March 11th is the date I will have my tuck!I will...

March 11th is the date I will have my tuck!I will not have liposuction because there is no fat on my abs. I will also undergo breast augmentation. So basically it is a mommy makeover.

I am 40 years old and have two beautiful girls. I gained 40lbs with each pregnancy and was terribly stretched with my first pregnancy. (second was much more comfy because my skin was so stretched out!)

I have worked very hard to get my body into great shape...I even did a triathalon last June. But no matter what I do my tummy is saggy and wrinkled. This 40 year old is tired of having a tummy that looks like a 100 year old tummy. haha! No offence to any centenarians who read this :)

I have found an awesome surgeon who is board ceritfied with 15 years experience and comes highly reccomended. He is easy to talk to and puts me at ease.

I am excited and scared at the same time! I do understand that there is quite a bit of pain involved and I know that everyone is different regarding healing and levels of pain. I have enjoyed reading everyone's story and want to share mine. Hopefully it can not only help me but others!!

I have included some before photos so you can check out my tummy now. I promise to post photos after my procedure along with an update of pain levels and healing. I'll take pictures from day 1 :)


You are going to have a beautiful new tummy!  All of that skin you hate so much will be gone and you will be a happy mama!

I look forward to reading your posts and seeing your after pictures. 
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You look like a great candidate for a tummy tuck! So exciting. I can't wait to see your after pics and read more of your story!

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Thank you so much Angiemcc!! I am so happy I found RealSelf :)

I with tomorrow was March 11th!!! I am so ready to...

I with tomorrow was March 11th!!! I am so ready to just do this. This site is just wonderful!! It has helped me to understand what is about to happen in a realistic light! lol! I love that though...I would rather be over prepared than blissfully unaware. It has also helped me to see that I need to take it easy after surgery and try not to do too much. I am one who wants to get up and start doing things immediately. I will be very diligent in keeping myself down.

I've added before photos of my chest since I will also be getting implants at the time of my TT. I will either get 300cc or 350cc (haven't decided). I will discuss this further with my PS. I am going with subglandular (overs) because I want some cleavage and my sternum is very wide...unders for me would enhance the sternum. Oh! And I am going with silicone. actually have boobies....


Thank you so much for the kind words!!!!! I am soooo ready for this to be over and done with!!lol! I can't wait to hear about your surgery and recovery too!!
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You will look amazing after your surgery....good luck to you and I can't wait to see the new you!
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Acworthmom- I am so excited you found me! I can't wait to hear how your procedure goes. I have been searching for similar tummies to ours and haven't seen many. Please keep in touch and let me know how it goes. Good luck!!
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I had my pre-op today. I really love my PS :) We...

I had my pre-op today. I really love my PS :) We discussed my procedures in length...he answered my questions (ironically more about my breast aug than TT..because you ladies are so helpful in that area I feel the expert!!)and not once did he make me feel rushed. He showed me exactly where my incision scar would be on my tummy. He can place it very low! Excited about that.

I have been unsure about the placement of my implants. When I asked a question about my implant size most of the doctors on RS want me to go under the muscle because I'm thin but I would like to go over the muscle. after talking with him I am now confident even though I am thin and small they will look great. He measured my tissue and breast width and we decided on 350cc high profile silicone(if I went with saline he would have to go under the muscle... no prob because I prefer the look and feel of silicone)

And with my TT I will only have one drain because that is all he uses on patients unless there are different circumstances. So I guess one isn't so bad right??

He prescribed my pain meds and antibiotics. Looks like I am good to go!! Now I need to keep busy so time will fly.

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Now about the boobs....never had them and always...

Now about the boobs....never had them and always wanted them. My body is not proportionate. I have a big bottom and wider hips. I have taken very good care of my body and feel like I have earned this little makeover :)

This Christmas my husband surprised me. I was so excited I made 3 appointments for consultation the next day. I found a wonderful surgeon who puts me at ease. He is board certified and has 15 years experience.

The hardest thing for me is deciding what size I want my implants to be. I am very thin in the chest but as you can see in my posted pics that I have a round and prominant bottom so I feel I can go maybe a full C and it will even out my frame.

The next thing I have had to decide was unders or overs. The surgeons on RealSelf (who are excellent) want me to go under the muscle but I would rather go over. My surgeon said that would be fine. He measured my tissue and said if I went with silicone I wouldn't be able to see the outline of the implant. I know all of the risks involved and I have talked to several women of my stature who have silicone overs and they are fine. I will take the chance! I am extremely active with exersize and lift weights on a regular basis. I would prefer my pectoral muscles to remain untouched. I also like the look of overs for some reason...and believe me I have seen thousands of boobies lately!! lol!

I also have a very wide sternum and apparently will never have cleavage. That is also ok with me. As long as I have something to fill a bra that will work just great!

Can you tell I am in the obsessive stage right now? I feel I live and breath my upcoming surgery. I was nervous but now I just want it done. My pre-op is on the 21st so I will find out more information then.

Thank you for helping me with my journey lovely ladies! I will return the favor and post my outcome when my day comes.

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In case you are wondering why my review seems to...

In case you are wondering why my review seems to overlap information....I combined a tummy tuck and mommy makeover review!


Getting closer to you being super model material! Best of luck!
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Awww... Thank you, so sweet :) Ok, I just saw your updated pictures! Wow!!! Your tummy and boobies look absolutely amazing!! Bikini season here you come!
Thanks, I've just gotta work on my big thighs and arms now! Haha... I wish there was a quick fix for those ,but hard work is the only thing that will cure that!

I just pre-registered with the hospital. They were...

I just pre-registered with the hospital. They were so nice and comforting. I must admit so far everyone I have dealth with regarding this surgery has been wonderful. It really helps!! The nurse told me not to shave unless I am already doing so. She said they use clippers and it minimizes scrapes and open bumps. She told me to drink plenty of liquids before midnight nothing after or on the morning before surgery. I have to be there at 6am. Any blood work ordered will be done the morning of surgery. She asked the usual questions about my health history and said I pay the hospital the day of the surgery. My PS has already been paid. I am so excited I can't stand it! I have made a list of things I need. Top of my head the things I need to do: fill my prescriptions and buy gatorade, MOM, more vitamin C, extra strength tylenol, plenty of healthy snacks, Palmers oil, comfy soft velour sweat suits, extra pillows, a few paperbacks and gossip mags, need to make hair appt before surgery. I know there's where is my list??;)


Thanks for all the tips acworth!! I am doing ok pain wise today. Have a lot of swelling,don't know why I am mainly staying in bed with legs propt?? Congrats on not having to wear the binder!
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I just sent you a really long private message!!!
My english teach daughter would strangle me if she read that...geez.
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I feel good today but I am a bit restless and...

I feel good today but I am a bit restless and anxious. I didn't sleep to long last night (slept good just woke up at 4am and couldn't go back to bed) so I am tired..I'm hoping that will help me sleep tonight. My PS's office just called to confirm my appt. I love the people friendly and accomodating.
My mom is staying the night so I won't have to worry about my girls. They are going to skip school tomorrow and go out with grandma for a day of fun. She's going to take them shopping and out to a movie. That makes me happy that they will be occupied and having a good time. They really have no idea what I am doing but they know I am having my tummy repaired so I didn't want them to worry at all. They won't miss anything tomorrow at school...not much going on since their spring break starts on Monday.
My house is clean and my cupboards are filled to the! I am going to wear a comfy sweat suit tomorrow, it ha a drawstring not elastic. I have no idea what else I would wear! My husband will take me tomorrow. I'm so glad he will be with me. He is calming! My tummy is getting butterflies while I write this :)


Good luck tomorrow!
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Thank you MsWhit! Your day is coming soon too:) Exciting! I'll make sure and update as soon as possible.
It's your turn!! It's your turn!!!

Can't wait to hear how you're doing!!

Sending healing wishes your way! You'll do amazing and this time tomorrow, you will be knocked out due to pain meds and in recovery mode!! YAY!

Out of it on pain doing great will...

out of it on pain doing great will opdate later


Yay!! You have made it through to the "after tt world"!!
So good to see you posting already, and not in too much pain. Can't wait to see your fabulous results. Take care and know our thoughts and prayers are with you as you recover.
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Hey yall! I feel pretty good! This is how I describe my feeling: Like I have a hunger pain and I worked out really hard with my abs. Boobs don't hurt at all. I haven't read your udate cittycat but I am sooooo glad to see your post. That makes me know you are doing ok!
I have managed to get up and down on my own to pseudo pee(only a bit came out). It was hilarious. I used only my arms and legs. Talking exhausts me so I only say a few words then do thumbs up when my hubby/daughters or mom asks me anything. I use most of my talking energy for my daughters of course!!!
I have only needed one vicodin at a time and have just taken the second one. They make me pass out so soon i will be dreaming!lol
For those of you who haven't done this yet and are nervous. You can do it! I do have a high pain threshold and very strong abs (according to my PS) I work out a lot, eat totally clean (no preservitives) and it has that would come in handy some day. hehe!
I will post pictures soon. My scar is LOW LOW LOW!!! Yeah baby!! My boobs are not too big either and that makes me really happy. I didn't want them to be too big but they look full and lovely :) Hubby has been great too. He has totally stepped up to the plate acworth!!! ;) I will be talking to you a lot acworth! I have some funny stories to share.
Vicodin is kicking in ...night night!
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Hey Girl!!! So glad to hear you are doing good. Don't hold off on the pain meds too much tomorrow though...stay ahead of the pain. Glad to hear your husband is stepping up for you....just don't expect the pillows on the bed. LOL. Yea, now that you are a memeber of the after club, we can share funny stories better. I was always a little careful with what I told you, because I didn't want to make you more nervous, but now I can tell the truth. Just kidding. I still wish I could have gotten the boobies - especially since they don't hurt. How many drains did you end up getting? Can't wait to see your will look amazing. How you gonna hide those GIRLS from the neighbor ladies?

I can already tell being in bed is going to drive...

I can already tell being in bed is going to drive me CRAZY!!LOL
I am unable to push it though because it is hard to maneuver. I am not in pain...for all of you who haven't done it yet pain hasn't been bad...the hard part is staying comforatble. My lower back is what hurts most. I know acworthmom told me her back hurt as well and several others.
I haven't taken vicodin today and don't need it! Wild enough the tylenol has been fine. I am not opposed to taking the meds but hey, if I don't need it then I'd rather not take it.
I have had zero appetite but have forced down egg whites, toast, soup and tons of water.
Last night I had to get up 6 times to pee. It is hard getting up. He stitched me tight on the upper abs so I feel the gravity big time when I stand up. It's like I've had a super super hard work out. But it's sore not a sharp pain. My insicion is not painful (yet). I don't know if it will ever bother me but for now it's fine. I only have 1 drain and it is putting out very little drainage which is great. hubby has emptied it 3 times at 20cc. not bad! It might increase the more I start to move around.
I can hear my girls having fun in the backyard as I type this and wish i could join them :( they are doing great but I hate being trapped in bed!!!!!!!!!!!!! Patience right?
And I have not gone #2 yet but i have gas (lovely right?). I've taken MOM but haven't had the urge to go yet. Any suggestions? I did have lentil soup a little bit ago...maybe the fiber will help too!
I've taken a peek at my tummy and it looks good..can't see my bely button yet under the bandage but my inscision is thin and low so that's good. i do have a slight verticle from my old belly button but it's low enough to hide in my panties. My boobs are so full but still no pain in that area. I went with 350cc over the muscle. I think I will be very happy with that size on my frame. I can post a picture of me in my binder gear...I'm afraid to keep it off for more than to check it. I will post other pictures after I am able to shower.
My PS called me yesterday and today to check on me. He is awesome!
Ok I am going to sleep a bit now

...haha! Little things make me tired. All part of the recovery right??


hey girie! I am 10days post op and I had the same issue (pooping) I was taking Milk of Magnesim and a stool softner and finally at day 6 of no BM my PS nurse told me to have a cup of warm prune I a morning coffee I had prune juice instead and seriously an hour later..I was going!! So maybe that will work for you..
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Hey hon, thank you for the advice, I'll have hubby pick up some prune juice, is it gross warm? Never had it before, but I sure need weight is down to 129lb(131 on surgery day), even with this 6 day swollen, bloat thing, can't wait to find out how much the skin they removed weighed. How you feeling?
Are you feeling better A New Me? Did you get your drains out yet?

I woke up today feeling pretty good. I think...

I woke up today feeling pretty good. I think it's due to the fact that I haven't had to take any pain meds except tylenol. Oh! And I woke up at 2am with a rumble in my tummy and just made it to the potty...MOM did her job!lol! I got up and made myself some egg whites and toast. I sat at the kitchen table and relished feeling almost normal!
My tummy isn't half as sore as I thought it would be. It's just sore like after a work out. My back on the other hand is killing me. I will be seeing a massage therapist after this little venture for sure! Ahhh....that will feel so good :)
My first post op is tomorrow. I can't wait to see what's under the gauze. I didn't want to mess with anything so I will let him take it all off. I can't wait to see my belly button.
I hope everyone else is doing good... both pre and post op!


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You are such a sweetheart and you will feel better soon I know it! One way to apss the time is surfing a great website Kimmers was talking about it's have swimsuits and clothing you can check out. It's fun to look on there and make out a shopping list;)Your children are precious by the way! So beautiful like their mommy! And even lying there feeling like still look good! So don't worry about a thing!
And another great site is They have a bunch of post op things that might be useful! Take care and take it one day at a time! You will feel normal again I promise :)
Hi, you are such a sweetheart! (I'm giving you a hug) Thank you. I just found out I have a wonderful yeast infection from my zpack (30 doses of antibiotics wrapped into a 5 day course) and now the bactrim I am on. The pharmacist warned me this would happen, it's just sort of adding to the misery, so hubby is off picking up a one day treatment for me as I type this, along with some milk of magnesia, a whole mug of warm prune juice and 3 prunes did not help, I'm even drinking coffee currently. My husband has been freelance writing and busy with deadlines, my older sissy just moved away to redding, CA today. My son is sick with a cold and he is supposed to go sledding on Mt Ashland for a field trip tommorow,which he wants to do, but I am trying to figure out daycare for tommorow because I have my doc appt in the morning and I think he may need to stay home with his cough, we'll see. (poor thing) My babies need me. My husband brushed my hair today, and my daughter thought I had showered because it is so greasy it looked wet. These lows are really hard today, but yours and everyones else's support is really helpful. I will check out that clothing website and dream of belly looks so huge right now. Awww, got all that off my chest, thanks. How are you feeling? Pain? Emotions? (hug to you from me)

Today was my first post op appt. I love my PS!! He...

Today was my first post op appt. I love my PS!! He has given me beautiful results. I got to see my tummy and it looks so good!! He was very pleased with the results of both my tummy and boobs which made me very happy :)If you have not picked a surgeon yet make sure you do your research and go with your gut instinct.
Back to my appt....he said he is going to keep my drain in for a bit longer. I am fine with that...I dont want fuid build up in my abdomen! He also showed me the proper way to wear my binder and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it feels so much better! I am looking forward to a more comfy sleep tonight. He also told me I could start straightening when it felt right. I have gradually started to but I am still hunched. Can't wait to stand up straight so my back doesn't hurt so much.
He wants to me to be as mobile as possible too. He said get up and down often it helps with blood flow. I have started sitting in the family room now and it has helped my level of energy tremendously. I also make sure I get up and dress myself and look half way good...LOL that helps too. I have no pain so this is not hard to do.
My appetite has come back and I have been eating small healthy meals through the day..I think that helps with energy levels too. Going #2 hasn't been an issue since I took the MOM. Only one dose needed...that stuff is powerful!lol!
I loved getting out today...feeling the sun. I plan on sitting in the backyard to read tomorrow. The sun makes me happy!! :) Our weather is beautiful right now so that helps.
I plan on getting out this weekend and going for ice cream or something simple with my hubby and girls. My mom has been fabulous...she has kept the house so clean and has shown my ladies a good ol' mall shopping, eating out extravaganza time. Spoiled them rotten :) Even though I feel guilt I know this was the best time to do it. Truthfully the timing with my surgery and healing progress couldn't be better. I am so relieved! I am putting this down so other women who are worried will know this isn't a walk in the park but it is doable and totally worth it. I am so excited about my new figure.


You're looking amazing! You're going to have a fun summer in a new swimsuit. I'm jealous over here! LOL!

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Angie you are so sweet :) Thank you so much!!! I am just so excited to wear clothes again without tucking in my skin... I haven't even thought about summer...woohoo!
I just read your update and I am so happy for you! Sounds like things are going great:). So glad you are happy with your results as well! You look wonderful that is for sure! Are you able to eat as much (room wise)? I still can't eat very much but I am feeling pretty good as well with the ibuprofen I am taking.. I keep telling my husband the worst is walking around and feeling your back burn like crazy! I am so hoping I like my results, but I am VERY surprised that my breasts don't look that big at this stage in the game.. I really don't think they are swollen much, or I hope that they aren't;). I know they haven't caused me hardly any pain.. That has all been in my abdominal wall! Wow can I relate on how tight it is! It makes it hard to breath and even talk at times for me. Also, that is awesome you don't feel your incision! I feel it pulling against gravity when I stand up.
Well anyways.. So great to hear all is going well for you:). How fun for your girls to have some great grandma time:). Goodnight!
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Happy St.Patty's Day Yall! :) I am 6 days post...

Happy St.Patty's Day Yall! :) I am 6 days post op.
Today, after my mom left, I drove myself and my girls to Dillards to buy me a new improved front closing sports bra...can you say heaven??? LOL! It is made by Lunaire...zips in the front. Much softer than the post surgical garment. I also bought the spanx Slim Cognito shaper. I tried it on along with my binder and I liked how it felt. I just figured out that a lot of support helps me stay verticle longer at this point.
It was a short errand but I felt like I accomplished something. This makes me so happy:) Remember, I am very task oriented! LOL. It's the little things :)
I am tired but not totally exhausted which is surprising. I did take a nap before we went to the store so I bet that helped.
I am still not totally upright but I don't hunch too much. It just looks like I have terrible posture..LOL!
My drain isn't producing much of anything but I have to wait until Monday to get it taken out. My surgeon is out of town until then. On the positive side... I will be very well drained :)

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I went to the grocery store today. My Mom had a...

I went to the grocery store today. My Mom had a hair appt and I told her to take a break that I was doing fine. I felt pretty energetic and we were lacking nutritious food so to Kroger I went. I had my daughters with me and they helped tremedously. It was actually a fun outing. Not too much activity for me and they had a blast helping. LOL! I was tired when I got home and took a nap. I woke up feeling good.
Body update: I love my boobs. The right one has dropped into place more and it looks fantastic. The left one is sitting a bit higher and it's tighter but I feel it tingling like the right one before it dropped. Even with it sitting higher it looks pretty. Hubby loves them too :)Changing my bra has helped with the inscision pain too. It feels waaaaay better! Tummy's looking great. I will be so happy when my drain is removed. It is starting to irritate me now! It keeps tugging under my binder. Three days till freedom.....


I have I full body girdle do u like the binder? The full body gets a little hot!
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The binder is great for easy on and off action but it is not very comforatable! I am wearing spanx "slim cognito" during the day and I like it much better! I sleep in the binder because you don't have to wrestle with it in the ladies room..for those late night trips to the loo :)
How are you doing?? From your reviews it looks like you are healing great! You got subglandular implants too didn't you? I LOVE mine!! They look so pretty. It is much more painful going under the muscle I've heard.
I have a full body girdle too! Does yours zip and clasp on the sides? I love the feeling it gives but ahh to have it off as well! Do you mind yours? Hope you are doing well! I am hoping to see a difference with the lipo of inner and outer thighs. I have muscular legs and a lot of times I don't see that big of improvements;I am assuming with the full body girdle you had lipo of the thighs as well?

Freedom!! My drain was pulled today and I feel...

Freedom!! My drain was pulled today and I feel like a new woman! I am also in spanx 100% of the time instead of my stiff starched binder. WooHoo!! Life is good! LOL!
The drain wasn't bad at all just a weird feeling as it came out. It pulls from one end to the other inside you but for me there was no pain. And it is over very fast.
I love my new belly button too! My PS took off the tape around my navel and it is so pretty!! I was a little worried it would be bigger than I liked because of all the dried blood around the tape. I couldn't tell the size. All of you who haven't seen your belly button without the caked blood you will be pleasantly surprised when it is cleaned up:)I will post pics soon.


Gorgeous!! Hot mama:).. Look out hubbies here we come:). Especially after all this down time;).. Haha.. You look wonderful!
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Hehe!! Thank you Mommy :) My hubby can hardly contain himself bless his heart! He has always been attentive and complimentary but I have never seen him this way. It's adorable. Isn't it funny what a flat tummy and boobs can do?

Go easy on the hubbies...we would not want to cause any heart attacks.  After all they are going to think they are with 20 year olds again...LOL

Last night I was able to sleep without pillows...

Last night I was able to sleep without pillows under my knees and I think it helped me to straighten a bit this morning. My upper abs are sore though! I took a shower this morning...a proper one... and man did it feel fantastic! My back is starting to feel better too I think it's because I am able to use some of my core to hold myself upright again. I forgot to mention that my PS told me to start with implant massage. It doesn't hurt but it feels weird! Boobs are a little itchy on the sides so I used Gold Bond Healing Lotion and it helps. Just have to be careful I don't get lotion in my incisions.


Thank you so much!!! Still keeping my fingers crossed for your tummy. I hurt for you, so let me know when you feel things are getting better and I'm sure they will one way or another.
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Sorry, that message was for Mommy.
I've noticed swelling above my incision line tonight it's puffy. Anyone else have this at some point? It's more swollen on the side my drain came out of. I don't like it!! LOL

It feels like I haven't been on here in a...

It feels like I haven't been on here in a while! I hope everyone is doing good!! This past weekend was very busy and my week is a bit crazy too :)
I am 2 1/2 weeks post op. I am almost fully erect. I notice my shoulders are a bit hunched over but i look much straighter. My upper abs are still a bit too tight for me to stretch out completely. I have been sleeping much better since I am now able to sleep on my side again. I have started light walking for about 15-20 min a day in my neighborhood. I will not be able to resume my gym workouts until about a month to six weeks post op.
My tummy is still swollen but my clothes do fit. It helps to have the spanx on because with them on you can't tell I am swollen.
My boobs are starting to settle and are not as swollen. My incision feels good now...thank goodness! It was driving me crazy. My tummy tuck scar is starting to itch like mad so I will put on a little Gold Bond around the incision and it helps.
My PS told me I could start scar therapy but Mederma makes my skin irritated and very itchy so I stopped using it. I am going to purchase Bio Oil and see how that does. I am regaining my energy now which is soooo nice. I am still taking it easy though because it's easy to overdo when you start to feel a little better.
Gotta run...girls have dance class :) I'll post an updated photo 18 days post op.


INCREDIBLE!! I went with 421cc silicones under...and am completely IN LOVE with them! Isn't it amazing to feel so good about yourself?! *hugs*
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Thank you so much Sammy Girl ♥ I am so in love with my boobs too!! LOL! It is so wild what two bumps can do for your entire figure. It makes such a huge diference doesn't it??? SO glad you are happy too!! You look incredible as well! (hugs back to you!)
Thanks! :)

I am three weeks post op tomorrow! I can't...

I am three weeks post op tomorrow! I can't believe time has gone so quickly. I just noticed yesterday that I am now walking fully upright. Still have some swelling and need to take naps if I do too much but I feel really good.
My scar looks better every day. I was given the go ahead to start scar treatment but I am unable to use scar cream because it makes my skin irritated. I'm going to try some A&D cream like Acworthmom uses or vaseline. My PS said it is the massage that helps and keeping it moist. Any other suggestions I'd love to hear them :)


Hot stuff lol...You must be thrilled with your results!
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Right back at you!! LOL! You are looking amazing too! I can't wait to be able to see more definition in my abs. There is still swelling but I am VERY happy with my results! You must be too!!
HA! The older they get, the longer their birthday's will get. My girls are 20 and 24 and their birthday celebrations last about, a month and cost equally as much. I put up a couple of new pics last night. Still in my underwear and pj's in these, but next time I will move into the swimsuit phase of my pictures...just waiting for my naturally small breasts to relax a little first.

I am 3 1/2 weeks post op. I feel really good! I...

I am 3 1/2 weeks post op. I feel really good! I have been walking in the mornings for about 30 minutes. I am itching to get back into the gym but of course can't until my PS gives me the all clear :) The walking is making me feel better though! I have been juicing too which I think is also helping with energy. Today I had beet, carrot and celery. And I am also eating my collard green daily ;)
I notice I am still's the most apparent aroung my incison. The walking is probably making it worse but I guess that is part of the recovery right? I am posting pictures 3 weeks post op.


Thank you so much Kimmers!! xoxox You look pretty awesome yourself!!
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You look just perfect! Congrats
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Awwwww!!! Thank you so much Mommy :) I need to stop analyzing my body so much trying to pick out flaws and enjoy the results!!!!

I had my one month post op appt today (tomorrow...

I had my one month post op appt today (tomorrow will be exactly one month!) Everything looks great :) My PS and his staff are the best! I am going to miss them when this is over...maybe I will get another procedure just to keep seeing them... lol!
My PS told me to try the scar cream again to see if my skin is still sensitive...I tried it and it feels fine!! I am happy about that :) I think my skin wasn't ready for it the last time (put it on too soon). He told me not to forget my belly button and to massage it several times a day that it will help with the redness.
Boobs are healing great too :) I am so happy!


Hi there, I noticed that you wear the Spanx slim cognito shaper. Do you find that it gives you enough compression? Does it roll down at the top or roll up on the thighs? Does it fit to size(I am at the smaller end of a medium, and am wondering if I should get a medium or small)? How does your rear end look in them (im looking for something that doesn't completely crush my already non-existent butt and am considering a thong garment instead)? I want something that I can wear on an everyday basis. Thanks.
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dang u look hot
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Thank you Gurl....I actually look better at 40 than I did at 20! Oh what a difference a pair of tatas!

I am now at week 5 and feeling really good! I am...

I am now at week 5 and feeling really good! I am gaining energy back which is so nice. I am totally ready to hit the gym and it is sooooo hard waiting. I will be good though and get the ok from my PS :)
I am walking and doing minimal yoga stretches but I really miss weight lifting :) I am still eating a healthy diet so it is maintaining my weight.
We went camping last weekend for one night. It was fun but not very comfy in the tent!!! I was swollen and sore the next day but after walking around and stretching it got better :) I think I might have been sore regardless of surgery after a night in the tent anyway!!! LOL
I have posted some 5 week photos. Similar to 4 weeks...still a bit swollen but I am seeing less swelling as the day progresses.


Thank you so much for all of your advice! You have been so great with this whole process! Happy Easter!
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You are so sweet Humpty! I love to help out and share info with you! I hope you are having a wonderful Easter too!! xoxo
At what point did you start buying clothes? Does anyone know when it's okay to have sex again? You look great!
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I had my six weeks check up and my PS said...

I had my six weeks check up and my PS said everything looks great. I don't go back for six months! He said to just call if I have any concerns or questions in between. He did take some after pictures. He told me I could stop wearing spanx if I wished. If I start to swell I will put them back on.
I worked out at the gym on Saturday and today. After my work out on Saturday I came home and slept for 2 hours! Mind you we did wake up very early to go to an Easter egg hunt at church on Saturday so I was also tired from no sleep :) I worked my arms and did some cardio. Today I wasn't as tired after my work out. In two weeks (2 month mark) I can start my ab workouts again.
My boobs are starting to feel like they are mine now. The numbness has worn off and I have all of my former sensation in them so when I touch them they feel like my real breasts. Silicone is very natural feeling by the feels like a real boob....if you are on the fence about saline vs silicone. Then again I have never felt a saline breast before!! LOL
We had a great Easter..I hope everyone else did too!!
I did take 6 week pictures but I think I look exactly the same as 5 weeks. I think I will start to look different once I am able to do ab workouts. I believe that is when I will see more definition. I'll put up new pics when I start to see a change!!


I couldn't wait that long LOL...I was intimate at 18 days post op. I can,tell you Soon2babewme...silicone does feel real. Hubby says they really feel real to him. I personally felt silicone breast( I recently took Hubby to a strip club) I really don't like the way the silicone feel! They feel like water balloons!
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I did at 3 1/2 weeks. It wasn't the best as it was uncomfortable but you know your body and will know when you can.
You always know how to make me laugh out loud!! I am not superwoman I promise! We did do it but I had to wait another week until we did it again. Then after that my monthly cycle started so technically I have only been intimate about three times. And it wasn't swinging from the chandelier time either! LOL!
I read that too about the scar looking it's worst at 3 months. My PS confirmed it today and said don't be alarmed if it changes from lighter back to dark before it fades. I am not sure how my final scar will look. I've never had a bad scar before. I have light to medium pigment skin. I do seem to heal well.. so who knows?
We did have a nice Easter how about you? Did you spend it with the girls? My brothers (I have 3)came in town with thier families so it was fun.

I figured I would go ahead and keep up the weekly...

I figured I would go ahead and keep up the weekly photo update even though there isn't much change. It not only shows you but also helps me to see how I am progressing :)
I didn't wear my spanx yesterday and noticed quite a bit of swelling. I am going to continue to wear them for another two weeks. I think the swelling was also brought on by working out. I was on the elyptical for an hour yesterday.
My scars are doing good. I added a close up of my belly button. It's still red but the scar around it lays nice and flat. Once it fades I think it will look like a normal belly button which makes me so happy!


Where did you get that striped bathing suit? It's so cute!!
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JC Penny's!!! It was so inexpensive but unique. They had some more cute ones too... I think I am going to go back and buy another style :)
Soon2be..Girl your belly looks so awesome!!! Dang!! Yours doesn't appear to be RED like mine! How's the belly scar healing? I am going to my sister house for the weekend and she lives about 2 hrs away but we will be going swimming at her place with her new needless to say I think I am going to bring out the old bathing suit! Tankin! One..I haven't found a cute two piece I like on belly button scar screams " I just had a tummy tuck!" LOL...but maybe next summer right!
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Here are some week 7 photos. I am experiencing...

Here are some week 7 photos. I am experiencing more swelling now than before. I think it's because I am working out more. I am still wearing the spanx because it helps keep the swelling down considerably. I am massaging my scars with Mederma SPF 30+ and Palmers Oil. Regarding why the SPF: it's so sunny down here in Texas you can get rays through light clothing :)


You look AMAZING!!! I want ur body.... you look great!
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Awww thank you so much Brick!!! That is such a sweet thing to say ♥ I hope you are having a great weekend!
Hi Soon. Went to Dillards yesterday & did find a Lunaire bra that fit nicely (34D). I was hoping the 34C would work but didn't quite cover the sides of my boobs. They had a ton of Spanx too but I just couldn't dish out the $70. Took my daughter to JCP last night & I ended up trying on a dress. When I looked at my profile, that dress was SOLD. Boobs up high & no protruding stomach. I was elated. I also tried on your striped suit but it didn't quite fit right. It was late so I might go back & try a different size. I know Kohl's usually has some nice ones too.

Gonna try some light weights (1-2#s) today for my arms/shoulders & do some more lunges up & down my hallway. Feeling pretty good these past couple of days. I think the shopping helps the swelling (but not so much on the pocketbook.)

Feeling good at 2 months post op! Still swelling...

Feeling good at 2 months post op! Still swelling but not as bad. I am trying to get back to my workouts but I have been slow getting back in intensity. That's fine..I need to listen to my body and take it easy. I have plenty of time to get back full force :) Here are some 8 week pics. They were taken late in the day so I am a bit more swollen than in the morning.


You look awesome! It does not look like you have any swelling at all!Are you able to fit into your clothes now?
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Thank you!!! I do have swelling along my incision and at the end of the day..... if it was a day of exersize and a lot of activity.... I have some swelling in my upper abs too. I was fortunate to fit into my clothes right away after surgery. Although I waited to wear anything too tight because it was uncomfy. :)
That's awesome! You looked in great shape before surgery...I am sure that had to do a lot with your recovery! Congrats again you look great;)

Happy Mother's Day ladies!!! I hope everyone...

Happy Mother's Day ladies!!! I hope everyone is doing great and enjoying themselves today.
I am so excited I completed a light ab routine yesterday and I feel really good today. I am adding some more 2 months post -op pictures.


Awwww!! Thank you so much newtummy!!! I am excited for you and will be checking in to see how it went!!
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Thank you for the wishes you sent me for tomorrow. I have to say you look awesome!!! So glad you got such great results. =)
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You look Amazing!
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9 weeks post op! I have been doing my full...

9 weeks post op! I have been doing my full exersize routine all week and feel fantastic!! Minimal swelling this week too. I was able to go without my spanx quite a bit. I still wear the spanx to work out and sleep in but other than that I am not wearing them. I hope everyone is doing great in thier healing too!!
I added a few pictures of me in clothing too :)


Dang - look flippin' amazing!!!!
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you look fantastic girl...
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Just wanted to say that I worked out today 1 hour...

Just wanted to say that I worked out today 1 hour walking (med intensity) and 30 minutes toning (arms and legs but focused on legs)a few ab exersizes. I didn't wear a spanx and I have no swelling!! So those of you who are wondering when the swelling starts to go away. It's taken me up to 9 weeks post-op. That was one of my main questions so I thought I would add it here :)


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Wow! Isn't it nice? With clothes or without them you look astonishing! Everything looks perfect, but I was admiring your waist, have you measured it lately? It looks so tiny.
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You are so sweet!!! Thank you very much! My waist measures 24 inches at the smallest part. It was small before but I think the tuck took off a few inches of skin making it smaller! Yea!! :)

I am 2 1/2 months post op and doing great! I...

I am 2 1/2 months post op and doing great! I haven't noticed huge changes between 2 months and 2 1/2 months but I will post some pics anyway.
I am working out with weights 3 times a week and walking for an hour outside every day. I have started back to my super clean diet and feel really good. I went through a little period of not wanting to cook from scratch and started to feel yuck. It made me realize that I need to eat good to feel good. It might take me a little extra time and energy to cook and prepare my food but it is totally worth it to me. Just wanted to put that in there :)
I am still a little puffy around my incision but it looks nice. My scars are starting to fade more and are turning from red to pink. I am just using Palmers oil and massaging 3 times a day. When I massage them I can press all of the color out of them...I hope they will look like that in the future!!
I still sleep in my spanx and compression bra but no longer wear any of that during the day. One other thing.... the feeling is starting to return in areas of my tummy that were numb. The numb feeling is only around a small area at the center of my tummy now. I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day Weekend!


Hey A New Me. I'm great, and how are you? Send me a private message with your name so I can look you up on facebook. Soon2banewme and I are friends on facebook, and like you, we do not discuss the whole tummy tuck thing on facebook. When you look at my wall, you will be able to see the condo and the sonogram of the baby boy. It is due October 5, so we are going to try to go to the beach again in August. My oldest daughter is getting married in 2 weeks, so we are soooo busy right now. I really think my kids take more of my time now than when they were little. How is your tummy? I still swell more than I would like and the muscle is still tender, but I think for my age I am healing pretty good. Just think....a few weeks ago I had drains hanging around my neck to shower. LOL. Oh yea, I saw your new pics and you look amazing!!!!
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Acworth!! How are you girl!? I want to see the condo too!LOL..I have facebook you should message me! I don't post stuff about my surgery and stuff like that on there though..just save that for here! LOL so happy that your new grandbaby (you look way to good to be saying that!) But so happy its a boy! When is her due date again?
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Thanks....I actually copied an idea house in Texas to decorate it. I looked at your Easter pics and you really just have a gorgeous family!!!! I love the green eyed cat too. It is so sweet how your youngest daughter looks exactly like you and the oldest looks exactly like your husband. My girls kind of got a combination of both of us and don't look like me so much. My youngest one acts like me though - we have the same sense of humor, and when we're together we have a blast! Oh yea, you were rockin' those jeans....amazing!

Went to the beach today and actually wore a...

Went to the beach today and actually wore a bikini!! It felt tummy was white as a ghost but who cares! I don't want my scars to be exposed to sun yet so I wore 100% block on them. The area where I have stretch marks was getting a bit red so after 30 mins I put heavy block on that area too :) I posted a picture below of me exposing my tummy to the public :) It was quite liberating...haha!


Too funny! I didn't know that it comes back in a circular area but that does seem to make sense! And oh my...I just saw her pics and wonder how she got them!? That's awesome...I have heard of people saying they see how the TT was done on youtube but I don't think I could stomach that cause just seeing those pics makes my stomach turn! But like you said it just show how this not just some was a major surgery :)
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Thanks A new me! I have to keep reminding myself to massage 3 times a day. I stopped with the mederma and just use bio oil. My scars are weird because some days I think they are fading good then the next day the look redder than ever. I guess that's normal?? I have had that itch!! It is the weirdest feeling scratching the skin and not feeling it. I will push down into the area where I itch to try and get the itch...haha! My PS told me that the numbness will last longest around the belly button. The feeling will come back in like a circular area around the belly button until it reaches it. Does that make sense? That's how it seems to be happening for me. I know we need patience but it does seem like forever doesn't it? What's weird is it hasn't been that long! Did you see the pictures mauimommy put up of her surgery? after seeing that I realized how intense our surgery was! No wonder it takes forever to heal!! I am glad I didn't see that before I had surgery...I might not have been able to do it. hahaha!
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Soon2be..glad to hear that you had a good Memorial weekend in your bikini!! Looking good! I need to start massaging my scars more then once a day!! Also glad to hear that your not as numb in some areas! I am totally numb still from the BB down! Which stinks because I had a bad itch right around the BB that I could feel me itching it but it wasn't "itching" it ! If that made any sense!LOL..but I know that soon will be back to normal..I know Acworth is about 3 months or so PO and she said she is still numb I guess like everything else we need patience and that to will happen(not being numb,no more red scars..etc) within time!
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I am now 3 months post op! I'm feeling great.....

I am now 3 months post op! I'm feeling great...some sensation is coming back along the center of my abs and i can feel soreness after my workouts. My scars are coming along. I am still massaging them at least 3 times a day with Palmer's oil. They seem to be lightening up. I am back to all of my activities. And my energy levels are totally back to normal :)Just want to say again... I am so glad I did this. It is hands down one of the best things I have done for myself!



You look so good!
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Hey soon..glad to hear you been doing good!! I am going to wear a bikini this weekend! We are going to Sea World with the kids then on Sunday having a Father's Day pool party for my Dad at my sis house and I will be wearing the bikini then :) Isn't it amazing how time goes by so fast!! I am 14 or 15 week now!! LOL..loosing track :) I have been swamped busy with work,trying to squeeze the gym and and everything that I am only getting to massage my scars once if I am lucky 2 times a day!! Gotta get on that because I want them to be lighter! Your BB is so cute! Mine (since I started abs its seems like) but its getting bigger! I might need to get it pierced (am I to old for that)LOL because it looks like a big hole! Errr...
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Soon--You are looking so good. Glad that you are feeling good too. I guess I'm about 3 weeks behind you. I sure wish I had your fortitude about working out. I'm having a horrible time getting back into it. I ALWAYS feel better afterwards but doing it first is almost always a battle. UGH!!

Have you guys got much rain in Houston? We are so dry & hot here it's pathetic. Not complaining about the heat though, I love it. My grass -- wait, I don't have any -- it's all dead. My yard crunches.
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I am 4 months post op! I am feeling great. I still...

I am 4 months post op! I am feeling great. I still have some soreness when I do ab work so I tend to go very easy on that. I figure I will have plenty of time in the future to work out my abs I might as well go easy now :)
My scars were still quite red when I went in to take more pictures at my surgeon's office about two weeks ago. He gave me a cream called Bio Cream by NEOCUTIS. It has already reduced my redness considerably. It is a bit pricey though $95. However I don't mind paying the extra since it seems to be working!
My swelling is doing good however I felt a bit swollen recently. I have no idea what was causing my swelling. Good news is the last few days I don't seem to be swollen. I guess that is just part of the healing.....geez you would think it would be over by now!! It is true what they say about tummy tucks taking a long time to heal. But like I have said many times is totally worth it :)
I hope all of you are doing great as well!


Hi Soon. Haven't done any situps or pushups, but planks are much tougher now. I still wear my binder whenever I exercise. Getting out of bed is enough of an ab workout for me for now. I do my best to sit up without using my hands/arms. Pushups just feel too weird on the boobs. Pecs are good for now so I'm not going to worry about them. Triceps can use the pushups but there are other exercises I do for them, so pushups have gone bye-bye for me.

My TT scar is still red/pink but my breast ones are much lighter. I have some of Neocutis' Bio-restorative Skin Cream with PSP from my dermatologist so maybe I'll check out the Bio Oil too. Yeah, Neocutis is $$$. After I get waxed (hopefully tomorrow) I'm going to post pics of my scars. I had hoped to be down a few pounds by now but didn't make it. Hey on vacation for 3 weeks & didn't gain any weight. (BTW, I didn't work in Phoenix, I worked out.)

Are you interested in becoming FB friends? If so, send me a private message & we can connect. Of course, no surgery discussions on there.
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Nana- check your private messages :)
Hey Soon. Just thought I'd stop by & see how you are doing. I can't believe you haven't posted anymore bikini shots. You should do a calendar!!

Just got back from a 3-week trip to Phoenix & Vegas. Actually worked out the 2 weeks in Phoenix but just sat around & gambled in Vegas. Finally caught up on my sleep, so back to the gym this week.

Do you swim? My incisions under my breasts get really uncomfortable whenever I try to swim with my body completely stretched out. Do you have that issue?
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I am nearing 5 months post op. All is great. I...

I am nearing 5 months post op. All is great. I still have a bit of swelling along my incision (I think it is scar tissue and keep massaging to help it lay flat) but other than that the swelling seems to be dissapearing.
The NEOCUTIS is fading my scars. I am including a picture. They were super red about a month just a bit pink. I am not doing heavy ab work yet because I still feel a tight pulling sensation when I try. I'll hold off until 6 months post op I think! Hope all is well with the rest of you gals!!

Another quick note: My breast size has increased as well. My overs have fluffed a bit and I was sized into a 32DD/E or 34D bra. I don't think they look much larger but a larger bra fits perfectly...wild! I think implants fit into bras differently than regular boobies.


Hi Soon. Guess what. I was looking through my cosmetics & I don't have that many, and I have some of the Neocutis BioCream. They repackaged it & was looking at the old container. Since I will be exactly 4 months tomorrow, I will start using it as you did. I'm pretty happy with the scars so far.

I thought of you today at the gym. They had a display of the cutest swimsuits. I didn't have time to look though but they looked so CUTE. I think they were expensive, like $70+ for each piece. I'll go back tomorrow or Friday to look. Hopefully they'll still have it.

Where is our Texas rain? OMG!!!
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Hey Soon!! How have you been? I am not on here as often as I used to so I am going to do my "rounds" to see how everyone is doing! I cant believe how fast time is going by..summer is almost over and then the kidos will be back in school! Your looking awesome and scars seem to be healing really well! I am going to the PS in 3 weeks and will ask about the stuff you got! I am starting to tan so hope that doesnt change the appearance of them but I am so pale! hehe!
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Hey Soon! Glad to hear you are well. I feel pretty good, but the scar tissue has been building up underneath my vertical scar, and it seems to have created almost a blockage, where I guess the fatty tissue is kind of bulging above and on either side of it. When I sit down it kind of looks like a sink hole because the skin is stretched so thin in that area. It is kind of like skin against bone right above my pubic bone. It can be painful when I wear something with a zipper. I'm sure I will get the same answer I always get when I ask my ps, and that is "give it time." We'll see on Monday. I asked him before my surgery if being sway back would effect my result, and he showed me a pic of a patient with my build that was flat and told me it wouldn't effect anything, but now when I ask him why my abs aren't flat, he says it's because of my anatomy. He's being a JERK FACE!! If all you have is a little raised area above the scar I would guess that is just swelling, and I'm sure it will go down. Your pictures look absolutely amazing. Are you glad you had the surgery, or do you ever regret it? I looked fine until 5 months and then I just kind of fell apart. I'll let you know what I find out on Monday....if anything. I know...I can't believe it is almost August already! I am going to the beach in a couple of weeks, but other than that nothing exciting going on here.
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I can't believe it has been 6 months already....

I can't believe it has been 6 months already. Acworthmom and I were just saying time flys!It seems like only yesterday I was completely obsessed with trying to find out as much information I could about TT recovery and BA cc's!! I know we can all relate to that :)
I hope all of my friends old and new are doing very well in thier recovery and new bodies.
I feel back to my old self pretty much 100%. I am working out again and feel no pain at all other than the usual soreness I had before my TT. I still have a bit of swelling along the ridge of my incision on occasion. I think it might be scar tissue and I continue to massage that area frequently.
I have added a bunch of pictures of me 6 months post op. I really love my belly button. It is starting to loose the redness as well as my TT scar.


Your plastic surgeon did such a wonderful job! I was curious to know if you felt that your stretch marks were less or more visible after having sun on them during the summer? I had my tt 3 days ago and I still have quite a bit of stretch marks as well. But I have a feeling that like you I will not care! As long as I have a belly button once again :)
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Thank you! I found self tanner makes them look less visible but I haven't really "tanned" in natural sun without sunblock. I was afraid of my belly button being exposed to the sun. I also wrote this on your page!! You look fantastic this early on and it only gets better!! Congrats! :)
So good to see your 6 month pics. You look like a model. Your scars have faded much. Its inspiring. :-) Congrats.
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Well, I can hardly believe it has been a little...

Well, I can hardly believe it has been a little over a year since my procedure! I feel really good. I am still eating a clean whole food diet and staying as healthly as possible. I have started a new workout regime to kick start my muscles. For a while I layed off the gym. A bit after my surgery I tried lifting weights and doing routines but it didn't feel right so I just started walking daily for my exersize and took it easy just so I wouldn't undo anything. Only recently have I started with a serious routine again. I have started adding in my kettle bell routine and push ups, burpees and squats/lunges. It feels good!
My scars are healing nicely. Still a tad red above the scar line. I hope all of my friends on here are doing great along with all of you lovely ladies who have just had surgery or are about to bite the bullet! I am still 100% happy I did this :) I will add new pictures taken today.


Awesome results!
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Wow I love your transformation! This is exactly what I want to see in my results :)
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8months does not seem that long. Thank you for answering that. That is the part that is making me stop and think twice but it is nice to hear that it does indeed go away. You look fabulous!! 350 gave you a nice chest. Pre kids I was flat but now am just stretched out and flat and my ps suggested 339. At first I thought he was insane but seeing you I am thinking that he may indeed know what he is talking aobut. lol.
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Sugar Land Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Kutty is such a good surgeon. He was in New York before he came to Texas to be closer to his wife's family so he has a very different perspective and attitude than a lot of other surgeons in my area. I liked his work and his personality immediately. He has given me outstanding results. My expectations have been exceeded!

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