I am a fit 31 year old mom with 2 boys. I have a 5...

I am a fit 31 year old mom with 2 boys. I have a 5 year old son and a 2 year old son. I have come to realize that I will not be able to fix my rectus diastasis through exercsie and the only way to bring my abs back together is through surgery. I do have some excess skin and fat but my main concern is bringing my abs back together. My belly sticks out as far as my small chest so I feel like I always look a little bit pregnant! I had consults with 2 surgeons and chose the one that made me feel the most comfortable. Both surgeons said I was a candidate for an umbilical float or a full tummy tuck. But with a full tummy tuck I may end up with a vertical scar since I may not have enough excess skin. I thought I wanted to the float but now I am thinking the full TT. If I am fixing the insides I figure I might as well get the outside to match at the same time. The full TT will guarantee getting rid of any wrinkly skin :) Turns out both surgeons also said I have an umbilical hernia. I just thought my pregnancies had made my belly button into an outie but its actually a hernia! I'm wondering if the hernia and my diastasis are the reasons I could never get my core strength back after my 2nd baby. The hernia is not too big right now but I like to lift weights and do core exercises and I definitely don't want it to get any bigger. Hopefully plicating the abdominals will help prevent the hernia from returning. The dr. said it was possible it could come back but unlikely. It will be nice to have a stomach like I did before kids... a nice strong core... and an innie belly button with no hernia! I am getting excited and anxious to get this over with

Uploading some before photos! Less than a week to go!

Uploading some before photos! Less than a week to go!

I am totally nesting! I got a bunch of freezer...

I am totally nesting! I got a bunch of freezer meals prepared, bought paper plates and plastic silverware, picked up meds, got my crackers, juice and ginger ale, finished yard work, and finished up my work (on "vacation" now). now I need to clean the house and get the kids haircuts and do laundry 1 more time. I have arranged for my mom to spend the night here the night before surgery since my husband and I have to leave here at 5:30am surgery morning. My mom will take the kids to school. Very thankful for her! (And my husband who is so supportive).

Tomorrow is the big day! We will be leaving the...

Tomorrow is the big day! We will be leaving the house at 5:30am. So far I'm doing ok but I'm sure ill be freaking out soon.

I had surgery at 8:30 and I am home at 3:00pm! In...

I had surgery at 8:30 and I am home at 3:00pm! In doing well and can't believe it's done! I am extremely sore and crampy. The pain is increasing so I think my Anestisia is wearing odd. Eek I'm worries about pain. 2 hours till I can take more. I have my post opp appt tomorrow mornings. He said I did end up with a 1nch vertical scar

The dr said my abs were pretty separated and even ...

The dr said my abs were pretty separated and even few inches apart at the top by my ribs. He said this was significant on a small girl like me. He says I ended up with small vertical scar / oh well. I hope it can be covered by undies and bikinis . I am having a lot of pain and my whole abdomin hurts really bad. I haven't post op appt tomorrow at 10;00. I will take pics
Ouchie goodnight all.

Next day post op appt. very swollen. Weird...

Next day post op appt. very swollen. Weird swelling that looks like a butt below my nelly button... is this normal? Photo posted. I can't see the"butt" in this photo but its there !

1 day post op

1 day post op

Day 2 post op Stil very nauseous and painful...

Day 2 post op

Stil very nauseous and painful !
Things I've eaten so far ... Oranges, crackers, toast

I am swollen below my new belly button and I do have a vertical scar. It actually looks like a butt!! I sure hope it flattens out

Day 3 I had a rough morning. It's very hard to...

Day 3
I had a rough morning. It's very hard to go from lying to sitting. What I do is pull my knees in to my chest and my husband rolls me forward like a ball. It has definitely worked the best for me. I lay down against one of pillows that has arms and then I have a neck pillow around my and 2 pillows under my knees.
My drainage has been very little so I called to see if I could get a tube out. They pulled one yay! And it was the side that was bothering me. My other one should come out Monday. The pain meds make me nauseas so I am hoping to ween off them soon. I just ate my first real meal. It was a sandwich from corner bakery. We picked it up on our way home from the drs office. Overall I am feeling much better today.

Here is a photo of the "crease" below my belly...

Here is a photo of the "crease" below my belly button. I am hoping this Is just swelling as my dr said. I know Im very swollen but this seems strange to me. Anyone else have this? I do have a vertical scar down there from my old belly button

Adding a photo from day 3

Adding a photo from day 3

I had a rough night. I felt so swollen and crampy...

I had a rough night. I felt so swollen and crampy that I couldn't sleep. I've been taking colace and it hasn't worked yet .. If you know what I mean . I went to the potty anyways and apparently I had to pee very bad. I didn't even feel like I had to go. I guess that's the muscle relaxer ! After I emptied my very full bladder I was able to sleep. I am now taking pain mess every 4 hrs instead of 3 but I do still have pain and am very sore

Look who was sitting on me this morning! Luckily...

Look who was sitting on me this morning! Luckily she wasn't sitting on my scar... More like my legs

Day 6 I am feeling better today. I'm really...

Day 6
I am feeling better today. I'm really swollen on one side and its uncomfortable and it's pushing my belly button to one side. My other drain came out today and I am thrilled about that. Those things were awful. Now if only this swelling would go down...

1 week It's been 1 week and I feel like I'm just...

1 week
It's been 1 week and I feel like I'm just as swollen as the first day. When does it go down (even just a little)?!? I'm more swollen on one side and its pushing my bb over and I don't like that! I felt good this morning so I did a few things around the house and totally exhuasted myself. I sat outside and read awhile because it was a gorgeous morning. My back is killing me and my butt is so tired of sitting and laying in bed. I have been watching 30 Rock seasons for the majority of my days since I am not sleeping as much now. I'm taking 1 hydrocodone every 5 hours and a muscle relaxer every 8. Ok, off to watch more Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy now.

Day 11 I am still really swollen on my right side...

Day 11
I am still really swollen on my right side. I look more black and blue now. Pics added. It's hard not seeing results yet. I've only been taking Tylenol and muscle relaxer for a few days.

Day 12 Mother's Day. Adding photo

Day 12
Mother's Day. Adding photo

Day 15 The dr drained a bunch of fluid from the...

Day 15
The dr drained a bunch of fluid from the "really swollen" side. Now I am even on both sides and much more comfortable! He says to rest more and everything is looking good

Day 22

Day 22
Today was the 3rd time my fluid was drained with a needle and syringe. Not near as much this time so hopefully that was the last time. My swelling is less but dr says I'm still very swollen. I'll post 2 photos. I am starting the scar away strips tonight. I think I have been too active so I need to rest these next few days. That is so hard for me :(.

Day 23

Day 23 morning photo (less swelling)

Day 28

Day 28 morning pics (less swelling)

Week 5

Swelling is down and more localized around my scar. My bb is straighter now too. I'm so happy I did this!

6 weeks yay!!!!

I am released to ease into exercise but need to wait 2 more weeks for ab work. Everything looks good. I might be spitting a few stitches and I'm still swollen. It's nice in the morning when I'm not as swollen! It feels so weird to not wear the binder. I'll keep wearing it around the house

Its been awhile! Time to update

I've been working about for about a month now and feeling great. My abs still hurt to sneeeze and cough! I have not really been doing any ab exercises except for planks. I *think* I might be starting to see some ab definition! Woohoo! I'll post a pic comparing before and after. I haven't been wearing my binder at all for about 3 or 4 weeks and I don't miss it at all. I still swell some- especially after alcohol. Waking up in the morning I am nice and flat and then I get a little bigger throughout the day. These swimsuit pics are at night so I am at my most swollen. I am occasionally spitting stitches and I worry about the scarring. Also, I seem to swell in my upper abdomen and I hope its just that, only swelling. All is well and not too much to report!
Have not had surgery yet

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You look awesome! You know I spit stitches for a while but it seems to have stopped. I have not wore my compression garment for 2 weeks but today I was told it's better if I do. I dont miss that thing and want to burn it lol. I also get swollen in my upper abdomen, I thought I was doing something wrong or eating too much but reading you get it, I guess its normal.
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I get bigger in the upper abdomen & it'a for sure from when I've eaten a big meal, lol!
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I couldn't tell a difference in the swelling wearing the binder vs not wearing it so I stopped. I hope that wasn't a bad idea! I wore it for a solid 7 or 8 weeks. I really wish the spitting of stitches would stop!
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Glad to know I'm not the only one! But I feel like its more often than just after a big meal.. like its just general swelling. And its not a ton but I do notice it!
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I wore mine till week 7 po but I am going back to it :(
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Yeah me too specially after eating!
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Is the vertical scar below underwear? I was told I will have a vertical line too. You look amazing!!!!
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Thanks!! Yes I have a 1 inch vertical scar
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You need to ditch the monokini!!!! It's time for a real bikini women! You look fabulous, for reallz!
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I double that what she said above. You look great!
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Lol! Thanks! I bought it last year an never wore it so I feel like it needs to be worn! I need to find a bikini that covers my scar. I'll have to try on all my old ones :). Hey, I wanted to tell you that I notice after I workout that some spots around my belly are discolored and I think it's the same circulation/redness thing you posted about. I wonder how long it takes to completely heal!?
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Thank you!! :) Y'all are so funny! But I like my monokini!
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I think a good year for sure.
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Yaaaay! U look great! I hate to do this but.....hehehe, I told u so! :) And by hate, I mean love!
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looking great!
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Thank you so much!
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You look awesome!
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Thank you :) I feel great!
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Thank you fit chick! Sorry I'm like a month late replying
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You look amazing, thank you for sharing your story. I will be doing my surgery In a week. Nervous but I requested my dr to do the ftt with vertical scar.
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Thank you! You are getting so close! It will go by so quickly and will be DONE and look awesome! Try not to stress about it. I am glad I went with the vertical scar
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You are looking great. I will be having my surgery soon when kids are on summer break in a week. Like you, my dr wants to do the float on me but I think I want the full tummy tuck with the vertical scar so that I can have a tighter tummy.
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I recommend doing the full! I don't regret it :)
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Do you wear a low cut bikini? I'm hoping they can still do the incision low...
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He used my csection scar which was really low so that's why I got the vertical too. I will still be able to wear a bikini and the scar be covered , yay!
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