Ladies: I booked it! Pix added - McAllen, TX

Had the first out of two scheduled consultations...

Had the first out of two scheduled consultations with different plastic surgeons.

The quote is for full tummy tuck, lipo in full back, axilla, and chin. It also covers anesthesia and facility fees for 8 hours (yikes!), 5 syringes of lovenox, 2 comprehension garments, lab fee, and vitamins.

Walked inside P.S. office nervous but left with enough information and confident. However, I have never seen this surgeons work before and didn't get to see a picture because, according to doctor's nurse, the ones available were sent out for their web site update. Doctor is double board certified, though. Nurse, of course, spoke wonders of him and, well, he is booked until the end of August. Was informed that he ranks #3 nationwide in "boob" jobs performed; but, right now I am not messing with that :) I will be going back to meet with the doctor in June so I can ask questions personally and so he can evaluate my pix.

If I go for this PS, I will have to wait until December to have surgery and not June the way I want to. But, I'll keep you all posted.

Another Texas beauty!! Good luck with your upcoming surgery!! You will look amazing :)
Thank you. Hope I get to do soon.
Congrats!!! We're gonna be HOT this summer!

I have been wanting this for the past five years...

I have been wanting this for the past five years and can't believe it is finally happening! June 28th is the big day! I am so motivated...thrilled! I almost had to wait for another year, because PS is booked for the rest of the summer. But, on my scheduled day, he is doing a breast reduction on a patient, and he accepted to treat me right after her. :)

My PS will be Dr. Avila. I had seen his work and was looking forward to see him and ask him lots of questions. I loved his bedside manner and all his recommendations. He was very patient listening and explaining. He also showed me pictures of what I can expect.

Although I wanted to practically redo my whole body (he-he); he recommended to leave the breasts, chin, and inner tighs for later. He will be doing a full tummy tuck and lipo on full trunk (back, sides, tummy). The procedure will be under general anesthesia, so I will be staying at the hospital overnight (He only performs surgery at the hospital, not at his private facility)

The price includes everything but lab work and prescription medication.

OMG! You won't believe how excited I am.
Oh, about the paperwork just indicates that I need to eat lightly the day before.
hg.girl. When do you have your pre-op scheduled for? Mine is on June 22. I wonder if I am supposed to start taking vitamins or follow a special diet.
My pre-op is June 16th with my GP. I have the form that he has to fill out, it's basically my medical history, height and weight. They wanted it earlier in case there's anything that indicates blood work. Otherwise I don't need any done.

I have a long list of things I can not take two weeks prior including supplements. I e-mailed the clinic and they are fine with whatever I want to take afterwards. I will do the arnica for sure.

I posted this on my profile, my biggest concern right now is that he wants me to leave with a catheter for three days. Nobody I have talked to has heard of this. I am checking to see if it's optional.

I'll be asking around how all those of you who...

I'll be asking around how all those of you who have had a tt are feeling around day 25 post-surgery. I hope everything comes out fine with my procedure because... call me crazy, it's okay... I am going on a seven night cruise 25 days after my tt. OMG hope I can do it.

Vacation had been plan since way before surgery. I spoke to hubby and he won't mind if we spend the time watchin tv

Glad I could help. Well, enjoy and relax during your time in Mexico. I hope that at least I can walk straight by the time my vacation comes up. :)
And now I've read about the two ladies going home with catheters and I feel so much better! I was starting to have my doubts about the whole thing this week.
I am sure that you (we!) will be walking straight by day 25, at least I hope so....I am planning on going back to work two weeks later!
OMG I hope so! That would make so much more sense to me. I am definitely going to call his office tomorrow..the urinary catheter just doesn't make sense to me. Thanks so much for your detective work.
I just read that you are going on a cruise shortly after your TT...funny thing, I am going to Mexico June 1 for a week. Three weeks before surgery....I hadn't planned the TT when we made the reservations. Next trip will have to be the bikini. Sigh.

I am so sick and tired of wearing spanx under my...

I am so sick and tired of wearing spanx under my clothes! Can't wait for my procedure day to arrive.

I know that after procedure I'll be wearing a thick binder and it will probabily be worst for a few months but... oh, well.
I agree
I know girl it's not fair to us. We need a robert ray here. I hadn't heard about Lopez castillo. If it wasn't for all this drug war going on I'd go :( I've heard of Dr Guerrero in reynosa and Ive seen his work. A co-worker of mine got breast implants and she looked great the following week, working and everything. She looks great. The price differences between the two countries are crazy. I heard that for 8,000 in Monterrey you can get a mommy makeover. Which is pretty Crazy.

I wasn't aware either that they were booked for the summer, many people just keep these things to themselves but it really helps to share info to see results and speak up. im so glad for this website ")
I know we don't have a lot of plastic surgeons around here. I do have many friends that have gone across the border with Lopez Castillo who does wonders. He would have been my choice, but I prefer to have my surgery here in the U.S. Plastic surgeons are completely booked for this summer, which tells me that lots of women are having surgery with local sureons, but we just don't share info.

Officially started my summer break yesterday. I...

Officially started my summer break yesterday. I called my PS office to let them know I'll be available if someone cancells or postpones surgery before my scheduled date (June 28th). Wish me luck. I really want to have as much time to recover as a I can... so, the sooner the better.
Thank you, teachermom2!
Maxi dresses are a great idea. I wouldn't mind wearing them at all and as a matter of fact, have been eyeing a few online :). It is a cruise, so I always have the option to remain in the cabin reading or watching tv while my husband and two little ones enjoy the ammenities onboard. However, if I just don't have the energy to travel, we will cancel vacation this summer.
Hi Mayela,
My surgery is July 11th. I mentioned to the staff about going to the beach and stuff over the summer and they warned me that I have to wear a garment for 6 weeks. Maybe you don't have to wear one as long but you might want to ask your surgeon. I am still going to the beach with my garment under maxi dresses (thank goodness they are in style and pretty ones are available in many stores).
I just thought I would mention it. Best of luck.
Thank you so much for your input newtummy4be. I will be asking you how it went for you at the wedding if you chose to go. How is the swelling at this time? I wish I hadn't wait too long to book my surgery because practically all summer dates were taken. I was actually very lucky to find the 28th available. :) Well... if I don't feel well by the time our vacation date comes around I will just have to cancel it. But surgery is up. I know it sounds selfish :{ but can't wait any longer.

I am nervous or should I say I am scared... yes, I...

I am nervous or should I say I am scared... yes, I am! Sometimes I think that for having two kids I don't look that bad. I am 5'6, wear a size 8. Husband is still madly in love and in lust :) and I wonder if going under the knife is worth the risks... but then I pinch my flabby back and release my tummy which is sucked in 24/7 and the strenght to go through all this comes back. Reading about others that have gone through this experience is a good therapy. :)
Welcome back! I am laughing so hard after reading your post.
Funny that you should mention about thinking that you don't think you look that badly until you pinch the eeewy fat! I was thinking that I was looking pretty good last week until I stayed at a hotel and got a great (ugh) view of myself in the full mirror when I stepped out of the tub! I happily paid for my procedure that very day! :)
I just saw your pix and love your results. You are rocking that bikini! Now that is what I call a low scar and it must be pretty darn thin. Hope my results are like yours. Did you follow any special diet/exercise routine before your surgery? Wish me luck and keep me posted, please.

Only 17 more days of flabbiness for me!

Only 17 more days of flabbiness for me!

15 more days! Funny that as soon as I open my...

15 more days! Funny that as soon as I open my eyes, I picture the calendar in my mind and begin counting the number of days before my surgery. I try to keep my mind away but is IMPOSSIBLE! I am anxious, wish the day was already here or maybe not? Oh, well Just took my pictures and here they are: before front, back, and side... plus they way my tummy looks sucked in... LOL

hello mayela got my tummy tuck done june 10th still got drains in will be out tomorrow i nanot way so where can i view the pictures do you know
No actually I did not bring anything to help the dr make the incision markings. I did not even think of that until after the fact when someone else mentioned it. I am lucky though he did a great job!!
He sure did. You look amazing. Congratulations!

About what to wear post tummy tuck, I've...

About what to wear post tummy tuck, I've reading/recommeded to wear sweats; but, would you believe I don't own a single pair! I do have a couple of yoga pants (the stretchy kind that folds over the waist). Not sure that will work. I have to go shopping soon. I've already been told that I will have two drains for at least one week. The nurse also told me to get big safety pins to secure the drains. Don't know exactly what I will pin them to, the binder maybe?

Welcome, Nice to hear we have same PS! What are you getting done?

Thanks. :) Getting TT with liposuction. Although I've been wanting this procedure for years, I feel some fear as the time nears. 2 days.
Sent you a couple of messages. Hope you got them. Let's keep each other posted :)

Ladies, can you describe the binder you are sent...

Ladies, can you describe the binder you are sent home with right after lipo/tt? Is it only one of those velcro belt like? I know I will find out next Tuesday during my pre-op but I'm curious.

Hate to have hairy legs (and everything in between...

Hate to have hairy legs (and everything in between...he,he) so I wax the "between" every three weeks and shave full legs daily (obsessed, I know and I pay with painful ingrowns :)) to keep them smooth. More than likely I won't b able to keep up with this routine after tt, so I am letting hair grow so I can wax them legs as well. Problem is I keep on eyeing razor :( Wearing knee highs to avoid temptation!
Mayela72, I wore my stretchy gym pants (Shopko) which had large, very easy on tummy waist. Good thing I took two sizes. They were falling down to my knees on way from recovery room to hotel room. My sister said the PS should have stitched up the pants while he was stitching me up - LOL.

Waxing of full legs/underarms is sure nice at least a few days prior to TT. My PS said NO to brazilian wax. They used a hair trimmer after I was under as I guess it is better for skin than shaving/waxing of the incision area. I timed leg/underarm wax so they could also be waxed a few days before the 6-wk postop photo.

I took large safety pins for drains, to pin them to my shirt. Make sure tubing doesn't get kinked. My sister said I could also have used the surgical tape to make a 'loop' on myself to then pin the drain tubes to.

Best wishes!
Thank you for all the information. You guys have been so helpfulf. Still cracking up with the "stiches" comment :). My PS didn't mention anything about getting rid of my Brazilian wax, maybe I should ask. As per the legs, I just came out of the shower and shaved them :( couldn't stand the cactus skin any longer. I also appreciate the tip about drains. Hope you are doing great yourself.
The pre op nurse called to tell me to be sure I wear something that buttons or zips in the front. I did and even that didn't work with all the padding and the drain so make it super loose. I heard someone say a wrap dress was good but I couldn't find one. And thongs (flip flops) are all you will want to deal with. Shaving and waxing won't be on your mind at all haha. Your day will be here before you know it girls good luck! I had to stop eating and drinking at midnight the ight before.

Couldn't stand it anymore and shaved my legs...

Couldn't stand it anymore and shaved my legs last night (and again a few hours ago). Guess I'll have to save the knee highs for after tt!

Here I am procastinating, procedure is in twelve days and I have not prepared anything. I need to at least hit the store and buy me a pair of flats for the post-op weeks. I am one of those that wears high-heals even to go to the front yard to pick up the newspaper in the morning. LOL. Well, it won't be tomorrow because I already planned my day with my girls. Trying to spend as much time with them as I can since vain mommy won't be able to play with them for a while after surgery :( God that gets me! Now I am in tears.
OMG! We are so close to our date Irving7879!Exciting and scary... weird feeling... but God willing, everything will go all right.
good luck to you , i live in dallas area and i am scheduled for june 27th for tummy tuck and lipo - exactly a day before you .
booked mine yesterday! so excited.

Just told my mom about the procedure and she was...

Just told my mom about the procedure and she was incredibly supportive and unexpectedly EXCITED! She was truly happy for me and offer to help in anyway she could. She immediately offer to take care of my girls so that my husband can focus on my needs. Will think about that. I din't see that one coming, guess she was opposed because as old as I am, I am still her baby girl, but now that is booked she is showing her support. I know I owe explantions to nobody but as close as I am to my mom, the fact that I was keeping this important event from her was bothering me. I feel so good. My husband, too since now I can talk about surgery with someone else, but him. LOL
That's awesome that you will have the support of your mom! Having good help for your girls is important, luckily my girls are old enough to look after their mom!

Eight days to go. Still amazingly relaxed. Maybe...

Eight days to go. Still amazingly relaxed. Maybe because I've only paid the 10% down requested and I can still "walk out" LOL. Okay, I must admit that every now and then I do have my few meltdowns when I think about the "what if" possibilities but I pray and redirect my mind to something positive. God is with me. I've been planning for so many years. I know I really want this and it is now or never... I have to convince my doctor to prescribe the pain pump, though ;)
Oh my girl just 8 days now! It will go really fast too. Someone mentioned getting a swimsuit coverup that is loose and just slides either up or down over you with no straps like a tube top. That would work perfect because I wore a denim dress in that was very loose and buttoned up the front but no way could I get them all closed to go home and I only had one drain. You are going to be so happy when it's all done. :)
Thank you so much mom_me. Your words are always very uplifting. So far so good. Still pretty relaxed about upcoming procedure, but don't know for how much longer :) I do need to stop procastinating and begin my shopping a.s.a.p otherwise will have to leave the hospital wrapped in a bed sheet... ;)

By the way, you are looking awesome! Congrats again.
Oh, I am sure he won't mind massaging those new abs. ;)

Finally the day for my pre-op arrived. Going to...

Finally the day for my pre-op arrived. Going to pay off my balance, ask my PS a whole bunch of questions, and maybe register at the hospital. Getting ready and still not nervous at all. I'm starting to think there's something wrong with me. Hello! Snap out of it! Major surgery is around the corner! Well, whatever it is hope anxiety doesn't kick-in on Tuesday, the day of the surgery. I may just end up heading out of town instead of to the hospital. LOL.
Best wishes to you Mayela, will be thinking of you.
Thank you Cheryl! I truly appreciate it. Tuesday will be here soon.

Hope you are doing well and getting ready for the surgery .We talked before in one of your posts - we are closely scheduled for the surgery - mine is 27th and urs is 28th . I was thinking we should probably talk a bit more and share how we are preparing for surgery and the list of things we got .That way we can get an idea if we have missed anything

What do u say ?

I pre-registered at the hospital yesterday, picked...

I pre-registered at the hospital yesterday, picked up arnica pills at PS office, and began gathering my shopping list items in preparation for procedure (about time!) and sure enough major nervous breakdowns came along. Thank God today is a new day. Tuesday is around the corner and there is no turning back.
Well I went shopping today. Bought a new toothbrush and prunes, that's it! I get myself together!

Now that is a crazy combo:)

LOL, now don't use the granny panties as a bag to haul stuff to the hospital! :) Read your post, still cracking up. Sent you the list of the items I am getting.

My big day is tomorrow! I am excited and nervous....

My big day is tomorrow! I am excited and nervous. With God's help everything will be okay. Heading to hospital for blood work.

Surgery tomorrow! What am I doing? No, seriously.....

Surgery tomorrow! What am I doing? No, seriously... What am I doing to this body that has been so good to me? Why am I putting it through all this pain and suffering? Why am I being so ungrateful to it? Again, What am I doing? Okay, what I've been fricken asking for during the past five years: getting a flat tummy with a nice belly button and no back rolls. So, here I go nervous one second and excited the next one. Staring at the mirror holding my folds and thinking how they are about to be gone and staring at my girls crying my heart out because of the risks and how selfish I am being. I AM GOING NUTS! Yet, I want to do it! God help me.

Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow at 10 a.m. I can't sleep. Don't know how soon I'll post again, but I'll try to do it as soon as I am able to.

Ladies rocking this forum: THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Lots of good thoughts and prayers coming your way today hon. Hope everything went well. I'm sooooo excited for you!
I can't wait to hear from you! I hope you are feeling ok!
Hope your surgery went well & your recovery is going smoothly!

I made it! Day 2 post-op. I hadn't visited the...

I made it! Day 2 post-op. I hadn't visited the forum because my dear hubby didn't want me to "strain" or get emotional. I had a horrible panic attach yesterday morning at the hospital. I thought I was going to die cuz my throat completely closed and the oxygen tubes in my nostrils didn't seem to help. I got emotional needing so much help. I couldn't even lift my butt to scood over to middle of the bed and that triggered it. Silly!

My tummy is super flat! Dr Avila, my wonderful PS, just takes too much pride on his work. He said that after he finished the muscle plication I still had a little bulk so he used a mesh to make my tummy even flatter! I got to see it and I do love my results. Hubby says Dr. Avila gave me a nice shape. I haven't removed binder since, I don't know how my back looks yet. I am filling these drains like crazy, but don't know exactly how much because my man is taking care of measuring and recording, but he empties them several times a day.

Tomorrow is my first post-op appointments in the morning. I haven't been taking pain meds only my antibiotics. Have been drinking plenty of cold water and started eating a few pineapple chunks yesterday and added smashed squash today.

I do have swelling, no pain thank God, only discomfort. This hospital bed is sure helping a lot. I do feel light headed and I am also burping a lot. I do walk hunchbacked of course, but now I can manage to go to the restroom on my own and can wipe my lady business on my own, too :).

Soreness gets better by the minute. Thank you ladies for all your support. I am so glad I did this!

P.S. Will post pix when binder is removed.
hello my dear im glad to hear everything went great and that your doing good happy healing. :)
Glad to hear you are doing great Mayela.
Thank you Salem. I finally did it and I am recovering just fine. :)

Day 4 post-surgery Yesterday went to go see my...

Day 4 post-surgery
Yesterday went to go see my PS who removed tt dressing and found everything okay. Told him about how I felt light headed but other than that okay. He prescribed iron pills twice a day along with a stool softener because iron will constipate me. Ouch! Scheduled appointment for next Friday, July 8th.

During consultation we spoke about what was done. I noticed some bruises in either side of my butt area, what happenned is that he kind of "rounded" my butt by taking fat off from the sides of it. I tell you Dr. Avila is too proud of his work and takes care of his rep. I had asked for fat transfer, which he disagreed on. We didn't discuss this "rounding" stuff, yet he did it because he noticed I needed it.

I am still too swollen and hunchbacked so I see no butt yet. It's just flat. OMG... where did my tushy go? Depressing :(

On a happpier note, I am making progress. Now, I am able to get up, lie down, sit up and walk to the restroom alone. I also can stand long enough to wash my face and brush my teeth with no help. I am walking all the way to the kitchen back and forth (pushing a foldable chair for support), and today I even had lunch at the dining table... all this with the help of no pain killers, but under close supervision from my man who fears I may fall and regress. I did take a Tylenol yesterday for a headache; however, that has been it.

No pain. I have to say is just the annoying heaviness that I feel on both hips that makes me hunchback. It is annoying. Other than that and the fact that I have been in bed for a record time laying/sitting down (and there is more to come) I am fine.

Husband just went to pick up our daughters at moms' so I got to stay alone like a BIG girl. Haven't seen them since Monday and I miss them so much! Had to make a promise that I won't get too emotional to avoid one of those horrible anxiety attacks.

It's been good just to relax and spend time with hubby, guess that has helped to make time pass by faster. Let me tell you that I had a couple of good laughs that made my abs hurt like a mother... and the worst part is that even though is hurting and you want to stop laughing is just not possible. Laughs make your new abs hurt just as much as crying, coughing, or sneezing. So, avoid it if you can.
Hi, mom_me! Going on day six and waiting for that itch and pain that will sure set in soon. So far, no pain whatsoever. I've been off pain meds since the end of day one. I do feel, not pain or soreness, but some out of this world heaviness in my hips and lower back when I walk. I am walking alone but have to hold on to hips to kind of "carry" them on the way to relieve the heaviness.

Was light-headed on day three but iron pills fixed that thank God. Right now, I just wish I could move faster, walk up straight, and remove these drains, which are not hurting but are so annoying from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed (not to mention when I go to the restroom which is hourly). I know I am in heaven in regards to suffering compared to other people and I a very thankful for that. My body is so good to me. I need to treat it better from now on. :)

About how long does it take for the bruising to go away? Three weeks or so? I'll try the ice bags (brrrr) for now. Thanks for the tip!
How are you doing dear? I know those lipo spots are driving you crazy, I don't know how they can be more painful than a cut from hip bone to hip bone but they were. I hope you are doing well and keep those ice packs close by.
Hi Mayela, Wow! What an inspiration you are! I am more than halfway to my weight goal now. Knowing that the surgery is a definite is one kick my butt in gear goal. Since I have had to postpone it twice already, I'm still waiting for something else to come up....
I like the idea of a special journal just for this stuff...I'll do that tomorrow. I just keep thinking, "this time next year....." I'm already so stoked to be back in my smaller clothes due to the weight loss, I can't even imagine how amazing it will be to have the smaller clothes fitting me right once again. Thanks for lifting me up! :o)

Last Friday PM, I removed my binder to peek and I...

Last Friday PM, I removed my binder to peek and I noticed that my waist looked uneven, I figured I could have been the binder folding in, thus applying more pressure in one side; so I switched the velcro to the opposite side. I checked right now and my waist still looks uneven; the left hand side makes a sharp curve right under the rib cage to the hip and the right side transitions smoothly in a nice curve. I also look two sizes larger because I am super swollen.

I hope this uneven effect is the temporary result of the swelling and not something I will have to have revised later on. Will see my PS on Friday or sooner if they can sneek me in between appointments and will find out what's going on.

On a good note, other that discomfort every now and then, I have not felt any pain, yet on either tt incision, nor lipo areas.
I heard the scars even out as you heal? How are you lfeeling , just checking in hope all is well
Thank you, Cheryl. How are you doing yourself?
Really good, thanks!! I don't know what I'd do without this site to talk to others in same boat, and the SAME language - LOL. Don't know how you are going to top the beautiful one piece suit you have on post pic, but can't to find out!

Day 8 I can't believe it has been already a...

Day 8
I can't believe it has been already a week since I got rid of my extra skin. I am so glad I did it. The journey has not been painful and I could easily not even think about it if these annoying drains wouldn't remind me of it every second. I try to hide them inside my undies but still have to be moving them to the sides when I lay down, to the front when I sit down, to the... argh! It gets worst with them at night. I wake up with marks on my legs sometimes because I sleep on top of them.
I've tried using safety pins to pin them to my binder but then I have them just there in front of me... oh, what a beautiful panorama... two bulbs full of blood and yucky strings of ... don't want to know what weird stuff!
I am afraid one of this days I am just going to grab them, wrap them around my neck (wonder if they're long enough) and just choke myself... LOL

Well, will visit my PS this Friday and hopefully will get both drains removed. If not, what can I do but deal with them a little longer. Rather have all this liquid out of my body than accumulating somewhere in there.
Mayela How are you doing? Let me know. I had Dr. A take a look at me yestrerday afternoon, since I was worried about the swollen areas above the pubic area (felt mushy) and he said it was normal, didn't seem like a lot of fluid and that it would eventually subside. And about the lumps on my waist (one on each side) to try NOT wearing the garment for 12 hours. So last night, I took it off at 9:00. Let me know how you are.
Hi, Melissa! Doing great. Will send you a message later.
Hello, FitPostKids!

Actually my scar is looking great, pretty low and thin. It is just that my waist appears to be asymmetrical, it curves sharply in one side - smoothly in the opposite one, but it may just be that I'm swelling more in one side. I will post picures as soon as both of my drains are removed, hopefully on Friday when I see my PS. Wish me luck.

Day 10 and doing awesome. Thank you Lord! I...

Day 10 and doing awesome. Thank you Lord!

I went to visit my PS this morning for my second post-op appointment and both of my drains came out! Yeah! One of the holes is still bleeding every few minutes so I am having to change gauze pad to keep it dry. Hope it stops soon. For all those of you that still have them in, I can tell you that you will even walk straighter once those pesky things come out. I feel free! Belly button stitches were also removed as well as the tape covering my scar and OMG am I delighted with how thin and low my incision is. Hope it stays that way. Thumbs up for MY PS Dr. Avila!

I feel so good that I may even take my girls to the movies tomorrow.

Now that my dressings and annoying drains are gone, I am having fun removing the surgical tape adhesive left on my legs and tummy. I am having a hard time, any tips? Not sure I want to get close to remove the adhesive that remained on top of my paper thin scar. I am afraid it will open.

I will post picture soon.

Day 10 - Pictures Okay ladies, here are my...

Day 10 - Pictures

Okay ladies, here are my pix just after removing drains, as promised. I am swelling a lot and have lots of bruises as you can tell, but I am very pleased with my results so far. :)

You look great! Don't worry, your butt will come back! It is flat because of being hunched over. I always had a nice "sticking out butt" & was so upset for the first month or so when it was flat, but it sure came back!!
Madison, what a relief to hear that. Can't wait to get it back...don't want to be flat both, front and back, LOL
Mayela! You look wonderful! You're just gonna look better each day too! Congrats! Your scar is so tiny and thin. I'm so happy for you! Thanks for sharing..xoxo

Day 12 I feel liberated now that the drains are...

Day 12
I feel liberated now that the drains are gone. I am recovering my strength, now I can carry the gallon of milk! I can also sleep on my side for a couple of hours, walk at a normal pace and stand straighter, take a shower with no help and not only wash my hair but style it! I can last through a least a whole hour of play (tea party, puzzle, board game)with my little ones without falling asleep, I can stretch my legs while laying or sitting down and do a couple of butt squeezes to strenghten it... God I am so grateful that everything is getting better. Even laughing doesn't hurt as much, so I am doing it more often.

I am so happy that things are going well for you!
You will do just fine. Feel free to ask any questions. :)
I am booked for my TummyTuck on July 19th...I am getting nervous but greatful for your blog. Will keep you posted.

Day 15 Yesterday was my first official day out....

Day 15
Yesterday was my first official day out. Went for dinner and a movie with the girls and hubby. I had a great time, but did get a little tired by the end. My belly felt very heavy while walking and by the time we got home I had a big lump, about half size of a baseball on top of my belly button. It felt weird. PS saw me today to check it and it was a seroma. He extracted a full BIG syringe of fluid and it was incredible how the swelling went down in that area. I have an appointment to see him again next week, but now that I am home again I think there is at least another full syringe to be extracted from the same spot. Will call again.

I am glad to report that I am walking straight now. Yes! Might be just a little hunched but not noticeable. I was even able to wear my 5” strappy wedges yesterday and got many compliments on my old dress. It just looked so much better in my new body shape. Love the front and back view but not the side! My butt is slowly coming back, I can see a couple of inches sticking out and tummy is not completely flat from the side view due to the swelling. Also, a funny thing is that only one side of my vajayjay is swollen, so it looks out of this world, literally. We finally got “frisky” if you know what I mean ;) and I couldn’t help but notice. Hubby doesn’t mind at all… LOL.

Bruises have not gone away and bb still not fully healed. Will post new pictures as soon as I see change.
I dont get it mayela what came 40 days after? sorry Im really a blonde lol
thanks for your replies I feel so much better now about my decision, I already choose the doctor, now is choosing the day.. scary but exciting!
My two daughters were born natural, I did have an epidurral both times, and of course went through no pain whatsoever. Most painful situation came after pregnancy, 40 days after, if you know what I mean.... Husband always told me I didn't need it and that I shouldn't, but supported me in my decision and took extra good care of me afterwards. No he can't stop complimenting me and says my tummy looks just the way it did when we got married. I think it look even better than then!

Day 18 (AM) Woke up and, as every morning,...

Day 18 (AM)

Woke up and, as every morning, first thing I did was to touch my tummy to make sure the flabbiness had not returned... it's like natural instinct now. LOL

I finally stopped using the hospital bed; so, I am back to my comfy spot sharing the bed with my papito rico. ;)

Yesterday, my mom asked to have the girls over, so I dropped them off (started driving since yesterday) and used the kid-free time to pamper myself a little bit. I spent the morning getting a much needed pedicure, manicure, and a new set of nails. I also colored and styled my hair and finally had my eyebrows shaped. What a difference! I really needed the works. Went to see my PS and he drained 30 cc more from the same spot he had extracted a full syringe of fluid last Tuesday. I went back because I felt some liquid had been left behind and sure enough. Picked up my girls, got home at 4 and took a long nap as soon as my husband got back from work 30 minutes later.

Later, we went to my brother's birthday party. I had a great time even though we were there for about two hours. My tummy felt so stretched out and heavy that I just had to whisper in my gorgeous husband ear that we had to leave before I lost the glamour walking hunched over in my stilettos! So we took off before Cinderella turned into Quasimodo from the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

I must have been exhausted because I was able to sleep eight hours straight for the first time since surgery.

wow look at the new sleek sexy you AWSOME!! YOu look amazing!

Hey there...just wondering if you are back to your regular clothes yet?

I get my surgery on Tuesday and start a new job Sept 1st..need to see if I will need to buy clothes that are
Hi Healthynewfie--I'm a little over 4 weeks post op and NONE of my old clothes fit. They are too big. You just never know. There are some that can fit into same size only fits better in them and then there are those that immediately fit into same or smaller size. I think it depends on how close you are to your ideal body weight pre-surgery.

Good luck tomorrow! Dont' be scared--just think about how much you have wanted this surgery for you. It will be worth it despite any fears and discomfort. :)

Day 22 (3 Weeks Post-op) I tell you guys this...

Day 22 (3 Weeks Post-op)

I tell you guys this is a curse! I wake up skinny and curvy and go to bed bloated and curveless. Not funny at all.

Hubby jokes around saying that I am very low maintenance since I only need three things: the keys to my vehicle, the i-phone, and the ATM card. Well, this low maintenance girl began began driving since last Thursday and you know nothing can keep you at home after being able to get a hold of your vehicle key... nothing but the horrible swelling, I have learned.

I was out and about for four days in a row but had to stay home for the last couple of days because I was back to walking slow and hunched. Not as bad as the first days, but definetly not a healthy, forget about sexy, image.

Yesterday, I was so bloated I looked like a big round grape. I took a couple of Diurex capsules, I think it made the trick. Swelling is less today, but I've seen skinnier days :(

Anyway, since I can fit in my shorts again, Idon't have to stay home. Getting my girl ready and... where is the world did I leave that phone?
Heck with it! I'm going to hunt down some water pills!!! I'm glad that you are better today. I'm bundled up like a grape!
me too... I feel like a watermelon actually so much pressure and this darn heat wave is not helping keep me cool..I am done at work now headed home for my ice packs TV remote and sofa.. who's making me dinner.. my house nurse left to go back home so now I am on my own..:(
Thank you Cabin_escape. Let me tell you that I have my good and bad days. Yesterday I looked as round as a grape... bloaded to the max! It is a little better today.

Day 23 Went for a follow-up visit yesterday to...

Day 23
Went for a follow-up visit yesterday to check on seroma. I was poked three times but no liquid came out. Luckily, it seems to be gone Doctor will check me again next week, when I come back from vacation.

Speaking of vacation, It took me forever since I am so slow and weak; but, I am almost done packing... just need my stuff! In hopes of losing a few more grams and/or millimiters around this bloaded new body (sights), I am waiting till tomorrow to go shopping for a few cute things... now that is what my mom calls optimism!

My bb has not healed yet, so I won't be wearing a bikini... well, it'll be next time. :( However, if I get a flat tummy by December, I'll go show up my stomach at South Padre Island, our closest beach, even if it's freezing! >:)
I'm new to website....I had my first consult with Dr Avila and I wasn't too happy with his quote $9000 for TT and lipo. Any suggestions? I think it's too much. But haven't researched.
I also have surgery for a tummy tuck and lipo to the flanks with dr rios, the only thing that I am scared of is that my line wont be low enough or that it will be crooked. I have actually started looking to other doctors just because they are a little cheaper and have seen great work. What do you think? should I just stay with him?
What other docs have you gone for consults? I'm happy with Dr. Avila's is my friend--and like I said in another comment post--another friend has same results from when Dr. Avila did TT 10 years ago. Another positive factor is that you stay in a hospital for 1 night which is even of something going wrong. Dr. Rios does not even see you on your first visit and that DID NOT sit well with me. All you got were sales pitches---Dr. Avila sees you on your first visit. Answers ALL your questions. Someone very close to me is in medical field and he too has heard of many unhappy people who went with Dr. R and Dr. Filb Rdz.
Texas Plastic Surgeon

Will give final details and WORTH IT rating at the end of the second month post op. So far, it has been worth it. :)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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