have been walking op right since yesterday.


you look great! I hope when I see myself for the 1st time tomorrow it looks as good as yours! *nervous*!
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Wow, you look great and your scar is especially thin. I hope the pinched nerve issue is resolved now.
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my scar seems to keep getting smaller by the day.. he removed almost all my stretch marks. nerve issues only bothers me first thing in am... feels more like a pulled muscle now.

4 weeks post op.. Life has returned to normal.....

4 weeks post op.. Life has returned to normal.. Carpools, dishes, laundry, etc.
Still have some swelling but nothing too bad, wearing my pre surgery jeans and pants and they are all big, my shirts are floating on me:)

Allowed to walk, lifting nothing over 10 lbs.

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6 weeks never thought I would make it here. I'm...

6 weeks never thought I would make it here. I'm feeling great, sleeping on my side in my bed again. Running errands, grocery shopping, carpool, life has for the most part returned to normal. My scar looks great and it disappearing in some area already, it should be completely gone by 1 year mark, maybe sooner.. using Bio Oil twice a day and massage it. Binder is too big now and moves too much so I go without or with control top boy shorts. Have PS follow appt, hoping I'm released to workout again soon. That is all I got for know.

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Yesterday I had 6 week 2 day follow. No more visit...

Yesterday I had 6 week 2 day follow. No more visit for 3 months.. No more spanx or binder.. 2 more weeks of low impact, no lifting over 10 lbs.. In two bweeks I can resume all exercises just take it slow and limit ab work for a few more weeks. I'm officially still down 7 lbs and my waist went from 37 inches to 29.5 from hernia repair and TT. I hugged my PS yesterday because I'm over the moon with my results. My scar is disappearing and super thin. Only issue is lip area are sore and a little swollen still, but wearing normal clothes feels great, bought new dresses for 10 yr anniversary and I have curves.. :)


You look great, do you mind if I ask your height and weight?
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I'm 5'3 and 142 before surgery, I'm 7 weeks out and 135.
Ur scar looks so good starting week 2, that's amazing! !!
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1 year post op

Things are great. My scar is almost invisible at this point. I had to have female surgery so I have a new red scar from November surgery but you can't see the rest of it unless you on right on top of it.


YAY! One year! Congrats! I am almost 4 months. I can't wait for my scar to look as white as yours! You look freakin' awesome girlie :-) I am also a momma to twins (2 1/2 year old boys).
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Message me for name..

I love my PS, he came highly recommended by my OBGYN, she send all her patients to him for Abdominal Repairs. Surgery was $8950 included Full TT, MR, Lip flanks Hernia surgery was performed by my general surgeon that was $3000+

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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